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  1. Mojo


    Hi becouse im very disapoint of this sqrt and im not for this system But im not paying you salary and i cant tell you what to do can you explain me the formula of sqrt dmg * Reduced sqrt damage nerfs to start from 4 targets (instead of 3) and affect up to 8 targets (instead of 15) - up to 15 while under cele. i checked in beta dmg from tyr/gladi was max 200 (dunno what amout of target but sure 10+) i checked Mage AoE dmg was very fine . expect when they are under cele then the dmg was under sqrt me and alot of ppl thinking how this is working from the begining i will be very grateful to explain me how the dmg will be splitted between 10targets if i hit 1k normal ( EXAMPLE)
  2. Mojo

    killing spree

    i suggest to back feature of killing spree to show how much kills have like Mojo has ended Lesley's killing spree (20) kills
  3. why you keep ignoring the sqrt dmg i make a topic and u delete it ???
  4. im happy that you will open again the Interlude but why you dont open BETA for all? 1week
  5. Emerald i bet thousand dollars that ppl vote for Interlude project in your first L2OvC poll just give us Interlude season without all shitty nerfs you can think about to put stages in the server like we aways start 76lv ? why you dont put start lv 61 Max A-grade +6 for first few days stage 2 put new thing in donation shops so for the ppl who join later they will able to donate Lv,Adena,Items stage 2 will beggin 80lv max s-grade +6 max and stage 3 the dynasty items max +16 put new things in Donate shop expect (scrolls for Adena/drop/xp) for the ppl who join later and want to donate for gear/adena and finally unbann me in discord
  6. @BOG emerald is the smeagol my friend .. 😉
  7. this is better for ending 😉
  8. Mojo


    RECRUIT PLAYERS JOIN HERE AND PM ME https://discord.gg/s2jp5zY
  9. Mojo


    JOIN IN DISCORD https://discord.gg/9YXDyc
  10. You mean BlackMamba and they was like a 3 ppl playing 1 char 😄
  11. Mojo


    @Lesley we are Here brO
  12. there is alot patches in internet !!
  13. Mojo


    i fell sad for you 😞
  14. Also remove all mini events expect Death match , VIP TVT,battlefield and zombies in Simon im getting 100 adena in lucky chest same sh1t in other chest event same on all are shits better think for new events maybe you need to find a 1gm to make a events in the nights??