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  1. Afaik; server is owertuned imo: Respawn that rotates location all the time literally creates zerg roadkill scenarios and only a CP "might" have the 360 degree awareness required to steer around pinch maneuvers out of the blue. Custom passives: i see no point in them other than an additional adena sink, due as far as i can tell base class stats have been nerfed by the same amounts you stat into anyway or it's a minuscule effect in the ranges of 1-3%. Custom stat boosts: just a raw supplement of the enchanting system already persenti in the game. Again an adena sink and a way to go above enchanting power limits in a way. Element system: neat idea, but i cant really confirm nor deny it's rock/paper/scissors usefulness. If you removed all element atributes from skills and instead made all classes "mages" with access to all elements other than dark and light and non atribute, resist buffs become redundant due buff limits in general. Vanilla l2 was balanced on classes themselves being the rock/paper/scissors of others. All in all, now all classes can manifest glass canon atributes without the draw back of being made out of glass basically; for an example: a glad in UD either hawing extra element defenses or applying elements damage with skills like mages do kek. Accessories and agathions, totems; flat stat boost's are neat and all; a money sink in genreal for minmaxer's; but the + movement speed is rather OP imo (even the BEST, run back to spawn 😛 and there is nothing more frustrating than a prey escaping with low hp :P) The graphic clutter created by aghations is annoying to so it would be neat to dissable their graphics like we can skill animations. Henchmen system; Farming bot's for low income just because there is no way to engage undergeared people to stay on server and face twinked donator whales leads to meaningless pvp in general. You might as well introduce a pvm/pvp area like the "cave" without the daily limit of 1h. Either way, with all the leeching from using them, gearing your main as a cath up mechanic for new players missed its mark. It might fool some people in twich looking for a healthy populated server, but thats not a player retention tool by a long shot. Locked progression with set timers/dates; can wholeheartedly approve. I miss the disscount system previously introduced to the game, becasue all servers shrink as time goes on, and you need dencent gear to find any fun in this game. And lastly an idea for a pvp mode: conquerable respawn points that can be teleported to from safezone; yes, this creates a zerg wave, and yes, you are more likely to engage in 1v2-4 combat at times without the interference from the zerg. And yes, lots of runing between flag posts that have to be conquered or defended.
  2. You can find all the info just by browsing NPC menius. The bigger issue is the graphical clutter all those aghations create and the fact, that even fluff stuf gives stats enticing its use, but costing in the range of 16-25k like 50k (for totem) for a piece which is a weeks grind on its own "IF" server would last that long anyway; 1 week in and its starwars whales all ower again with no easy fresh targets going further.
  3. Daggers have been fine and even more powerful with shadow step and invisibility. In c6 they had more dps potential due a lack of mobility. Taking into account private server's lack of directional damage computation, daggers are even stronger than in vanilla c6. But OvC is custoom and has a lot of moded stats on top of that making it an entirely different game. It's possible to reach simmilar soft stats as a heavy armour class like gladiator; and daggers are basically skill spamming tanks as far as "builds" go here in OvC. Mages are ranged and apply flat burst damage. If a dagger invests in p def, m def to stay alive longer, a mage is all damage and no survivability other than positioning - typical glass canon. Due to all the custoom features, the only utility spells that might aid mages suitability get less and less effective as server progresses into bigger number territory. The real problem of c6 are archers. Lineage 2 was always auto attack (AA) focused for a long time ( just to sum up all boss jevel bonuses in general, etc). And you go into ridiculous number territory by increasing numbers even further due custoom features like long lasting songs/dances etc. You get a ranget class that hits like a truck and has little to do other than press F1 like a monkey. Having the longest AA ranges and ability to shoot on the move while retaining defenses on pair with dagger classes is BiS engame class by farr. A BiS mage wont survive nor farm as much kills as an archer can with healer support. So in conclusion; play classes depending on maps. But in the end of things, ranged classes will still farm more due the nature of pvp itself and the rest is just oly only fluf.
  4. People pick magnus to be literall glass canons. All you get is more movement speed as a defensive stat. Without decently enhanced top gear CoV is pointless other than on supports like BP's. So people picking magnus allreaddy know what they are sacrificing to deal damage that actually could kill instead of tickling. And you usually leech kills anyway if you don't haw good gear. What really is questionable about mage players is for them deciding to engage archer parites on open maps. If anything all should roll archer/dagger/tyrant on open filed maps. But randoms will be randoms i guess.
  5. Snipe buff can be removed by unequiping bow in vanilla, so l2ovc is custoom allreaddy. Not only that, but even crit rate is nerfed (grinded out a DB with crit slow sa), and in vanlilla you had 500 crit rate on HE with full buffs. And even with Blessing of Sagittarius the CDR on Dash is custoom nerfed. So naturally all will go PR for pure damage, because most play F1 monkeys anyway, even if stuns are PR's weakness, which essentially changes nothing, just some inconveneive picking the right archer class and spending more adena reskilling. Oh please. Healers are cheap and you can reuse all the gear to play a dps mage. If anything, they are as cheap to gear up as daggers due not needing to invest into a good weapon.
  6. Allways was a game for those and even in vanilla you use a moment of surprise to commit on killing BP so that your friends can take objevtives. And don't get me started on the ammount of runing around in olimp. All those vanilla pvp video clips: aut of 5 ppl 2-3 are boxed alts and the guy actually faces 2-3 people. Not mentioning that clips usually start with full buffs most of the time. And no one knows about the enchanted gear differences, auguments etc. All you really liked from vanilla servers is the roflstomp and domination which lead to boredom if no one competent enough showed up to stop you after all the randoms just left the server; which in turn made you yourself quit due boredom. And in vanilla you had more time to cast skills instead of spamming F1. Bull buff pvp brings the reality of 2-3 hit kills, when the damage is in the ~5k range per attack. You die in this game a lot allreaddy and the random respawn point with multiple atack fronts doesnt really help to avoid the incomming zerg waves. A vanilla BP could eassly hold objectives for extended ammount of times, but now it's a cluster**** with people all ower the place. And people are stitill playing this season, so it works.
  7. Bishops haw been a frocemultiplier for the owergeared on all custoom servers. Now owerextending is actually punished. As for the "retail crowd": there are no random people in castle sieges where constant parties are a requirement to take objectives. Vanilla is balanced arround support classes that provide buffs of short burst of power like BD and SWS with extra cc; mana is an additional issue, becasue you haw to dedicate people to fullbuff people and on mp regen duty. And a healer per pary is the norm. So don't mistake faction, gve with the retal clan mechanic experience. Current itteration of casstlesieges in OvC is such a small aspect of the game, that i wonder why randoms would participate in it to win it for some clan they aren't part of. It's allreaddy bad enough due clan skills and twich bonuses for characters in regular games. You can bash on random players all you want, but without a constant interest for them staying there your left with the constant party groups in the end who literraly stomp the oposition till one side quits. As for class diversity. It's all about abusing the ingame economy: dwarf's are the crafters of the game and don't haw enough utility in mass pvp. The spoil steal and siege golems is all they are realy known for. Mass CC from OL on a full buff server you can forget about, it's just a CP regen bot with some unique utilities. As for warlords and tanks; rewarding CC spamming is up to @Emerald. They haw their uses, but 3rd programs and interface mods make em at times useless (hawent seen a single unmoded client on twich yet lol). As for supports and summoners, they only shine in olimp even in vanilla. As for the rest: close vs long range dps classes - it's all about map rotation. For extra balance i would grant mele classes gapclosers like rush and shadow step, but those aren't really needed if we had more town maps ir rotation. The rotating respawn is allreaddy a cluster**** to deal with for staying alive long enough for killstreaks. As for the mage/archer/dagger complains - those classes haw fronloaded dps and mostly glass canons; no surprise to see them on a pvp only server due the best efficiency. Tyr, glad, tanks, WL are meant to tank some damage and shine with healer support like the owergeared archers with healers right now. Mitigate more damage = easier to heal back to full. What really breaks the balance are clent mods and 3rd programs managing your targeting. Due the samll map syze it's almost unfatonable how fast some people manage to targetlock even if you approach em from a blindspot.
  8. Mass pvp revolves around healers in any game. Full buff l2 is just an arcade where items matter more than player skill by a lot. The complains start when there is no reall CC to break healers. Anyone can deal with an dps class, but not so much against a party with dedicated supports. That's why randoms leave server sooner than constant party setups, which themselves struggle to fight the gear power-creep and fold just the same. If all parties had a healer, aoe damage wouldn't be as much as an issue as it is now. Cele, UE, Mirage are dive skills for melee classes and as important as mages silence, cancel, fear, sleep and archer stunning shot. You reduced CC duration to a measly 2s, but didn't adjust self-buffs which create opportunity just the same and left healing power output the same to, so it was a given, that it would come to this. Servers devolve to archer vs mage due the maps themselves and if you let people decide on maps, majority of people decide to play how they like and don't leave their comfort zone, thus rendering this nerf "meta class" for balance reasons mostly a trivial effort. IF a tank gets to stunlock a robe class, it's gg, but the tank had to trade HP to get close and to withstand all the CC to get his opportunity to counter or use map terrain for his advantage. And if you add healer support, you instantly haw to shift you forcus on him and mostly it's non rewarding as dealing with dps classes alone due the way the rewards for kills are distributed. imo, either remove rewarding healers and they should manage their business among their party or add accumulative rewards for killing healers (like a selfbuff that increases every 10k hp healed and on death rewards people equally on damage dealt like in raids) if you like automating things so much. Truth is, supports halt the earning potential of the opposition and in due time the gear-power-creep hammers the final nail into a seasons duration. Last i played, summoners where on a similar level of unfun to deal with; 3-4k damage dealing homing missile that doesn't grant any reward on take-down and it's spamable; at least in olimp you can corner the summoner himself and kill him, but in mass pvp is a goose chase not worth the effort. A pure trollish annoyance, which isn't as rewarding to play as as you might think. Btw; what's the "meta" class for the upcoming season? archer/mage/dagger?
  9. C6 had the same ELO issue. @Emerald just wanted to satisfy all the big spenders, who demanded more focus on guilds and castles. And like in any game, if there is no competition left, even the strongest guild leaves out of boredom. As for classic. Most people who are nostalgic about l2 and were sold on it's pvp played c1-c6 back in the day. Classic is to modern to people who stopped playing after gracia etc. So some guides might help. As for classic features itself; if you can't monetize powercreep like in c6, whales won't buy into being averange and balanced due someone getting lucky procks etc.
  10. You guys still haw not figured it out why? Dedicated party on enemy team has alt bishops in enemy faction. Your own dedicated bishop joins the zone, one alt bishop in enemy faction joins the zone. When all 4 bishops on both sides are present, 3-4 alt bishops relog and rejoin the party with the bishops in the zone as dps etc. Some even don't bother and keep the alt bishops logged in all the time, so no new bishops could join on enemy faction. A way to combat this is to kick inactive bishops that don't prowide healing. Administrate a single account per server policy by applying HWID lock to account and ban all acces to server with VPN protocol.
  11. This is L2 and it's classic gear powercreep, so in vanilla this would be true. But ovc has ELO ratings, so you will be thrown into the biggest zerg. Player numbers vs overgeared veterans. Still expect to die a lot. At the wery least, you get assist adena. There is the daily 1h pve farm zone to. With the option of extending the duration via GM shop ticket. So if you don't plan on spending real money, no healty amount of game hours will suffice to cach up to the allready wealthy.
  12. Probably the main reason why it becomes so boring after a while. Best pvp servers reward only kills and haw bigger maps so 1v1 or 1v3 are more frequent.
  13. Lol. In reality the healer is usualy overextended to heal his F1 monkey farming kills, so he is out of the protection range of a zerg. With mirage nerfed and interface mod autotargeting anyone instantly = nope. No chance to infiltrate zerg and kill one healer. You need at minimum 2-3 daggers to get this done. Or did someting change? (quit playing about a week ago :))
  14. Just start your combo with cancel. DoT damage isn't as strong in l2j full buff servers and playing an aoe mage is challenging on it's own. Sorc has a 2nd "wortex". It's Inferno. The only real bonus playng sorc in pvp is that ppl will skip fire resist buffs. SpS is just better: it has ice dagger and freezing shakle for your inferno and decay. And lets not forget his frost bolt is 900 range, while your slow is 600. His aoe skills aqua splash and ice wall are same like yours blazing cirle and rain of fire.