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  1. LF a group of players pretty active with dicord or ts to play toghether! Message me asap
  2. We need to do something about factions is really unbalanced...................... TY
  3. I will create a clan in chaos for older pro ppl join me
  4. U wanna make a balanced server so pls explain why Mcriticals On 12 k Matk are max 3 k all time and only on vortex they can over 3k ???? Do u think is normal a Newbie With dynasty bow to hit me 8 k ? and 12 k mage hits critical 3 k???????? HOW is that balance ???? u reduce Mcrit for newbies but they hit us 8 k? I play over 300 h farming and somebody joins today and puts dynasty bow and hits me 10 k damage and I cant hit him more than 3000 pls do something about this because is becoming annoying I don't have a problem with reciving 100000 damage just fix the amount we HIT as mages !!! also u keep decressing stats on mages!!!!!!