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  1. I think it's time to rename the server from l2ovc to l2str(start the robot)
  2. FryMeAliver


    He obviously means stream reward
  3. FryMeAliver


    If i had to guess i would say there were no adena scrolls or stream buff when seasons lasted more than 60 days.
  4. FryMeAliver

    Heal abuse?

    What happens if the target actually lowered his hp on his own using skills/conversion weapon/doom heavy armor etc?
  5. FryMeAliver


    actually mirage is nerfed,plus most people are using interfaces with trick protection so its pretty useless.Dash is also nerfed,and TH misses about 40% of the blows while aw has 100% land rate.
  6. 30% chance to reflect magic debuffs 10% to reflect physical debuffs landing depends on casters stats.Testing it against a bishop is not a bright idea.Try it with a mage,or tell your friend to take some m atk buffs and skip mental shield.Then it may land.
  7. FryMeAliver


    Is this some kind of trolling Emerald?You can easily ban Luffy for botting or RMT every single time,why would you choose the dice thing?This season for example he had a bp named blowjob on script,running around the map like headless chicken trying to heal him.
  8. Let me help you http://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14290-stream-buff/
  9. We have a rare case here but i guess it can be solved with an anti-buff toggle,should be easy for emerald to add it.
  10. Backstab always had a bonus dmg by default,about 20-30% compared to deadly blow.
  11. There was a constructive discussion about the stream buff as you can see in the thread below.Sadly no1 had any proofs,only random comments.Do you feel like you can prove that the bonus is op and retarded?
  12. You know you can give blessing of queen to your pet right?I ll let you figure it out how.