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  1. [quote='Facestabber' pid='19101' dateline='1445035791'] Than all mages stop complain about damage because u cant have both mobility and p def.If u choose mobiliy than u all should suffer from fighter damage without any rights to complain about it. And even with magnus u can escape some classes like pr/warriors but dagger kinda hard to escape especially th.ANd its not the magnus wich allows mage/archer to escape daggers.With my th i have almost 250 speed 90% of time and what stops me from killing this nab mages with magnus is the OP geodata. If geodata would be working magnus mages would cry about daggers too and not just about archers. [/quote] That feel when you fail every blow on a avadon mage even though you were behind them. :(
  2. [quote='BestPlayer' pid='19024' dateline='1444842817'] [quote='pipilek' pid='18990' dateline='1444819971'] [quote='iredemptionx' pid='18876' dateline='1444603146'] Why don't you like the interlude server? Just curious. [/quote] cancer music... [/quote] hahahaha :D [/quote] ?? Are you talking about my sig? My sig is not for the music, it is satire when people say they want 'retail pvp', they really don't know what 'retail pvp' actually is.
  3. [quote='asmodin' pid='19038' dateline='1444859625'] [quote='Facestabber' pid='18992' dateline='1444826952'] So how come i take 2.5-3k from best stacked archer from server as a light armory class .What bothers me is that people are so dumb that they dont see what really breaks apart balance and this are the healers. U should not complain as long u take cast rebirths ,buffed as magnus and wearing a grade robe.But its your right to be stupid i quess. And moron lets not mix things interlude with hi5 ,trickster hited 7 k robes users or u have amnesia?and was x10 times better than all other 3 archers,but i quess this is your personality...its filthy and u sthink at this game,and u qq only about what upsets u and not real server issues. U said u are best player ever that play l2 but doesnt know whats better between cast rebirth and p def rebirth when half server is archer...enough said. [/quote] because +% pdef is good when you got low base pdef (robe) oh wait. and all my screens were taken with cov :) [/quote] Don't play a mage then if you dont like getting 2 shotted? I swear if you're sps/sorc/sh and complaining about getting 2shot with a grade robes... Like... have you played this game before? Mages get 2 shot in every chronicle. wtf
  4. I would have no problem updating to h5 if it fixes the geodata. lol. Just dont add any of the bullshit elements of h5 and u should be fine: c-s grade only no 80+ skills no elements Also make it so when someone makes a kamael character, they are automatically teleported to jail so no1 can ever play that stupid race. If you hate playing vs a +10 drac bow archer just reroll pw, kris evasion dagger w/ +3 evasion augment +6 zubei light. +5 dex agility + song of water + powind + 3 rebirths in evasion, and they shouldn't even be able to hit u. gg
  5. they need to put a enchant limit on each tier of gear example: +12 max enchant b grade +8 max enchant a grade +6 max enchant s grade having a +10 drac bow is ludicrous.
  6. Why don't you like the interlude server? Just curious.
  7. [quote='BestPlayer' pid='18733' dateline='1444391127'] No need mate i just got 1 shoted from dagger with name Darius for 7k.... the rest times he hitted me for 4k each blow .. TH has high suvivability he is almost like tank especially with cp pots spam.....and best at chasing people and kill them . You dont want to see a server full of daggers trust me this is the worst thing that can happen . [size=x-large][i][b]I hit them with my mage[/b][/i][/size] for 300-500 dmg(and its still early game while mage weapons cant go more than +5-6 i mean imagine all of them with s jewels +6 running around.... ) while losing target 1/2 hits about. [/quote] You dont even play a dagger. gtfo. th cant tank for crap. mages out run them even with powind. its a joke. And when you finally get behind a target, none of your skills land. You're just arguing to argue. You have no idea of how a dagger works on this server right now. Darius has full epics. he is an outlier, you might as well nerf archers because some guy with a +10 drac bow, cat buff and full epics just 1 shot someone thats your logic youre trying to use against me. id rather see a server full of daggers than this clown fiesta. I cant even get into melee range before I die. I have talk to at agent / rage / facestabber / some random daggers. And they all say backstab landrate sucks. Should I listen to you, a guy who doesnt even play a dagger? Or them? Exactly.
  8. [quote='jcerutti' pid='18706' dateline='1444351875'] i think bluff rate is like 5% and lands rates of blows are extremly low also lethal is disabled. :/ [/quote] As you said it has like a 5% chance of landing. Should decrease duration to 1 second and up the land rate IMO. Almost no way to get behind a target right now. And when you do the geodata fks up or backstab doesnt land. [hr] [quote='BestPlayer' pid='18707' dateline='1444352015'] lol i think daggers are fine going into 15 people and killing 1-2 .... did you see bishop + dagger? they kill everything..... also yesterday before i die i saw 2 lethals on me in row from the same dagger player ...... Also they got the cancel from mirage that it was always an op skill.... so i think daggers are fine... otherwise its going to be dagger vs server again. All the other classes got their dmg and criticals nerfed so no need to make daggers op .... they already are very strong especially 1 vs 1. [/quote] They took away 1-1 lethals. Mirage got nerfed, dash got nerfed. Stabs got nerfed. I dont see how this little buff would make them OP or anything. Daggers clearly got hit the hardest, especially THs. Have you played a dagger in the last 5 days? Or are you just giving us your experience from a mage POV? I either get feared / chain stunned / agrod / 6k+ magic crit or anchored when I try to get a kill. [b]I just want my backstab to land when I am behind my target. I dont think thats too much to ask for... [/b] I talked with other 79+ daggers as well and they are having the same issues with backstab.
  9. title. Has an awful land rate right now. If I get the chance to go behind an enemy in mass pvp with 170 run speed and the current bluff/trick/switch land rates. I feel like this skill should land 90-100%. Right now all my dagger does is go up to a mage and my damage log says 'attack has failed' around 40 times. Its really frustrating.
  10. “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” — Pablo Picasso I understand you want to be your 'own' server, but with all the h5 content you added to the server, its insanely hard to keep people interested after a few days of playing. Some examples: No profs / cat / pony / dwarf in buffer. No 80+ skills. No active / passive augments. Remove boss jewels. +12 max enchant. Debuff duration nerfed to 1-3 seconds. No elemental crystals. Nerf damage across the board on all classes. No subclass skills. No elemental elemental/pvp power enchants. Infinitel2 was by far the best faction server, however it doesn't exist anymore because of bad administration. I've been here since the interlude days, and it pains me to see what this server has become. Idk its not my server, im just saying, its an easier solution than trying to 'balance' ncsofts h5 crap. glhf