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  1. lol, but u can see this in ALT+T
  2. but there is already this retail
  3. in my opinion, these horrible skins lead to many new ones to think that they have a custom on the server, as I've been sent pm asking where they sell the custom items, but it's just my opinion.
  4. I agree with you in some parts, however... saying that the resistances don't work that I don't agree, archers in the "late game" if you know if buffing doesn't get more than 850 dmg for a spellhowler, there are many ways to build your char offensively, do u have too mutch itens to make ur build, like, tatto, set +6 , abilities, stats and experts for defensive
  5. FallingStar

    Some ideas!

    best idea an player ever had, but... I know that not I'be approved
  6. Bora saporra.... sempre tem uns BR, mas e sempre uns GATO pingados... "LocoMotion
  7. Resolved it... only change the re name of fold Client... and Opened the game
  8. No open, Like my friend said... example... wait for a 10min and doesn't work
  9. I have Friends with the same problem...
  10. me too cant load L2... stay in screen