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  1. Thought you might be able to edit that. Would've been a cool addition. Might be true. I think its mostly because its too complex and fast for being a mini game. I'd suggest thinking about something like just adding one trap, one or two weapons, simpler maps. (I know dust, i know how cs works, i understand the weapons and traps, where to plant, etc. but stil,) a smaller or more straight forward map should make it easier for some people. Great thanks. You probably have good reasons to do so, but the current one is pretty good actually. guess new one's gonna be better so gj. Still would suggest adding the features mentioned. Last but not least. unban me please? This is stupid. You know i've been trying to help reporting bugs, suggesting new stuff etc for years. You got pissed only because I made fun of skins lol
  2. @Ruby @Emerald Reminder that your website has a forum!!
  3. Consider also deleting the counter strike event, eventhough you spent a lot of time on it and you like it. The community doesnt. Clearly.
  4. You could also make each kill give 1 karma, and delete karma when the player dies. So that you can also see your spree in this counter you added.
  5. Also, can you add it, or is there any way i can bind C to target myself?
  6. 1_ How can I change the animations so that I see normal bp heals? I find very annoying not being able to see heals 2_ Also, can you add the feature that allows to enlarge the system window? I've seen that in many interfaces, cant think of a reason not to add it here. Specially considering that sometimes I use .info to see how much time is left for the event to finish, or watch the score, and the window is smaller than the .info message so I miss information. 3_ I'd say its already time to unban me from discord.
  7. Sophie

    About donation.

    Im from Argentina, and understand what you're trying to say. Yeah, it would be more fair for latam players (but not only latam, in case you didnt know, latam countries are not the only countries with weak currencies) to have an adjusted donation rate. But 100% not how you're suggesting it. its pretty dumb to ask to get the same amount of adenas for donating 50 pesos, than 50 euro. Since 50 euro gets you 3-4 meals in Italy, f.e, while 50 pesos is not even a bottle of water. Also considering that, for example in Argentina, we pay the equivalent to 2 dollars per dollar we spend with our credit cards because of exchange taxes. But as Emerald said, there's no way that could be done without being exploited, since I could sell my euro to peso to get cheaper adenas, and do the same for my party. And if emerald cant even reply properly to good suggestions his loyal long-term players give, do you really think he'd care about your economy, or about making different prices for different currencies? Because if you get a special rate for Brazil, you should also do it for Argentina, Chile, and so many other countries that have terrible economy and weak currencies with taxes to exchanging currencies.
  8. again, as i said in the other topic, he wasnt top kills because of bp. you couldnt get half those kills with bp and domi.
  9. you have not played bp or with a bp. i really struggled reading anything past that
  10. Our pt consisted of only 3 people, none of us playing bp for the first 4 days. We played without bp and still the 3 of us were top 5 kills. Think of another excuse to justify your inferiority. Cheers!
  11. Olympiad is not about who plays more, but who has the better performance. The NPC literally says performance compared to others. Pretty sure we all have pretty much the same idea of what performance is, and that should answer your question of what's more fair.
  12. How is this fair? he has 50%+ more time, I got more score, more kills, almost same assists. Why's he winning? TIME. Not fcking performance, TIME.
  13. I'd suggest making it so that everytime someone becomes noble ("joins oly"), points are generated. The way it works now, my competition, who became noble like 10h before me, had like 1200 points by the time i became noble. (im guessing its because there were tons of points divided by very few people as you said?) Which would mean the one that gets noble first gets the hero, instead of being performance related. Also, how important are dif stats? Is score/time more relevant than kills/assissts? How do u calculate how many point are dedicated to each category/stat?
  14. Why did i get 164 points for having 350 kills, And then for having 444 kills, I get 127 points? Im losing points for doing playing. I would understand if I was getting 5 kills per event and playing horrible and worse than my comp, since it says "performance compared to other players", right? But the other BP is losing points too with time.. so compared to who? To the rest of the server? Look at the fcking server statistics, how is my performance worse than "other players"??