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  1. Justsomeguy


    Lmao, i love how Puffy reminded everyone that he is the number 1 retard of this server :D
  2. Plot twist: Emeraldo is making IL worse and worse just to boost "superior" chronicle H5 :)
  3. If that's true then no wonder puffy is panicking.
  4. So what happened to xXxFailSidexXx69 did he abandon u guys?
  5. Have u thought about creating a clan? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH WAIT......................
  6. i'm actually glad that everyone listened to me and joined 1 side.
  7. Justsomeguy


    what about rhegars clan tho? oh wait... too soon?
  8. Just open another h5 KEKW
  9. It's coz u didn't do any big changes to IL... u just did ctrl+c ctrl+v. Now after actually nerfing WL's and making some changes to ELO system u decided to go with h5... LIKE WUT?
  10. Justsomeguy


    Sooooo... rhaegar u talked big, couldn't back it up in game and now your ego is gone? That's so boring. Keep playing victim or whatever u are doing. Can we get Puffy back as enemy#1, alteast he wasn't as boring as this kid.
  11. Justsomeguy


    What are u even talking about xD
  12. Justsomeguy


    Nah, u didn't do anything to me. I just like to call you out on your bullshit every now and then. :)
  13. Justsomeguy


    yeye 2faced cunt. nice excuses