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  1. @BOG emerald is the smeagol my friend .. 😉
  2. this is better for ending 😉
  3. Mojo


    RECRUIT PLAYERS JOIN HERE AND PM ME https://discord.gg/s2jp5zY
  4. Mojo


    JOIN IN DISCORD https://discord.gg/9YXDyc
  5. You mean BlackMamba and they was like a 3 ppl playing 1 char 😄
  6. Mojo


    @Lesley we are Here brO
  7. there is alot patches in internet !!
  8. Mojo


    i fell sad for you 😞
  9. Also remove all mini events expect Death match , VIP TVT,battlefield and zombies in Simon im getting 100 adena in lucky chest same sh1t in other chest event same on all are shits better think for new events maybe you need to find a 1gm to make a events in the nights??
  10. @Emerald im thinking where is the logic.. When im under cele i cant use zaelot or any totem but CANSLE CATCH ME ? So i think when cansle land i should be able to use my skills under cele right?
  11. BOG F1 Players, thats enought
  12. 10ppl want to play in new client and they will quit in second day as aways.. i dont know why you even suggest another client! Interlude is most playable client ever
  13. Mojo

    new enchant system

    im very sad 😞
  14. Mojo

    new enchant system

    313 ews i enchant 2bows and max was +9 maybe is time for new ench system? maybe from pvps or like this old i forgot how was the name with that npc