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  1. As i see your l2 knowledge is 0 u are just making yourself clown
  2. Dynasty bow is foundation wich special ability is to give atc speed read little on Weapons before u post things here lol.
  3. We are talking about his „adventures“ withr the pro cp he was playing omg.
  4. Some driver/10th member crying 400 scrolls all the time with 0 gameplay on java server idk wich cp will accept such a noobie unless some bot driver nothing more
  5. What battle 😂 i am not even battling with bots who didnt even show any gameplay and pretend to be something
  6. At that stage of srv i didnt played with them i joined last 2months with them and take Hero SR and i was MA of the CP
  7. I saw your gameplay so please u was kicked from any cp if u ever had or u was some driver/10th member cheers bye
  8. Next random bot who can only cry donate donate with 0 gameplay skills easy frag like ur friend i 2 skilled all the time
  9. I am playing last 6months with Benzin/Mas9 but u didnt even hear about them
  10. U talk with me about russian low server ? Jahahajjaha u didnt even played a single one since last 6 months i play with top Russian cp cheers bot
  11. Dont talk about l2 cuz you play only on java servers. U dont know nothing about this game and only cry what a bot
  12. I did 1k donates easy ask Emerald jealous morrons
  13. Cry more babys and learn some l2. Good bye pro babys
  14. In 1 min all will see i am top donator on thr server no problem
  15. All bots like you cry because some1 have better things and call immediately donator etc just learn play that game and dont be jealous that some1 play/ have better things from you