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  1. that should've been done long Time Ago :-j
  2. it's not like i do 0 m crit damage innit? :-j ))). Well sadly that does happen T.T
  3. you should do it that way , otherwise u should let the cry babies use wipes , and not worry about this stuff . It should be that way . (P.S You need to press the nearest button in the same Time Laps , even if you died in the same time , if u don't go both nearest once , and u wait too much , it'll port ya to a different side. )
  4. Stop playing Solitare , Go Classic xD . I Support ^^". Play VolFied 😄 . Or Prince of whatever fukin' persia , just not that xD>
  5. lol i have triple personality and i Evolve The 4th* :-j ))). j . U know how it's said, where there's at least 1 :-j there's outnumbered :-j . I got a smart phone 2 now , i try to keep up with the Trends , whilst i'm still against it and ye , i keep my both accounts logged xD. Depends Where i'm feelin' 2 :P
  6. if you askin' me i would've Left The Caesar what's Caesar's and not bring any rush skills anyways in any class , apart from what's new in here :-j . KamMaHell ( Comming from hell , science fiction bullshit ))). the fallen with no wing "Creature" meh....we gettin' so far from the real age or meaning of lineage :-j. )
  7. me 1 i thought in hi5 as in balanced already , from fabrics xD . Or At Least it should've been ,after what NCSoft did with their MAGI ))). , mistakin' it by bringin' necessary mages in the BIG Pic. :P When actually this game was based on TH :P Father Of All Battles ))). Anyways , idk woot to say about this but u know how it's said " Go sps " You can never Fail :-j .Tho' if you wanna have summ' fun' , i recomm' to play some tanks even tho' they haven't got any rush skills xD. From all chronicles i think this fits the best for dem' . Leaving Tyrants aside. :-j. ( who could've imagined a tyrant with a rush skill , huh , only ncsoft innit' )
  8. huh , you'll be needing a lot of tissues for that , mate. 😉 ))).
  9. LooooooVe IZ In Di' Air' 😄 ))).
  10. We are not proud of what we've become , but we still around. ^^".