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  1. how many seasons have passed? I think at this point we should all be aware that these methods used for the last years have a negative impact on the game... in short : mass nerfing everything or boosting something, or changing something have a bad influence on the server on the long run, for every 3 people that come here and b1tch about something, there are more than 3 leaving the server after u change things to please the b1tchers. Think about it, on interlude at first they mass cried about duelist was killing them, u nerfed force skills (killed gk who is already pretty trashy on interlude), then they bitched about tanks, u destroyed tanks causing an archer fiesta, then they cried about archers.. archers were mass nerfed countless times, from removing cat buffs to custom speed and -% dmg(killing MS and Saggi), then mages were dominating the server and a new m crit formula was added making sps broken af and killing the other mage classes, and the list goes on. I don't know about you, but I honestly lost track of all these customisations, I know builder is trying to do the right thing, but giving every1 what they want isn't always correct. If u think I underestimate myself then why are the servers going worse and worse by using what you think is a correct way of managing them? Its obvious for every1 it isn't working. I honestly don't blame anyone for leaving the server because playing a game in which every1 rushes for the most OP classes is gonna wear you down eventually, im tired of playing GS I wanna play MS but I cant, I wanna play titan but I cant, I wanna play sorc.. I cant... I'm basically forced on a certain class in order to achieve something.
  2. it was mentioned before this server was opened that it will be a testing ground to see exactly how the server will progress and how to extend his life length, some changes were good... most were bad by taking drastic measures which weren't needed for all classes, hopefully they learned enough to open a new one with a much better gear progress method that will please more people and with a better balance point of view.
  3. and what exactly is gonna change on interlude? oh yes sps will take the spot of sts and the overall mage numbers will quadruple, the balance problems are the same on any chronicle. You want my honest opinion? Get a clean version of the game (any version try gracia cuz most players consider that the most balanced version) and make controlled nerfs without taking into consideration every nubcake that found out how to join the forum. Literally 50% of the server has no clue how to buff, from archers with pow to mages with magnus, wrong builds, wrong dyes, wrong augments, wrong skill enchantments all this cuz of the carebear staff that keeps making changes ( the wrong way) to classes who can easily be bypassed by a certain build, playstyle, or buffs all of this cuz they are trying to accommodate players which have no clue on what they are doing and most likely will leave in the first 2 weeks. You want examples?.. titan on interlude, tanks on interlude the list goes on and on, there isn't a player of l2 with a IQ higher than a donkeys, who will ask for a titan nerf on a server like this, especially on interlude, but here we are.
  4. ok first of all the mage cd was like 6 secs, while archer was 14, the aoe range for archer is very buggy, for example you hit an aoe in 10 people, the graphic shows that u hit all of them but in reality u hit like 6 of them max depending on the geodata sometimes u can even hit 1, unlike mages who hit everything from high distance, secondly the cast range for the archer's aoe is very low, its literally the best way to kill'em, considering they play with dash, if they risk they're asses to cast the aoe they are most likely dead, and about the crit rate, its again a thing of the race, u are more likely to get skill crited by a GS then a MS (and this was the problem), so again this nerf actually destroyed the least played class then fixed the actuall problem, these problems need to be addressed correctly, instead of mindlessly rushing nerfs after nerfs and destroying everything.
  5. woot basically upsets people I know is the following: they wanna play things that other players don't but those classes are way stronger, for example sorc, hk, etc. I played ms this season and its dmg is low I mean really low, for example multiple shot did like 400 dmg cuz (aoe skills were nerfed.) at least that's what I heard... the reality being that without the nerf it prolly was like 550-650, the question for the staff is: why would u nerf that skill? cuz GS was doing to much dmg? you gutted all the archer classes cuz of GS just like in interlude, GS is the alpha archer that is causing all the other archers to underperform and that's one of the problems, SPH is broken now in h5 and u nerfed that aura blast or whatever the fuck is that aoe called and u affected all the other classes yet sph still is the alpha cuz all the other classes got nerfed along with him. There are a tone of examples: gk was trash in interlude cuz gladi was "broken", titan was trash cuz people didn't have the brain to simply keep distance or focus him, I don't even know what to call these changes, instead of continuously nerfing the common skills focus on nerfing the "race" skills, like nerf the aura blast only for sph, cuz that's where the stupid dmg was,not the aura blast for sps/sorc, if gladi is broken nerf the gladi not the force skill dmg and destroy the gk ,obody wants to admit this is one of the main problems, been wasting time on this server since erb was managing the old infinite, but these last like 5 yrs or god knows how many have been since infinite went down have been going in the wrong direction in the state of balancing
  6. Try playing saggitarius or moonlight sentinel then complain about archer dmg. The class ur crying about is Ghost sentinel, and ur asking for archers nerf when moonlight sentinel hits 3k crits and saggi prolly 3.6 or smt like that, making them completely unplayable, do u know how much hp does a ghost sentinel have? he is litteraly 3 nukes, and dont give me the range excuse, when archers have -15% dmg, no cat buffs, the limited buffs affects archers the most, combined with the fact that there is no "archer range mastery certi", while mages afford to get full buffs and play with magnus and have broken shield def/evasion rate, not to mention that mages use A grade sets and vlks+baium and ur all set to kill anything, which are very easy to make considering you farm in the first week of the server more then an archer in 1 month. Bitch please, mages litterally dominate the server in early/mid even in late cuz the crit dmg is weird and u cry cuz of archers. Go 1v1 vs an archer, ull kill him with full hp, not to mention the maps are all mage friendly cuz they can spam a tone of aoe and nukes go thru geodata like a fat bitch at McDonalds. Ima give u the answer u give every1 when we complain about mages dominating and zerging the first weeks :PLAY IT THEN COMPLAIN.
  7. why complain about archers? build tank and counter them why complain about mages? build archers and counter them why complain about facestabs? build gladi and kill em why are greeks still alive? its not worth wasting bullets
  8. the green team doesnt want to reach this level of retardness and spend 30 minutes to get 5 pvp's, every1 gets to play what they want and the fact that ur gamestyle forces other ppl to make a zillion healers is toxic and brain damaging. Its one thing to duo with a healer and another thing to kill 4 healers, we need more drastic healer restrictions cuz it appears they will abuse the fuck out of anything if we try to rely on their common sence for a humanly gameplay.
  9. Im saying the greeks started to make parties of 3 people 1 se 1 bp and 1dd and they have other healers outside party supporting them, so basically u end up with 4 healers+1 domi supporting 1 DD, have fun pvping against that.
  10. oh and that dmg is only from ghost sentinels, saggi's and MS's wont even reach 3k.
  11. yeah, the healing situation got out of control, chaos has to many healers, there are some groups there that its just easier to avoid them cuz they walk arround with 3 healers and u simply cant kill em, at first every1 was like :"oh well shit happens" but now they started to abuse it...
  12. well you see here is the problem, you cant buff items even if low grades, there are daggers etc which walk arround in b grade even if they have lvl 80. Prolly the best thing to do is give them the CoP buff for lvl 76-77, i know this feature existed a long time and it actually helped. CoP= chant of protection btw
  13. 90% of the server plays mage, they wont touch them. If u wanna get the real deal, u should also know that the vortex has a way lower range (its a debuff) the an average nuke, but all this has been posted and they dont wanna fix it.
  14. which reminds me, there are some cases in which if u kite some1 and kill him u dont get any reward dunno if it has anything to do with the range, but it happens quite often