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  1. More than swearing, annoying is that people speak other language than English, even if that is stated in Game rules, that global chat is English only. Rule Nr.4 4) Global chats are mainly for english ONLY, preferably use other chats or PMs for different languages.
  2. Thank you for all your hard work
  3. He was first in the ring, and started to attack other players, other that were waiting, I was 2nd kill, after thet Chaos player kiled him, and next round started
  4. No, in video you can see, I used huricane, and nothing showed in system window I even tried diferent angle, alsow didnt work
  5. As a new week has starded, and new hero title. I should have been able to take any Hero weapon I wanted, but insted i allready have last weeks weapon, and cant take diferent one.
  6. After Critical Error, My Hero Weapon Shown as Equiped, But It's not, Can't It even unequp. Shot00001.bmp
  7. LustDemon

    Last Houer!!!

  8. LustDemon

    Last Houer!!!

    Can we get everything free for last houer, just for fun?
  9. 17min in waiting list. Is this going to be like a regular thing? Shot00034.bmp