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  1. I'm always logging on low population moment of day and still too large maps to play with 50% of mates as F1/noshift+click(target) players as ranged DDs to run whole event looking for a miracle to start attacking some1... That sucks.
  2. This is real one of the reasons that high number of highrate-mentality players go out on server. Its a type of filter we will have next seasons until take a high number of real good players who don't play/enchant in a reckless way and are determined to learn more about game in general...
  3. I was mentioning all the last BP nerfs to say that theres no more to do to nerf BP. It has no conection to the fact that I'm against balance changes...
  4. BP can't use mass ress, cant heal another healers and cant ress some1 out of pt. So now if a BP know how to setup a good MP build, it should be nerfed too? stupid bro... kind of loser's topics still bein made by those who cant play more than 2 button classes.
  5. Donations are necessary to keep server online. But I think that Donations should not be something that we could have an stats progress accelerated. We need to make seasons last longer but open more chance to attract players on late seasons... I see, still before the end of golem's stone heart system, that enchant system keeps still easy. It affect that high number of players(with small sight of game) leaving because some players rush early ++ with some enchants...
  6. It makes total sense. These parameters should be inversely proportional to make more players enter and play late seasons as a good OVC experience.
  7. Theres more than dmg results or crit chance on L2. For example: if Mojo plays with Beserk,WaterProph and no shield... <<<it answers the question. If some1 chase into a non deffensive character and also not a deffensive positioning on massive PvPs, it's asking to die. Theres no point to complain waiting for robe wearers take low dmg from arrows. It's 2k19 and these guys are still trying to blame classes when all we see is how they setup and still play bad their own classes. All we need to do is look at this fucking game working and try to understand these fucking mechanics! Losers will keep complaining or trying to cheat balance systems because theres a Pride of being arrogant and not admit they are not playing this right.
  8. I Agree with most of Saintly said, mainly the part that talk about server comming to attend only solo/unskilled players... That restriction on support classes was not a cool thing to "balance" the massive pvp things... But like @Emerald said: we will have always that type of players who quit server motivated with the most stupid reasons... The problem of L2 actually is the current players.
  9. When you say balance, you refer to classes or factions? Until now all we see is very bad players who not enjoy 100% of potential that their unique classes played have(...) most of times they try blame "class balance" because can't admit their weak skillplay. And about faction balance: this season had the same config that the end of last season. Latinos on order, HATE crest on chaos... Latinos feeding all chaos players, newcomers joining events with weakest and useless classes/equips vs HATE guys using "temporary change faction" to make all balance system totally fail... When you have players who don't give a fuck about the server rules/fairplay, you will always have a colapse on sides and make other players have a disappointment with it.
  10. omg, are you sure? hahahaha! So they now want us to not land some usefull debuff on a players who wears Epic jewels...
  11. Destru is one of the best duelists on this server. The rest is that common "auto respawn suiciders"
  12. Ok, your honor is dirty because you stolen some1. But you are right when you say that theres ppl who don't give a fuck for the server.
  13. clearly a collapse in the faction system has been shown and everyone, even those in responsible, are thinking its funny. Look at the "point" we came...
  14. If possible they will open a HATE crest in order too. so they will improve the trolling experience trading lost newbies to kill easy. Incredible... all this happens under our noses and the solution that players have is: "If we can't defeat them... we enjoy them" Its a shame. A awesome L2 project being destroyed by players who always have a new idea to keep fucking it all.
  15. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Most funny is that this guys after start zerging from openning, abusing OL, uses "temporary change faction" to provoke a mess in events(like last season)... Finally now the react from admin is disable cooperative skills between supports while this was the only way to protect our lost newbies/latinos on order. Only here in OvC disonest people keep having fun and trolling until opennings start to become empty :'D The future is worrying...