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  1. Emerald, I didnt ask for an archer buff. I asked for you to balance mage. I dont think you realize I can faceroll archers and have almost full hp left. Lower their run.spd or something. And with all do respect, I understand when balancing classes, you must consider lots of things and its impossible to do well. Thats why people balance with rock paper scissors method but you cant on small servers....
  2. Hell no, I dont think archer should win when tanking mage. However, mages shouldn't absolutely face roll archers like they do either. Their base damage was nerfed badly.
  3. Honestly, I dont know. +5 DB/F HE with AQ and Baium hit enchanted avadon robes for waay less right now. I've spoke with several archers ingame about it and everyone is saying the same thing. Something is bugged with dmg calculations or Emerald forgot to mention something in balancing thread.
  4. I dont know. My suggestion is nerf mage run speed. Im done here.
  5. You're so full of it. I've been playing this game since launch and played in the most competitive contexts this game has offered my continent. Weren't you the guy that stated archers scale better than mages? lol I tell you what. I challenge you to show us how its done. B grade vs B grade. I'll even use sps - without concentration buff lol. or you gonna use the "have to be S grade vs S grade" excuse - like it would make a difference....
  6. @Nokia I don't want to be rude friend but this is the last time I'm replying to you. For a simple reason - youre very biased. For example: You suggest that since other classes can enchant their jewels - that leaves mages at a sole disadvantage. Dude.... Mages can enchant their armor - way easier too. And they have tattoo... I brought up the fact that mages can enchant their spells because archers cant enchant their attack..... its cool though.
  7. I'm starting to think a good percentage of people in this thread have little L2 knowledge tbh. Suggesting over and over again that mages don't scale as well as archers in interlude is beyond ignorant. They scale better, despite them using A grade robes, espcially in servers where enchants are rare/expensive. I'm truly disappointed by these people defending how out-of-balanced they are. Its the most boring and easiest class to play - yet op af.
  8. I'm sorry. Its just no one here can give any examples as to how archers scale better than mages - because they don't. That's a basic fundamental of L2 any chronicle prior to C7. Mages in fact - scale better than archers... People just prefer playing archer. Once they can afford to have decked archer gear, they switch. Also, everyone keeps ignoring the fact we already tested it with S grade oe archer vs oe A grade mage. Mage wins almost every.single.time - by a lot.
  9. @Nokia its 50 more range not 100. and this is L2J, range advantage doesn't work correctly on this server. Secondly, you cant bring up augments. Mages have both wild magic passive augment and active wild magic buff augment - which is waay more advantageous. 3rd. We already tested with +6 drac bow, baium + aq and s jewells. Mage with A grade and boss jewells - wins almost everytime - by a lot. 46th. Youre leaving out lots of other details. For quick example, How about the fact that mage can enchant their spells.
  10. Mages scale just as well as archers, so don't act like archers somehow become godly. That's not how it works. I'm so sick of this "need ant queen and baium" bs. Both those jewells together boost archer dps by ~15% on average. Were currently collecting data. I'll update as soon as we have {damage per second : damage taken} ratios calculated.
  11. Who suggested kiting the mage? This is java! If the archer runs away out of range, you can still hit him at least twice if first cast was within range. And mages are faster... Archers are stacking resist buffs and not taking zerk.
  12. Nah archers have 50 more range guys. But in L2java it doesn't matter because you can hit ppl farther than your supposed to if you spam right and they're running away. regardless, 50 range doesn't justify A grade mages face rolling boss S grade archers with boss jewells and resist buff.
  13. Another piece of L2 info you probably didn't realize. Ant queen gives 15% crt dmg. That only applies if you actually crit during attack. Archers average dps only goes up like >6% with ant queen ring.
  14. Sophie I see you are now editing your post as I'm replying. Should I give you a few minutes before post? My 1 vs 1 comparison accounts for archer crits. Not accounting for mage crits. Obviously.... And baium and ant queen give the same amount of crt damage. Baium gives atk speed and is the better jewel for archers. Let me know if you need anymore L2 lessons.
  15. Use your "range"? that doesn't even make sense, they are both ranged. Youre just crying because you play mage and are comfortable with how op your class is. And besides, that's all irrelevant. Emerald is trying to achieve a balanced gaming experience. I explained my points why I feel mage is waaay op. If you disagree, please explain why.