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  1. I realized most of the times, the team being spawntrapped by 2 other teams win the event. It may not be as terrible as you make it seem. Plus, +1 to Mojo. BOG only plays archer, which explains why he would like it to be just ranged.
  2. You get 4 times the amount of adenas people used to get when the server started. And items are cheaper. Epics require less mantras. S grade weapons and armors require less adenas, materials, parts, recipes. Enchants, Lifestones, Bogs and divine inspiration books are also cheaper.
  3. I must be missing something. Did it appear between those messages before the event was cancelled? You are proving my point. If I want more info, I should go find the npc that gives that info. But the npc does not provide enough. So I went to forum, where there's a post explaining Championship (same name as the npc), and it still doesnt provide enough information. So newcomers will never know there is actually a minimum. Only if they somehow decide to search for "tournament" on the forum and find that comment you did moonths ago. Thats not even close to how clear it should be. I saw that, and I think its perfect. But thats not the issue here. You specified 64 maximum when the event was on the 3rd week, and rank 30 was needed if i remember correctly. You made it sooner and easier to reg, and still, what are the odds? Only 3 teams registered. Therefore, its evident that, at least based on previous statistics, specifying a minimum is as important as specifying the maximum, if not more. Anyway, its your server, you'll do whatever you want. Actually, if 50 teams were regged, they all played, you could still just ignore them, dont give rewards, and nobody would be able to do anything about it i guess. You could just make a comment in a random post giving a hint that you werent planning to pay. Which is kinda what you did here, or at least it feels like. As I said, dont mistreat the ones that show interest in your projects.
  4. I've spent a lot of time playing. I like to play mage, bp, duelist and domi. I have limited time to play bp, and i dont get adenas when i do. As a mage, I get 2shot-ed by archers (almost 70% of the sv atm). Duelist is unplayable and domi cant be even considered. So yeah, I got bored. The only thing that kept me playing this season was oly and championship.
  5. It does not change my life. But if you say there's a tournament with rewards, and I reg a tournament with rewards, I expect to play a tournament with rewards. If there is a minimum amount of teams required, then shouldnt the system anounce the event is cancelled once registration is over? If registration ends, and the npc says there will be a fight, how am I wrong thinking there will be a fight? Should I not trust what the npc says? People dont know about the event. Couple hours before registration ended, there were just 4 ppl regged. I started spamming to tell people to register, and in 1h, at least 15 people registered, and another 15 where around the npc. They did not make the teams as they should with 3 members, but they showed some kind of interest !shouting they were looking for teams. There's been a lack of communication. Why are there anouncements on the chat counting the Topzone votes, and there is not a single message informing about the championship. Is championship listed in the server's features? Thats all the info u give, in a list of other 30 features. If I want more info, should I search for Tournament or Championship? Server features talk about a tournament, however the post giving information on this doesnt mention "tournament" once, but "championship". Same with npc. Again, communication issue, not the community's fault. Is specifying the maximum amount of teams more relevant than telling what the minimum is? Be honest, what are the odds we are more than 64 teams. Either remove it so people dont fall for it anymore, change it so people are interested (dont think thats the problem, more money or fa are not the answer), or communicate it more effectively. Add the npc later so it comes out as something new. Use a bigger npc so people actualy think its relevant. Make rewards smaller but event more frequent and earlier. Dont ignore the people that actually show interest in your projects.
  6. Just read that, I've been searching for "championship", not "tournament". Anyway, u commented that on a topic luffy created. You should have said something about that in your announcement topic, in the NPC info tab, or somewhere. That is not transparent.
  7. I've been playing the server for two weeks. There's a npc that says today there would be a championship for rewards. I've read all there is to read about the championship, and u never mention a minimum amount of teams required to be played. I was regged to play, expecting to play. If there are not enough people registered, thats kinda your problem. Low population, not enough people knowing about the championship, not enough communication. A lot of teams of just 1,2 players. That is not our problem. The npc and forum says there's a maximum (cmon, was that necesary? do u really think more than 64 teams would play?). But u never talk about a minimum. This is not how its supposed to work. This is a scam. @Emerald @Ruby
  8. IMO this endless nerfing system doesnt work. You have been nerfing classes for years, which result in other classes being strong, just to end up being nerfed again, and so forth. Apart from the social factor and the community's unloyalty or impatience (or w/e u wanna call it), there must be a reason why seasons used to last months and people complained that wasnt anough, and now (and lets be honest) they are almost dead a week and a half after it begins. Yeah I know, there are people still playing (myself included), but the fact that there are already this kind of problems due to low population proves me right. We used to play and see people having 8 hero cycles won, now the majority of players reach 2 max and leave. Except for people playing archer, everyone's discontent with the mages vs archers meta (and a couple daggers). Apparently bishops are now more out of the equation than ever. Can we go back to the class balance we had 2 years ago (with bps, duelists, wl, spoilers, se, titans, gk), but with the system changes like new maps, economy, mantras, etc? I think its worth a shot and old players will mostly agree. (although i think winning x4 adenas to buy cheaper each minute stuff is way too much, but thats another discussion)
  9. Make elo the last thing considered when balancing?
  10. Just put that SQRT nerf thingy while with celestial/barrier. Let them be strong. Almost nobody kept playing them after 4-5 days. So what if duelists and GKs are strong? They wont kill the server Let Agent and 2 others play titan. So what if titan is strong. They wont kill the server. Why dont we have spoilers anymore? Let ppl just run around being tanky and stealing adenas. They wont kill the server. Why are domi's income nerfed to the ground? Let ppl play domi even if its just to farm adenas. They wont kill the server. Let people play dreadnought in small maps and spam stuns to farm adenas. Even if mages cry because stuns land. They wont kill the server. So what if ppl use these classes as a way to farm adenas early game. I dont see why having a strategy should be punshed, and promote just making mage/archer pretending that ppl play the same 2 classes for weeks without getting bored. This will kill the server. The last season we had with class diversity, you nerfed almost all of them (duelist, gk, wl, domi, bp) because people were making new chars to farm adenas. How is people using their time to farm adenas a problem. That might already be fixed with the mantras system.
  11. This season is the easiest I have ever played. New players are joining, and in 2 days they got Dyna bow + QA. If they emoquit, the problem is theirs.
  12. Sophie

    Expand Rank System

    Can we also have the custom title when max rank is reached again? I remember that was a thing years ago. Was it harmful for the server? What was the reason that got it removed?
  13. IMO, if u get MSS when u get rank 25, its not fine. The main method to get nobless, is by getting the 3 quest items. MSS should be an alternative if u struggle with any of the 3 (mostly DrChaos for some players). So if u get 500MSS by the time you get rank25, then thats not an alternative but a free nobless at rank25.
  14. Good question. Im not sure, but probly rank 20. As soon as I got rank 25, I went for nobless with MSS. Although I was still missing the pve item, MSS was 100% the easiest viable option. But consider that was Raider rank 20, so if next season thats adjusted and raider rank is harder, it may be earlier. Maybe someone that played less, or started later could be another point of reference. Also, if you're planning to increase the amount of raids required for rank up, I think same issue would happen with Events/Wins. Currently, I have the same rank in these two as I do with kills. To be fair, im not the best dd with perma top kills, but almost nobody is. Average dds have Events and Wins way higher than Kills. So yeah, that may be something to consider once Raider is "fixed".