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  1. In my posts I don't think I mentioned anything about free A grade or am whining about anything. I've literally paraphrased the GM admitting that something is wrong with the LS and Enchant system because they are over abundant. "A newbie can easily farm 10k adena in 1 day" which is fine if you were at server start or you play maybe 16hrs a day but most newbies get 2 shot. If you got 10k adena a day at server start then, all the more proof why I said the pacing is too fast. Of course my feedback could an isolated opinion but it was good for me to see that I wasn't the only one who have mixed emotions. I actually had no idea about the leveling zone. I'm sure I read that somewhere but I couldn't tell which npc does this or the option just wasn't obvious to me though I'm not sure how much it would help since my desire is to pvp. Proving more information in game like as a menu system in the Community Manager would be a great idea, I've seen some servers use the community hub as a central hub for information on everything.
  2. My point is that the overall pacing is too fast. Because there is a significant group of people with an abundance of Life Stones, Enchants, and S grade (things I assumed should be rare). So there is a huge divide between a newbie and those players. I thought that was something I did not have to point out since we are playing the same server. To me that is a problem, something they can address on a next season.
  3. It is an issue as the fight began, since the system only ported us 3 who are at the event. I think it would make sense if the system placed me in a party with people who are actually there. Not a problem in other events of course but in Korean TvT I do think that is a problem.
  4. Xearo

    Self Buffs

    I remember before on RvB that self buffs didn't count on buff slot, is it possible this can be applied again? Or some reason why it isn't like this anymore.
  5. When I registered for Korean TVT, the event added me to a party where 2 other people were at the event, and 2 others were in town. I think if the event starts or if you port into the event there need to be a recheck on parties to avoid this kind of thing from happening.
  6. I think on RvB it was hard to enchant A grade because there weren't blessed enchant so only long time players bothered with A grade. It wasn't fun but you could tell who played here for a long time. I think the same should be applied, just for S grade. Maybe earning untradeable AA on char to unseal S would be the best way to limit that as well. Well it is too late to change anything about that now. I hope the event maps are tweaked more. I also noticed there's still some delay before using skills on melee classes, hopefully that is something that can be addressed.
  7. Hey all, long time no see. I used to play during RvB times as kamelol. Just wanted to give my own feedback. I saw that there is a death penalty added which is helpful for newbies. Of course I know range classes are favored but with level 5 penalty on 11k HP dagger, I'm not sure it helps much when mages crit for 5k on my B grade or Archers crits me for 3k. I only joined a few days ago so those guys are already in DC/ Drac with +10 TOP A etc so catching up "seems" harder. Presently, I don't pop like a zit anymore but I think some more stats could be added to the death penalty, depending on the class. I saw some people saying the maps are the best yet. I feel like they could use some fine tuning like some areas being bordered off. For example you can exit the ruins in Mini games, or go down one of the ramps for hot springs opposite Jeremy which has nothing, so I feel like it should be bordered off so daggers etc can't run away. Giran harbor is nice but one spawn on Chaos seems ways closer than Order. Also you can stand under the bridge on a certain spot in the water to be registered as "in the zone". The xp pacing seems ok, but it's only been 12days and it seems like people do already have end game gear. I'm not sure if it was through pure grinding or initially donating but I feel like it should be harder than this. If it was through donating for the initial boost, would it make more sense to delay donating for the 1st week? Or Im not sure if this was done already since I was not playing at the start. I noticed the stones for boosting enchant rate which is nice for everyone, but I'm hoping overall this system could be harder too.