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  1. I don't think it will be another beta. And with all the nerfs that have been made it's like interlude with some modifications. So there is nothing to explore.
  2. TheStinger


    Well..i don't completely blame emerald but he rule the server with dictatorship. And that's not attractive. Also not being able to open two clients is also a huge mistake. Only people with two pc's or laptops can make business in the market. Dress me options? 35k FA for S grade? This is 30 euro donate....Simply tragic. Olympiad weapons? 25k FA? Tha's 20 euro for each weapon. Banning people for steaming with 540? Making changes in the middle of season ? Banning people for cursing each other or even him? We are not in church or school. It's a competitive game played mostly by kids and some grown ups. Losers will get angry and they will curse. Imagine banning people from football stadiums cause they curse players who made a mistake...Stadiums would be empty. Anyway...That kind of things make the server less attractive.
  3. TheStinger


    Everyone will skip normal S grade. There is no point to waste money there. And also Dynasty worth only on mages(weapon/armor) , daggers(armor) , archers(bow only). Epics doesn't really matter cause as we saw now most people that quit didn't have epics. Only few..Anyway the problem is not the progression or whatever. The problem is that people just quit. The community ain't enough to keep the server going.
  4. TheStinger


    No matter the chronicle seasons will last one week. And with these updates progression is even faster and easier. You reach end game faster than previous seasons. Also terrible rank system.
  5. Stun from archer specially is the most OP skill in OVC atm..Seriously the land rate is tragic. Also in olympiad with majestic light set +antharas + zaken got stunned 3-4 times in a row.
  6. @EmeraldDynasty armors can be upgraded with mastery? Dagger/Archer/Wizard/Healer etc ...? Cause if not all the previous armors are better by far.
  7. Most played characters were archers/tyrants/gladis. Season lasted 1 week and 2 days exactly.
  8. TheStinger

    Some idea

    You can't have 3 sides with max 200 people online on opening day and after one week max 50.
  9. Da fuck with this Soulka mate. For the past 6-7 seasons he's perma crying. At the start of the server order were dominating everything because they had more organised parties. But on epic fights orders were trashes. No plan at all. Just kill luffy cause of hate. So no epics for order. Instead of quitting try to be more competitive
  10. When will you people stop blaming the server and actually play on it? Every season the same thing. For previous seasons i can understand cause hombres didn't have big activity...But this season there are no excuses. You just emoquit and then blame elo , blame balance , blame everything and everyone but not yourselves. Stop wining and play the game. Otherwise don't even bother joining the server cause you just destroy it.
  11. 11 hours ago. 🙂 before that?
  12. It makes sense cause most greens go chaos otherwise there is no chance to get mantras.