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  1. and I have another suggestion - go to the suggestions section and suggest what you want. Explain what you suggest and why
  2. what are you crying for? only am I not surprised? where is the problem? you see problems, report them, suggest solutions based on what you wrote what you expect to do ? clearly there is a problem but suggest a solution
  3. 3 things : 1st - this season is doomed and what I suggest is to try the next one. 2-nd - you are trying to balance by modifying the characters, it is easier to try different buff schemes first and more precisely. You play with your characters stats, but to check the impact of what you do neither you have anyone to test it (check tyrant vs sph by Interlude player is enough? )nor do you know what to expect, nor you can test all possible situations. Try easier solutions before trying complex things you can't test - remove all the nerfs (in next beta) and check how it would be with different schemes, then if necessary put nerfs. Is it simple? I think yes. 3-th you can't deny that the rewards system is broken. I saw people mention a system from some closed server that is valid to other faction servers to this day which at its core is - make kills get rewards, you get almost nothing. I don't think you will pay attention to me but if anyone wants I can explain to him not in the forum because I have to mention server names. yet I doubt you will listen to me and you will continue to put on and off any percentages of hero stats and I highly doubt you will ever change the reward system instead of using a proven one. So stop dealing with me and do whatever you want, Emerald asked for opinions - here they are, you realize there is a problem - I offer simple solutions which are not required to be right and work but obviously what you are doing is not working and you do not change your approach
  4. I am also a little confused as to what is on offer My two cents on this: In normal situations how is a pvp going 9 vs 9, mass pvp and so on: Mages have buffs of OL, EE/SE, SWS, BD which means they don't have WC buffs (COV, COP). Fighters have WC, EE/SE, SWS, BD which means they don't have Eye of Pa'agrio, Pa'agrio's Fist except when they are on mass pvp. Both types of parties may have CC from bot PP, 20 min duration and there is no way this buff to be rebuffed. I haven't seen pvp with dwarf buffs, this is very, very rare. I know from experience that in pvp where people have CC is organized in advance and it's a little difficult to drag the bot wherever you go. The same is valid for mage pt which uses COP, they cannot have this buff permanent in their setup. Conclusion: Mages successfully fight against fighters without COV and COP for years, on thousands of servers. Possible solution: Take away the ability of the mages to have WC buffs and fighters to have OL buffs. Remove dwarf buffs. Remove dance of berserker. Why I suggest this: Because these are the normal pvp situation in the game PS: Don't add CC, will introduce an imbalance.
  5. chaks

    aura blast nerf

    Leave him, no sense. The man said he is a mage and worried that his character might not be as buggy as he is now. Perfect examples for the community here... I opened two topics not so much by suggesting specific solutions just to have open topics on issues that are discussed by everyone in the game but no one says them here. In the first one, two tanks appeared that began to explain what their characters were aiming for. They obviously don't care about the purpose of the server and everyone else on it. In the second a man who plays sph appeared complaining about surrender on h5( guarantee plays for the first time on this chronicle) and kamaels( it's funny that sph can kill trickster who has ~7000+ magic def, but no sph are not broken and be sure he doesn't know it). According to him, there should be no characters other than sph and you try to explain anything to him it's a waste of time arguing with a person playing only IL. And @Emerald expects someone to give him adequate suggestions for this chronicle ... there is no way. The server has a small community ~30/40 people that keeps many zealously what is now and if something changes will open hundreds of topics to get back what they want. This community cannot play on pvp oriented server in which there is something other than mage and archers, so over the years, the killing of all the other characters has begun and has been successfully completed. Speaking about Interlude, in all other faction servers daggers have lethal, no custom nerf for all other chars and this is not a problem for people who play on these servers( and no matter how amazing I am talking about a server with 2000+ players at the opening). On the server, I was playing on after I got out of here fighters even have bost and no one complains. There are no people to whine that dwarf/tanks and all other support cannot make kills that's how the game is made and everyone knows it. Only here people don't know that they should stay away from titan in frenzy and arrogant to complain about his damage, have not yet understood that they should not allow daggers to stand behind them and if that happens they should not complain about the damage. It's a pity, it's a pity because Emerald is the most active admin I've seen and he does not deserve such a tragic community...
  6. chaks

    Lets get serious now

    doubts me, lineage teacher. that's all I have left, a player from this server to teach me of something related to l2 with h5 is more absurd! pretty funny
  7. And you see some problem with that? And I thought the problem was the daggers( just kidding ) Note that at the rate at which one mage can farm will be in soon in Elegia + topS84 weapon. Such a mage would be able to tear apart all the archers on the server alone. Even if you somehow get with fighter epiq jewelry they will not compensate damage received.
  8. chaks

    Lets get serious now

    Give some details. If you think I don't know the purpose of tanks you're wrong. But you obviously know a lot about it, tell me a server except this one on which tanks play with this style and have success with this. Let me guess one of agro-bots in the game? Thanks.
  9. chaks

    Lets get serious now

    Me? Unlike you, I don't play with a char who can't kill and a fly on pvp server. maybe you're angry that I discovered you? Go online to spam aggression without any purpose, and to go around like a fool and do not try to lie to people! You won't be able to do it for long it is enough for you to use the server as a psychiatric clinic to treat your diseased brain. Get out of here a pity creature, I have seen other times fools like you and you are not the only one. You don't even have enough brains to post your nonsense in general discussion because I can't see that you suggested something. if you think you can continue like this, you're wrong, people are not as insane as you are to please your madness!
  10. This is the last thing iI will say on the topic of daggers the characters I have been playing with for many years and who know very well what he is and how it should be. I had daggers +6, 150 elements, enchanted skills 4-5-6, my dyes are not IL and the maximum damage I do to the mage is ~2k-2,5k sometimes the skills crits and can do very rarely 5k and this is on the newly created mage which cannot be seen on the map. if you don't believe me, I'll log in again just to prove it to you. Dagger nerf is not needed not just because of the presence of COP but because of many differences compared to IL. Resist don't work as they do on IL where they made the character hardy for mages but this is not so on H5. Dyes are different which costs a lot of HP, the mages are not anymore in low grade armor sets and they do great damage. And yet there are not only mages on the server you can imagine how much lower is the damage on light and heavy. Actually one of the strongest characters for 1 vs 1 the dagger is turned into KS shit. I suppose you can think of how many skills are needed( and they should be from unless the target turns to you, in front the chance for dagger is close to zero ) to a dagger to kill a mage (9-10k HP +2-3k CP approximately 6-7 skills you usually died before you make that number ). What the dagger of this chronicle can do is to kill 1-2 max people and to die or hide/escape. If he can't do it quickly better to be deleted from the list of characters to be created. Because I saw that it is fashionable for people to share their business cards, I will share a little bit of my humble story of the game, and especially this chronicle. I have not played on the official server but I've played on Russian official, RPG and other Russian servers that use official files. I never have done as little damage to any of these servers as I did here, this is the first server I have no chance of killing healer. The minimal damage I've done to the mage when I'm in the back at similar stage has never been below 3k and this would be about the same here without the unnecessary nerf that I don't care about anymore( there are no other daggers to care about so they can be deleted from the game). This will be no different on end game because the mages will have Elegia( which they do not have on low rate) cert skills (UD, counter celestial) and so on. What I found funny is that this has remained, online there are 2-3 daggers that are probably gone and there is some fear of them... it is very scary for a dagger that he could do damage to one target if he can get through all the tanks and AOE skills don't kill him before reaching his. What amazes me is thinking and that one newbie SPH does 10 more time damage with one AOE skill is ignored. It's very scary that a dagger can does 5k damage but it is not when a mage does it with AOE. It's funny and pathetic. It is strange how much attention is paid to a character with almost zero impact and what is a big problem is ignored. You can keep the nerf after you are so scared that few people will change the status quo( this is a joke unless you add range AOE blow skills ) Everything I wrote is quite unnecessary and it won't change a thing but still...
  11. chaks

    Lets get serious now

    You do what the server allows. It is pvp server and your class can't kill anyone. After you post any business card that I highly doubt is true( no pvp oriented party will take TK instead of paladin or SK) you should know it. On other similar servers no one plays with your class and the reason is simple the pvp is encouraged there while here pvp is the last way to accomplish something. Your character can't get any items on pvp based server what it supposed to be one faction server. If you get reward for killing someone you would have nothing, others would kill you with ease, and you would hardly play with this character. However, this does not change a single fact you play on a pvp server with a character who can only survive. It does not speak well of your intentions. I don't see what it has to do with you playing on any servers, everyone here has played somewhere else, but more important is the detail of where and how. You will lie if you said you were ever in a clan which was pvp oriented I've spent enough time in this game to be sure. On all other faction-based servers people play with DD or healers using the fact that they should not have support, party, that they do not have to farm to raise their lvl to think about craft and so on. Your intentions don't matter the important thing is the effect of you if you don't realize it you have a problem. To understand it add subclass close range char and try to play with it. Everything you say on the topic is pointless with the current reward system, without it, you won't be there before you've collected enough money to wear you "pvp" char and when that happens these servers begin to die. Fights against tanks are pointless and annoying, and it chases people with terrible speed. That people like you don't understand it is a problem not only on this server. You don't protect anyone here but you just use server weakness which you are allowed. I've said it before and I'll say it again - people with your style of play have a problem with what's fun and what's not. I see that you do not realize that the only thing you do is to annoy others which do not speak well to you. People who enjoy annoying others have a problem that is even more serious when they do not realize it. I hope you are pleased with your contribution to the next short season on this server( let's not be fooled everyone knows this is the case). I do not believe you that you don't want to annoy people, I think that is exactly your goal and I don't think you'll be able to lie to anyone. Think about the things you enjoy or better share them with a psychiatrist it maybe not too late to help you and I say that seriously.
  12. Emerald will you pay attention to me? Say the true, I am sure you will not. As I said I had no time. for me it's a beta but the beta season and I see nothing wrong with that. Don't think I'm making any drama I expected something like that, and I suppose you do I told you you made some serious progress but you should be aware that this season will be short and that you will have something to do. You want me to give you an opinion? Ok I give it to you and keep in mind that the character I play with is not important: One real example with the reward system Char A with OE skills - 10 kills per map which are equal to let say 500 adena but this is too much can make up to 20k per map from aoe. 500-1k at the end of the map which is equal to his rewards from pvp even double. Char B no AOE skills - 20 kills per map or around 1000 adena can make max 3k. Checked by me in the instance - Char A 20k Char B 2k. leave the fact that Char A up 84 lvl for 1h there while char B not even 50%. You really need to think about another reward system that doesn't make such a huge difference between characters. with the current one your server is only for one character - SPH. will you pay attention to me? I do not think, even if you do, can you change the system now? No you cannot I doubt you have a magic wand. I stopped blaming you for anything I see that you are trying to do something but unfortunately, your community is not worth and you know it. If I played the beta and told you anything your community would be against me. And I don't know if you realize that many of the things you added we argued within previous seasons, and then you didn't pay attention to me what is the point of trying now
  13. He did not remove anything just reduce the nerf, it is a matter of hours to appear mages in S84 armors and you won't have the opportunity to see what happens. But this is not the most important thing even with the complete removal of this nerf you will be as back from every mage as you can imagine because pvp is the last thing you make money from
  14. chaks

    aura blast nerf

    You are not serious, right? Do you know that all other characters have nerfs? If not then look at server features and disappear with your opinion like the wind. I have no problem to play retail-like but the first ones to come here to cry will be the mages. I don't mind being returned lethal and do not reduce the damage from tyrants and gladiators but I doubt you like them killing you with one hit. maybe you don't believe me? Ask people who have played in previous seasons. Read server features and don't talk.
  15. chaks


    This explains a lot... do you know that pvp is at the heart of L2? What you explain is typical of WOW. With your help, you have turned l2 server in some kind of hybrid game. It was good that you explained to me that there are people playing this game not for pvp in pvp servers. You should be aware that this is only here there is no similar server did not exist and will not exist. Find out with the retarded part of this community and change the description of what the server is. It is not faction (the pvp is the main target on such servers), not even L2. On low rate servers, there are also people who love to grind but they do not interfere with the rest. Here the effect of people as you is striking and you will understand it in days. In principle, there is no problem doing what you like but if the server was like its description you wouldn't have one adena and you would never up your lvl. However, once again I made sure that this server is unique and that people who want pvp should not log here. You live in some your world but don't mention lineage when you speak about this game. Stay in the zones that give you some points hoping you will stay longer than anyone else, spam skills aimlessly, run with flags around but don't say you're playing L2 - it misleads people like me. Final - I don't know if you understand that what you like in this game is not normal. You will hardly find more than 10 people as confused as you. What you said only confirms everything I have said in previous posts and even makes things look worse. Free advise - search for another game to match what you look for. This game is not one in which people endure such as you. So far this server lets you but it won't be long. Such as you are few and those who play l2 for pvp (again this is the heart of the game) are more and may be difficult but in the end, the admin will comply with them.