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    Toxic and trash talk... no point talk to u anymore cuz ur braindead anyway...
  2. First of all, im RocknRolla. I was always playing TK on almost every single seasons many years here. On NCsoft ofic server , many retails years back and ofc lot of java shits. I dont play here for annoying ppl or kill server, i just like this class. Fortunatly nobody is playing countre classes for tanks as is Titan , Kamaels , Summoners and daggers(cuz nerf i think). In classic L2 tanks are made for tanking dmg and protecting other classes, why cant be it here?Thats how it works, u want to destroy tanks base image.Same logic as stop healers heal ppl or archers using bows and arrows? Some technical info guys... Heal cubic is not that strong actually... im getting mass healed by chain heals of orcs or healers. Touch of life and Evas will are also not that strong (it take buff slot). effects of heals are increased by 15%+- and its like 1 heal by bishop . Also cd is long. to cast it i need to buff myself first and then wait to charge it up by getting dmg.Its not easy to do it and didnt die. Ultimate defense have almost 20min reuse (i can used it 1x per event). Aura hate cd 40s and small range around me.I need to go full yolo (usually with UD or i instantly die after use). Chalange of fate 40s cd but FUCKING HUGE range around me. Buff with defs is 15s and those defs are +-300 pdef/mdef and thats not much if i have 4k pdef without it.( thats bad setup cuz its should be small range around target , its not aoe around me but around target on which i cast it...). Agression (single target) 5s cd.renewal or champion songs have no effect on it. (already nerfed) Shield deflect magic is broken here :)... I dont get any dmg when this is active ( it should give dmg to me, and back to caster). Since stun are nerfed its wortless using it and it not land anyway , same with arrest (until u get it +15 and jewels then it start land 1/4). Next thing, some ppl cry about being Tk immortal...well i can die, but im not noob so i just run away when im dying, maybe its hard to kill me cuz fucking good gear already?I love when ppl with common dynasty items hit me and wonder why they cant kill Tk with S80 +6 full atribut.Maybe u should try run away cuz im fucking slow and will not chase every single fucker around :). (sad story for healers, ill chase u,ill agro u cuz thats only way how to kill u with fraction members , alone cant do shit!!!)There are already mages who can kill me in couple nukes.Ppl with s80 300attr can kick my ass any time(well not in UD mode). Now its time for daggers etc... (poor archers will never have chance vs tank!!!) Now lets talk about Emeralds idea to made tanks more pvp focused.Well to get rewards u want me to kill ppl instead of using aggro skills. Ok i get it but how im supposed to do it? I dont have any dmg skills (tribunal is not pvp skill). If u think ill run into group of enemies to hit them u r joking right?Even if i rebuff myself to 100% offensive buffs (i lost my defensive status and gonna be paper like archer on stats cuz ill have bersk zerg and no resist etc...) im still melee with no dmg skills and hitting ppl for 100-200dmg per hit , critical hit for like 600dmg?( with def buffs its like 50dmg per hit). Thats not gonna happen sorry i still prefer defensive buffs and agro.In offensive mode ill run (very slowly ofc cuz tanks are slow ofc) into group of ppl and instantly die without any chance of killing some1.Your idea of getting me +33% of dmg mean nothing if i cant get close cuz u take -25% defs(dont forget i have offensive buffs and no defensive, thats mean ill lose from 4k pdef 3kmdef to half already with no resist). So how to do it? Dont nerf defs but maybe try add some pvp skills for 1 handed sword or blunt.Idea of using skills and activly fighting as tank is good and i like it (better then fucking agro bot which is only way right now until i reach gear). Im open to discuss any possible way about it and can help with it if nobody gonna blame or cry tanks for being tanky in first place. This is wrote from Temple Knight view.Other tanks have buffs for themself to actually hit ppl (flame,sos etc...). Tk is just about heals and tactic behind it so deal with it.
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    Challange of Fate have even longer reuse then classic hate aura...and pdef/mdef buff is for couple second
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    Pvp oriented tank? ok lest do this, give us more speed , some dmg skills , more accuracy , more patk , more atk speed... u see where im going with this? and ye nerf our defs , and heals and couldowns for it.. great idea... Pvp oriented tanks is when u got gear... first u need to get it... But i see your logic...tanks are problem...we nerf them everything... next problem tyrants... nerf skills , hp pool etc... healers are also problem maybe we should delete their healing skills...make them just for ress? haha ur pathetic Archers too strong...delete arrows from shop pls.... Daggers? no more backstep and blows in general cuz they do dmg with it!!! Its pain for mages ofc...
  6. Last change list was really necessary. I hope u r happy for now. About those tanks...All classes have weaks.Since nobody is playing summoners its easy for me ( yes im tank...Tk to be honest ) . If u say , im doing nothing on events ur blind. Agro couldowns are long so i must choose when and where use them (u need to choose who u gonna agro cuz u cant agro everyone) , its not like spaming blows every second. Daggers are also hammer on tanks ( but they were to much nerfed ). Try play titans or tyrans... those green asses beat almost every tank. Tanks are not immortal or OP , good tank just know when use UD , heal and when run away like small kid :)))). Personaly i take it funny to saw after 1 day ppl are creating so much tanks cuz 1 or 2 strong ones make ppl like u cry in chat.Its big joke to see 10 tanks on both side how they just stand in middle of domination zone and spam agro, nobody is caring about them anymore ,maybe some small kids cry in corner but guys LOL. And if u say u getting more rewards doing nothing then hunt and kill , ur probablly bad dagger player. Try some dorf and run around for spoil. Btw reward system is not that generous for ppl who has 0 kills and 0 sprees. Stop bitching about it cuz u dont know what u talking about. Anyway good changes... maybe those daggers need blow dmg 2.0 instead of 1.8 but we will see... PS: Those who making new tanks on 3rd day of server... u gonna cry cuz u r to late for that
  7. [quote='chevignon' pid='18545' dateline='1444160996'] [quote='jakolis' pid='18542' dateline='1444158818'] i dont care wheres the problem i care that i lost all my items me and other guys and emerald doesnt give a fuck about his forum thos kid admins rolf [/quote] im pretty sure its your own fault... just few ppl lost their items and we dont speak about the high equipped ones... [/quote] well my top A grade duals +9 are low equip :D
  8. hello guys, my ingame nick is RocknRolla.Someone of u willl know me as senior player on this server.Today when i came from work i was shocked.Someone stealed all my items even if i dont share acc/pass with no!I ask u for help emerald to find this evil person who did this!!