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  1. if you at least logged in to see the server and interacted with the players you would see that we don't like this event, but really that's not the subject, as for the henchman, we talk to each other and everyone knows that this ends the server
  2. dear friend emerald, we are players and we talk to each other, my friend nobody likes henchman, nobody likes the counter strike event, we live the ovc we don't play the ovc, we talk to each other and the community doesn't like tha @Emerald
  3. sure lesley is right please do this
  4. Bro, since when there is the lv1 to lv3 system for boss jewels, we always knew that level 1 makes almost no difference, sry but is this
  5. lol, but u can see this in ALT+T
  6. but there is already this retail
  7. in my opinion, these horrible skins lead to many new ones to think that they have a custom on the server, as I've been sent pm asking where they sell the custom items, but it's just my opinion.
  8. I agree with you in some parts, however... saying that the resistances don't work that I don't agree, archers in the "late game" if you know if buffing doesn't get more than 850 dmg for a spellhowler, there are many ways to build your char offensively, do u have too mutch itens to make ur build, like, tatto, set +6 , abilities, stats and experts for defensive
  9. FallingStar

    Some ideas!

    best idea an player ever had, but... I know that not I'be approved
  10. Bora saporra.... sempre tem uns BR, mas e sempre uns GATO pingados... "LocoMotion
  11. Resolved it... only change the re name of fold Client... and Opened the game
  12. No open, Like my friend said... example... wait for a 10min and doesn't work
  13. I have Friends with the same problem...
  14. me too cant load L2... stay in screen
  15. Yes Bro this is very important but now is other system to make a rebirth... u can take each expert skill for each level 76+
  16. I'd Like know if would be an good idea to make custom spawn class.... to be (Order) (Humans, Elfs and Dwarf Female) Maybe All cited here in Talking Islands to be (Chaos) (D.Elfs, Orcs and Dwarf Male) Maybe All cited here in Orc Village and make a shop city... Able for all races. This is my Suggestion... I would like to see votes from the peoples