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  1. Try this . Vertical sync on and set cap to fps to match your monitor frequency .
  2. This is a useless restriction because of balancing system when entering events.
  3. SH...SPH...Spellhowler . SPH = Spellhowler SH - Soul Hound There you go ..solved for you :
  4. Its from your internet connection , your pc lose wi fi connection. When this happens , close the client , disable and then enable wi fi card from device manager, theb when u get a stable connection again open client and log in.
  5. All i see is "hate"...
  6. ImmunE


    Decrease aura o hate radius or number of players affected....can be a start.
  7. When u press "Features" from forum it show interlude features.
  8. @Emerald update features from main page because is from interlude season. I know that features can be found in Info & Events section but maybe newcomers dont know .