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  1. Maasikas

    Buffs Bug

    Isn't it all damage inflicted? "absorbs x% of the inflicted damage as HP" Archer normal hits, short range normal hits, physical skills, magical skills, status effects (poision)...
  2. Maasikas

    Quest manager

    Add link to quest manager: "Get All Rewards" to the bottom of the Rank quest menu.
  3. Just report them, they get banned.
  4. wasnt it 4? its like triple nolife
  5. Maasikas

    those mage nerfs

    Well never mind, all the nerfs are good, including 25% to +15% emp echo
  6. Maasikas

    those mage nerfs

    #darkElvesMatter #dontHarassTheDarkElves #removeEchoNerf #moreEquality #KeepNerfsEqual * Reduced magic critical rate by 30%. -ok * Reduced magic critical damage by 20%. -ok * Reduced all AoE skills damage by 30%. -ok * Reduced Empowering Echo M.Atk. bonus from 25% to 15%. - why, they have less WIT anyways * Nerfed magical attribute damage bonus by 25%. -ok
  7. Main class Eviscerator here. Bring it on.
  8. wow first real suggestion. use H5 as main version, slowly swap interlude to classic. Some higher version of classic, not "antharas"
  9. Maasikas


    Flat damage nerf can be reduced (duelist, tyran), I agree, but completely Removed - no. damage / sqrt(targets) Sqrt formula is good and the best thing ever. More enemies, less damage. But damage is applied to all the targets in the area and you get assist stats (also adena). SO you wont be so lazy and start to target people for kills instead of just random next target AOE Quadruple kills.
  10. It's easy. Limit the amount of healers allowed to join events. 1. One side cannot have more healers than the other. 2a. Also, use the Elo system. If one healer is really geared and with higher elo, make the impact ratio 1:2. So he takes two slots and the other side is allowed to have more healers. 2b. And additionally nerf the income of higher Elo healers and boost the lower elo income. Should be calculated per every event dynamically. 2c. Lower elo healers should have priority entry in the queue to events so that a higher elo healer can't block the lower ones from entering 3. Dont allow 2x healers or healer + EE to be in one party 4. Healers cannot heal outside of party members. Also they cannot res. Res scrolls should be ok they are delayed with cast time 5. Make healers distinguished during events even if outside the party. Helps finding a healer easier. For example different color name. Only visible to friendly faction. @Emerald
  11. Maasikas


    Yep, never seen this chronicle from year 2007, open beta yes
  12. If the server starts you can create pseudo characters, join event and test it? Takes 2 mins
  13. SOng of invocation description is wrong in buff menu