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  1. I would rather have one clan for each faction, it would make us feel more like a team too, I really like this idea and I think we all need it, please make this change
  2. Rewards are not gear dependent ? Also, do I have to stay close to the target to get the "sweep" ? And does low c grade count as lower gear compared to high c grade ?
  3. Hi, we all know that rewards are gear dependent, so I would like to ask if tattoo and accessory counts as gear ? Anyone know ?
  4. Scamming people is not cool Emerald as an Admin use your power to make Luffy give back that weapon to Mojo please
  5. There is a guard in battlefield with a name "Arch Angel" it is supposed to be one word "Archangel"
  6. Stun is not 100%, I have failed my stun on every single person I have encountered, and trust me, to some players I only stun 1 out of 5 times, those are the players that have resist shock and rb jewels. And lets not even start talking about orcs............
  7. Backstab should have 97% land rate from behind, if it's the same in L2 OvC, there is always a 3% miss chance.
  8. The goal should be to kill all the monsters in the instance, not just the King, the amount of monsters that spawn in the instance should be based on the number of players entering the instance. Right now there are a ton of monsters and the goal is to get through them (no one takes the time to kill them) and just kill the King, kind of meh.
  9. No we do not stun with 100%, yes you do resist stuns with resist shock, and if you have raid boss jewel, we can't stun most of the time at all. Also, if I as a tank could say stun only half ot the time instead of 3 out of 4 times, people would just run away from me, I can't chase people most of the time, do you even realize how hard is it to play a tank?
  10. That surprisingly sounds like a great suggestion
  11. I love this server so much, don't you guys love this server too? Thank you @Emerald for making this a reality, awesome work so far and we are very grateful for it. Lets all take the time to say thank you to the admins for this awesome server !
  12. I suppose the event is great then, my mistake. But while we're at it, I noticed that when the voting for maps is taking place, there is a battfeield called talking island village(bf) in the voting screen at portal, when in fact it's territory of talking island village(bf). It must confuse people.
  13. I cannot believe how quickly you denied this suggestion, with all do respect, very disappointing.