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    @Fungry but the spoiler how is it ? you make good money or not ? :))
  2. yesterday was fine, today is sh*t. a lot of ppl bought a grade, that's why i think
  3. ok, thanks. maybe i hited only those with enchanted gears.
  4. dagger was nerfed ? I talked with some ppl here playing dagger, all confirmed that was nerfed. I know most of mages / fighters have A gear, but the damage difference is so big. In first 2 days was pretty ok, 3-4-5k dmg from backstabs, even from frontstabs. now i can't even reach 2k dmg from backstabs, and from fronstabs only 500 dmg, but most of them are fails. in gatos, tanker elf i think, i hit 500 damage from backstabs (bw heavy), in mage (7-800) dc robe. where is the balance ? Even in first day was some mages with dc robe, donated i think and reached 6k dmg on them. now max 3k dmg.
  5. you have already all the mats and adena to ask this q ?
  6. you had to includeit in your reply i think, it was better for everyone thanks
  7. Thanks emerald for transparency, sure the winners was randomly chosen, without any proofs. most of them are old players. i knew this would happen
  8. it's not workng like this. if you manualy change target you have no problem. this setting is made for skills like mirage and aura flash.
  9. ^ he's right. it's full on internet of this patches and most of them are free. exist options in custom patches like 'Ignore aggresion" and "Hold Target".
  10. i think with ol they will hate you really fast it's funny to play spoiler, but you have to pay attention cuz of restriction to spoil same target before 5 min
  11. i think battle royale is an event like pubg game or last man standing, all players starting with same gear and skills. or smth like this
  12. oricum in chaos mergeam din prima
  13. i played in 2016 too last time dagger, i had a lot of pictures but i lost them :(. i will give it a try this season too i hope gh is still powerful like in the old days
  14. astept si eu un invite in Crimsons