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  1. Nu tas tai jo 😄 net nzn uz ka cia zaist reikes, nes dauguma debuffu nekimba arba trukme 2 sekundes, tai bus kaip interliudas tik su geresnem grafikom
  2. Well yes of course, but this might be only a 1 week server, of course if thats the plan to make this first grand start more like a Test server then yeah whatever its cool.
  3. You need to do more beta testing @Emerald ... I played for max 1-2 hour in this beta test and i found already couple critical bugs.. I hope u will be able to check every class and skills alone till grand opening because on server start there will be many people on every kind of class and they will definitely find more and more bugs which they will abuse or just leave the server because of it
  4. Also, Magnus unicorn has 0 magical crit rate...? Please check the stats of summons too. Siren dance doesnt give any stats at least to summon, not sure about me because i cant remove dances and other buffs by myself somehow. Wild magic doesnt give any stats either.
  5. Also when u go into event u cant see your summon, until u resummon. Thats more like glitch which happens everytime u go into event.
  6. Hi, Magnus the unicorn after each stun stops listening to commands and doesnt attack and can only use skills, u need to use Stop pet action to make him move again after stun. Sorry cant video tape it but it is like that.
  7. Also Camera gets stuck when i go into Farm zone and u cant zoom out, only after u did a restart.
  8. Hi, so i tested out warlord and instantly saw some crazy stuff so lets begin. First of all Thunder storm does crazy amount of damage but stun chance is crazy low. I dealt like 2-7k damage with thunder storm everytime i used it and with other skills it was like 500-800 damage. Secondly, Spear Howl is an AOE skill but it damages only single target and im pretty sure it doesnt remove speed buffs as said (couldnt test it on people because cant use aoe skills in town). Also, Throwing spear chance of landing is crazy low too, landed it once on a bot in like 10 tries. All other skills seems to be working fine, that just landing rates are stupid low, and deals low damage except Thunder storm (definitely a bug). But thats ok so thats how much i got yet. These pictures shows damage on mobs but that still shows how much the difference is between Thunder storm damage and Spinning slasher which has even more power but lower damage.
  9. only meeles are playable on this server right now 😄 Remember when everyone cried about anakim transform on overwatch? Anakim got nerfed by 50%, but nobody cried about fighters abusing angelic warrior transform and its long fucking range AOE skill. Without cooldown skill hitting for more than 700 nearly around 1k each skill for everyone. Fighters make around 20-30 kills depending on online count. While with anakim now u have to kill enemy for more than 20 sec to finally get a kill.
  10. dude mage needs like 50 hits or more to kill tyrant gladi xD even with s84 wep 300 att xD
  11. I got to be honest, i always loved playing classes that are exotic such as summoners, tanks, kamaels SLH/Bers.. They are sort of bad pick for a mass pvp server and thats why i gotta ask, why summoners are sort of nerfed? They are supposed to be buffed because of the time it takes for pet to die(like 1-2sec or even less) and thats without 5 or more people focusing your pet thats 1 guy killing your horse/cat/shadow. and the damage is just hilarious.. Elemental summoners should be loads of fun in such a server because of their Magnus unicorn retail AOE damage. But now they hit funny damage of 300 with full Magic buffs. ES has to choose to buff up their unicorn with M.Atk buffs or with fighter buffs, because they cant make a mix of those 2 because of buff slots on pet. As i mentioned, Summons dont benefit from learning Buff books. Thats at least 1 thing u should do to make their life a little bit better, make summons get those extra 4 buff slots as well and im not even talking about removing that PVP penalty on unicorn or atleast boosting its magic damage.. Kamaels should be another topic, because there are a lot of things where they should be boosted..
  12. Hi, so im interested, will there be any changes from last season? I mean balancing classes that were fully useless even with top gear (SLH,Berserker) and others so that we wont have only mage/archer/tank server only. Would be cool if u looked at Soul hound damage, Berserker damage especially RUSH (it doesnt even stun on this server or stun lasts 1sec so maybe it could do some decent damage instead of 150 damage per rush). Give more love to summoners, their summons doesnt get the benefit from buff books, they die too quickly and does poor damage, unless u have +15/+30 summon and u are top geared and u fight against rank 1 dynasty player. Magnus unicorn i think does like 300 aoe damage when it should be 1000-1500 at lowest since it has a cooldown and pet dies in few shots, it cant even outdamage the hp/cp potion healing :D Some more love to Warlords would be good. 1 more question, why full lethal is removed from daggers? Thats the only thing that can turn the fight to other side against other melee/healer classes. Their damage is very low without having aq/baium, and they are supposed to kill anyone with element of surprise 1v1, but they cant do that here, maybe weaker mages or some newbies and when they are not focusing u and their back is open always. Im just trying to decide which class to start playing with, and if its going to be the same as last season.
  13. I cant say what skill is it, because he is using not one of them and quickly, u could ask him or idk just check it out on files, because it shouldnt hit twice and same amount of damage everytime.
  14. U can see from my screenshots that its not the same picture because i have dealt different damage before i got his ,,Double trouble" skill damage. BTW dont mind my buffs, they've been cencelled
  15. Hi, so ive been playing for a few days, and i noticed that very often i receive double damage from 1 guy, ,,IsaacNetero" he is a hero doombringer. I dont really know if its a hero weap privilege or smth like that, but im receiving same amount of damage from 1 attack twice and like every time he uses that skill i receive double damage. Very often damage stands the same like 1724x2, then 1724x2 again after 2sec, then 1622x2 and smth like that. I will give some screenshots. Im not sure if its a bug but i have a clue it is so i think u should check this out. I ve been playing lineage2 for a long long time and havent seen such a thing to receive double damage from 1 skill and damage stays the same and it REPEATS again and again.