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  1. what statistics?statistics exist on the stone right side from were chaos spawn but you avoid to talk about them you say they not count,what admin?admin already knows that cant nerf archer MORE,your bullshit numbers is the statistics?you said i dont even play the server well i play from the start and i tryed ALL classes,literally...and you are the one who dont know what is talking about because you never played an archer to see what actually is everyone else saying,and I DARE YOU make an archer and just try to make 10 kills in a map,i fucking dare you,then come back and tell us if its "OP" or not..jesus.
  2. i can answer to all of the stupid things you said but as i mentioned i dont even want to take part on this discussion because is like talking to a wall with people like yourself,i readed your angry post 5 times trying to find one thing that is actually true but then i realized who you are,you are the Destiny ape,i bet my ass your in-game name is Destiny and you are full of shit,you even said one time you left with 2 buffs only with your dagger from cancels and that kind of stuff..server will be much healthier when you quit,everyday crying and lying on chat,if not actual ban you deserve at least chat ban and for the record you are so clueless that you play full gear sps with magnus when in the same time you say its 90% archer on chaos....im speechless and you are hopeless,kys.
  3. i dont even want to take part in this conversation about archers because i actually feel sad about them,archer is so nerfed that breaking my heart and the guys who say archer is op and needs more nerf they have never played a server less then x15000 with customs,it actually blows my mind,oof!anyway my suggestions is to change cancel not to being 100% success,its fcking crazy..its like stun being 100% imagine that..and something (to me) not minor is the thing that if for example you play sagi you cant do a ghost sentinel sub because they are both archer classes,or if you are an sps main you cant sub to sorcerer thats weird to me and feelsbad in a pvp server not being able to play w/e i feel in the moment and have to make new character without the ranks or my active/passive augments rather.
  4. you only quoted the damage part,as i said they do 3-3.5k with full rbj +16 bow and duel might,this would be 9k damage in retail so yes its no brutal is nerfed to the ground because they do less then half damage and miss 4/5 on light armor users so..at the end of the day you play an interlude client man,you nerfed it once twice you cant just remove it from the game,like it or not 50% of the server logging in to play their archer and if emerald didnt do all those nerfs they will only archers on the server but they are not,i see all classes on maps and that means something. that`s a great idea tbh but its kinda the same,no?they will appear late but when they do all will go 5set?or you mean that boss fights will start happening later on the server and not from day one?now that im thinking it it could be like.. AQ / sailren / core / orfen everyday,zaken / baium / antharas every 2 days and valakas / tezza every 3 days..this will delay the process and make things more spicy..ppl will actually care to win a valakas fight and feel like its something to compete when it happens instead of just staying afk as red and take the spoils after the win,and of course instead of happening every single day and having 1.5kk fire mantra on your inventory..
  5. i cant see the problem about dynasty tbh,i really liked it and i believe servers life increased by it,now what "killed" the server sooner was the dramatic decrease on the shop prices,i mean was dropping really really fast and like 2-3 times per day,in 3 days from full cost the shop items drop to were it is now..about the class balances archer is in good place,is nerfed he misses alot and the damage is decent (if you consider all have full jewels duel might and +++ bow) 3-3.5k is not even close to consider brutal,archer is nerfed to a playable for everyone point,mage is good also,i dont know about gladis but i dont see emerald talk about daggers,for them is the worst thing to remove dynastys because the dyna set gives him almost 5 evasion,more atk.spd even from drac set,more p.def and dark resist,leaving the dyna aside i have to say its too hard to play dagger on the server not just because at least half of the maps is open space and the spawns resurrecting full pack of players and not 1by1 lets say but because the bluff just doesnt work (i mean it have some low chances to work,like probably 1/25 personally i dont even use it,sometimes i click it on my 3rd bar) but the blinding blow have 0% chance to turn enemys back which is really bad,for sure this 2 skills is something to get your eyes on and now a suggestion i made like one or two times again in the past is give the elfs and d.elfs Fake Death lvl 2 (not icluding humans because of the mirage) fake death lvl 2 would mean removes everyones target state (from you),yes you all know were i got this ideas from but let me tell you this changes for sure going to make the dagger playable and fun from the start and not only when is 10 ppl on the map. Again i liked every change you did on this season except of course the drop on shop prices and maybe the mantra that make rb jewels free for all almost and it just not feel satisfing to be full gear so soon and not have to grind for your antharas or zaken lets say,also many classes dying way sooner as ppl get full rb set on their hands due to the resistance they give,ppl not even crafting jewels anymore because they go for full rb and just dont care,that was my recap of the server,i dont have any problems about your suggests and changes about the upcoming season im sure its going to be a bomb once again but i am really sceptical about the dagger class,thats all.
  6. Deity

    log in

    ah alright then,i see many ppl in forum so i guess log in is down we cant do something,just wait for a bit
  7. Deity

    log in

    is log in down boys?or its just me..it says "account is already in use" (because i had offline shop i know that) , now i log in,submit but in the last OK nothing happens closed the client like 5 times this going on for like 20minutes now and noone says something so i guess its just me (?)
  8. Deity


    any reason why i have more hp when i remove 1 part of my dynasty dagger set?it gives +2 con and 492 hp but i have 10819 hp with full set and 10929 when i remove the gloves for example :thinking:
  9. everyone in the map have already 5 boss jewels i cant even sell aq - zaken for 50k,your post came late
  10. Deity


    right were we left it yday boys,valakas and tezza already farmed for chaos,if you are one of them i suggest you to not lose the upcoming baium,peace brothers.
  11. Deity


    they won 4 epics from 12am till 3am (now) they wont accept it,never.
  12. Deity


    noway was just 15 min,i stayed like 20 mins getting spawnkilled then exit,is the event still going?anyhow enjoy dude hah
  13. Deity


    pissing you are talking about the bug who chaos kept spawnkilling in the neverending event?that was so lame lol,that was the best thing to top it all of for this season,getting all the mantras give nothing back then enter a stucked event and farm adena also,i am not even mad i am actually laughing with the whole situation
  14. Deity


    y ofc im accepting it man,the thing is this cant continue happening,like i think is already late but better late then never,want me to recap what happened today?you were there,chaos won all epics,simple maths say that they took 150k mantras today,this is an epic,this is one more day to catch up even if we win all tomorrow,that means more gear for the already feeded groups who snowball like hell with this system,if you want to keep having fun we need to get something somehow and not only frustration so we keep enjoying the server,half of my friends just buyed enchants broke all gear and splith,i was an inch of doing that myself and exited the game in order to avoid it