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  1. Merry Christmas. HO HO Ho Year ago i had covid -19 in same time. Santa bring me no taste or smell for 2 months till March. I have feel taste of vitamin C everything else was with/o flaver. ps. Max 2 weeks flu i had.
  2. l2.exe only with this working for me how it should by 🙂
  3. @BOG There is old mechanic called "shadow weapons" but for lower grade. You could implement it in same use condition ( weapon disappear after some time/cant enchant but with sa in weapon). PS. Server have no diversity in classes and its to much pro players oriented so you won't have meat to kill 🙂
  4. @Madlaxy W/o core change like i said would change nothing buff or nerf class i saw it before but this season we won't see any diversity like it was in past. My prediction of week server came true "Like i told you so"
  5. The biggest change that destroyed server was how you get the books for customs skills.(A- before change , B after change) A: by lvl main char and subclasses you get book on 78,79,80 total 12 books B: by first lvl 78,79,80 you get books(3) and from rank system (9 books)------ change was 3-4 years ago I made for that reason account on forum If you don't play from start you can play on server A competitive on B you can't because you will never reach same rank like you could farm lvl. Btw I don't say that rank system its bed but it shouldn't give any advantages just scrolls, adena etc. Same thing with stream on twitch. Ps. I would love to see old file of ovc with dwarf as thief and w/o all new nerfs. Titan was good, archers was week alone but strong in pt with assist, mage(ofc w/o insane m critlike it was ) have little more p def because of talizman of power and blablabla 😄. I just like to see old ovc with diversity of classes like it was . Ps2. I will play for weekend but i doubt if i stay longer
  6. If he do that server will last from 1 week to 2 weeks max. Why because from this system benefit only 5% of starting player base a.k.a no lifers. He want make server only for 20-30 ppl or for bigger number its he's choice.
  7. @Mojo First you need to pull out something from your throat beacous i dont understand your english. When i spoke with you last time😄
  8. btw next seasons gameplay
  9. Dudes i will gave you one advice. Just stop play (like me)on server and let them play competitive/1 week/streamer friendly server with only ranged classes and huge snowball rank system. Emerlad will dont do sh1t if you complain just show it on offline status. Server going in bed direction from long time( change of getting book system from ranks) and have renome of server with snowball nolifers who dominate server.
  10. @Sephirothrex Try with bw light set(or mage set ) on macro or at least with mage weapon with acu
  11. Venth

    sqrt damage

    Im talking about starting weekend or max week( Top online ). Tell me on what seasons you saw glad playing on end game besides fortress map or pony escort ? Some changes are ok but dont forget that snowball effect (books only for top players )didnt change at all so server will last 2 weeks next time.
  12. Venth

    sqrt damage

    Ofc but glad/tyrant always run in to zerg in 3- 5 (good vanilla dd count pt) if they do the same with sorcs but in grater number like 5-7 (sorc dont have any party restrictions) result will by the same. Dont forget that next seasons everyone will start with dc set so mage's will get max wit and they probably will rule server till it die. Maybe they will change on sh/necro or sps on end game. Ps . I will long in on next seasons and say agane i told you so agane :DDDD
  13. Venth

    sqrt damage

    Remmber my words next season sorc will by new aoe god in new season. Emerald can nerf over and over but problem are not players or chars but maps . What happened when 10-14(clan) smart dudes see zerg and they can vote same map??? They will spam close quarters map 100% and see adena flow. Maps have to by more optimise for player count Any how glads are week on endgame but strong in first week and it was always like that after changes they will not exist outside olympiad. Tyrants have at least better defense so they can play as offencive tank but nothing then that. @Emerald Can you answer me one question? Why you cant revoke old rebirth(certificatione) system (books) gained only by lvling subs and leave ranks/achievements only as additional reward for playing or showing player "skill". In old rebirth system we have 2 months server alive after perfect ideas of some ppl like "L" server start by unstable after every change in economy or mechanic to make ppl blind.
  14. Venth


    old one but funny ;DDDD
  15. Venth

    Remove healers

    Yes leave only 3 playable classes like in metin and make copy of copy :DDDD
  16. F1 chars last season its far from "balanced" h5 server but it get some changes to play archer vs mage :DDDDD only
  17. Venth

    sqrt damage

    I would say even farder going back in time. Rebirth skills should by gain only by getting 80 lvl on sub like it was back when i love this server. Right now its worth to play only starting weekend(i play only 4h in friday start :D) and nothing else. Server does not have diversity in classes/even more snowball effect(then 2 years ago) and one overpowered char PR with streamer buff (there is no point of taking other archers if you stream). @Emerald If you will listen only Luffy and other greeks with "grate ideas" . There would no one to play here since every other pvp servers looks like archer vs mage. This server need to by different then others like it was in past or rename it as l2 generic pvp server.
  18. Venth


    Heh for now its only solution to fight "desync". If Emerald cant fix it or find solutions i dont understand why he add to streamer buff +4 accurcy and made PR strongest char in the game? btw. If Emerald will move all Interlude mechanic to gracja or h5 this problem will gone probably. Only one faction server done it but it wasnt 100% intrlude conversione in higher chronicle
  19. @OmegaHats off for your drawing skills but as @TheStinger told you its not problem with dagger but all melee chars and how server show postione to your client. The bigger ping of mele dude so it can by bigger desynchronization client to server. Gracja and h5 have much better netcode what i notice
  20. Venth

    Market, town

    Why you try fix old base ?It will not become bigger. Why not change it on different starting/base postione like Elf village. The old base is 5 or 6 years old(or longer?), maybe it's time for change.
  21. In description of clan skills in last sentence its say who can get it (speed skill= count or higher). Ps. dont use google translate ps2. retail = official