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  1. Healers should be limited and restricted period .There shouldnt be any debates about it .This aint your typical L2 low rate server,this is a faction server .You want to jerk arround with bishop ee tank than go low rates make your cp and measure your dick vs other cps . This is a server where u got everything ,u take buffs and go pvp solo if u want wich is the case of 90% players .U can make enough of advantage vs the majority of players by just playing correct your class,u dont need healers .The average skill aint over the roof .People dont need need healers to prove themself on this server(or any faction server for that matter) .Healers here are not a necesity unlike low rates .If something spoils the playgame of majority ,than it should be imposed restrictions,doesnt matter fair or not .
  2. Agent


    About tirants/glads i already posted my opinion ,dunno if anybody did pay attention .The nerf is just too strong ,it makes AOE completely useless and it also nerfs them more even when u try focus somebody like a single target that has some adjacent players .Before it was too strong now its too weak ....all it needs is a sweet spot meaning still good damage but not OP .Also the one targeted needs take full damage since this classes are 1vs1 specialists too and not just aoe spammers .
  3. Agent


    Titan is just screwed .I played previous interlude season but i said nothing (people would have consider as selfish or bias) and i stop care about oly anyway.Its abit silly to donate so that u can play titan in olympiad .Titan is tier 2 oly class btw and this when he has everything .Tier 1 will always be pp/tirant/glad/ol/ee .I really dont understand this changes .Titan is already unpopular class .
  4. Agent

    sqrt damage

    I think the nerf for aoe at glad/tirant might be too severe with that sqrt formula depending on players.Aoe indeed was needed to be tuned down . But the current fix i think its overkill and got gimped instead ? Also another point that i want to make .....With this nerf u cant even focus someone properly if there are other players near him . So the most logical tweak for this aoe skills imo should be a fixed % damage reduction(like 50% or something) while the one u target still being able to receive full damage .
  5. Can we have a beta test to experience the server and classes and maybe test the balance or find bugs that require fixes ?
  6. Fists have 10 % atk speed .I take that anytime over 25 % health especially in interlude.Just because glads dont need pay for soul crystals doesnt mean they should get weapon with joke of SA .Like i said every class gets very usefull SA ,why should glads be different ? And oly is irrelevant .I supose those duals are good against mana burners ,but its really worth it? ,probably 1 or 2 glads will play oly while the majority wont care .
  7. are u serious ?That bonus is underwhelming .Every dynasty weapon has a decent SA except those duals .
  8. SA from this duals gives nothing .Also from what i read from SA description it kinda sucks .Crit rate ?I quess its good for pve but this is pvp server :) . I also saw that dynasty dagger has 15 % crit power ,wich i think its your custom feature as SA ?I think this is good change for daggers since it compensates the dynasty pdef ,otherwise dagger would do less damage than before . Maybe u can customize those duals SA ,give them something usefull instead of crit rate . And Emerald move this topic to suggestions/bugs whatever since i couldnt create in those subforums for some reason .
  9. There were some seasons ago when paladins had 2 min ai .U could see 1-2 paladins trying to play offensive ,but people that were like playing mages/archers couldnt accept that and cried on forums about it .So the AI got reduced to 1 min and paladin popularity went back to 0 .
  10. Yeah i must accept that,even if i dont like it .If people are starting to get rolled by melees with their archers/mages there will be mutiny .I think this is the main reason why Emerald wont do nothing and im aware of this .Is this fair ?No ofc not but it is what it is .
  11. Biggest idiot so far .This forums are a mess because of such guys who think they can post about anything when they are noobs.Everyone can talk and most of them talk nonsence .
  12. Agent


    Luffy how many low rates interlude did u play ?I played enough of them and titan its pretty good both pvp/pve .Also mages or archers are limited in power .Do u know how hard is to get valakas or a baium in low rate server ?How many people do u think have the epics they want ?Most people if they have aq or a zaken/tezza they should be pretty happy. Just cut the crap already .And this aint tipical server .Its faction...in all faction servers i played the interest should be that all classes to be playable instead some of them being clowns .I wont mention the faction server name wich doesnt exist anymore,but in one of them tanks even had dash and melees had rush ...and quess what they werent op ,just playable .
  13. Once ina while a clown comes along and makes a tumble....