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  1. ifym


    Guess what... We already said that problem with crazy mc was blast, which had a well worth it nerf since you cant take an ele restist against it and totally ignores elemental attribute you already own. In that logic we should nerf archer since rhaegar was top 1 with an archer the most of the time...oh wait. What about the sps on top of the list? My point is that you can do miracles with mages, it is early game after all, it just happens that ppl prefer sts for the damn empo, which this 10% made it irrelevant.
  2. ifym


    Its like we tell you not to play in party with bp+dds as domi against solo players and scrubs since day 1. Doesnt make sence you ll play however the fuck you want. It has nothing to do with "prefer" we simply dont give a fuck.
  3. If i want stats of archmage i would create an archmage. not a sts. I guess i could ask from emerland to switch me into an sps and no harm done from minus 1 sts with broken hurric armor right? How dump you are for real.
  4. This suits you since you make 2 clans... Why you think he is salty. Seems like the 9 members per clan is a way to increase donation's income. nothing more nothing less.
  5. Thats what this post is about. You see whats going on? you are the one crying actrually. We have a post where we see an archmage and a sts hitting each other with same items. Guess the result. Ah yeah i forgot sts got advantage with his hurri armor.
  6. you still dont answer me how i got advantage against other mages now. you keep telling us about armor op and nothing more. Let me geuss you one of those tyrants/gladies?
  7. I N C O M P A R I S S O N to other mages. i guess im the one i have to spell now. Btw you believe an archer cares for armor with his maxed out speed and 1k att speed? If you cant kite a mage into pow with archer you are just braindead.
  8. Attack speed. tell me in which part i get advantage over other mages now.
  9. You do realize that blast and aoe -30% is allready a nerf for sph and nukers in general. the 10% on damage was all sph was usefull for in comparison with other mages.
  10. Now i understand why you manage to fail so hard as a sph with a full stucked pt. Reconsider my idea to bring c6 celestial back, its a pitty to waste your top material tactics. #MakeTyrantsGreatAgain
  11. cuz mages are the exact same thing into c6 and h5 with attri system. ok dude you got me here for once more. Thnx god beta wasnt here to tell us that tyrant was the most broken thing for late game. They had to take over the early game aswell Damn i go back to my cave to hide myself and try to practice harakiri out of shame.
  12. You see how confused you are? You are just a greedy kid were simply needs more. I guess your ego is way too high to handle the bottom of top 10. You of all gladies/tyrants shouldnt even consider that their class is unplayable. Even ensil was ok with the way tyrant performs. But no you need to be crazy f@cking op. Guess i should start asking for get mc nerf into 20% or even 10% who knows, when ill tell them that im playing a sph after the nerf removed we ll laugh all together.
  13. Exactly what im saying...you got me there for once more... It was nothing personal, you just made it worse when you reveal that you are playing a tyrant and you try to tell us that the class is unplayble. Yeah im totally shamed that im on top of you. Damn you make some serious guesses today i got to admit. Im too low for you that im your first target. Damn double standars 2k19.
  14. Tears? Of what? I guess you cant read since i dont give a f@ck fo rthe nerf on sph. i even consider do 50% nerf on blast. You messed up The whole story is about your sh1ts that gladies/tyrants ARE UNPLAYABLE while you are on top list with a tyrnat while you have loiwest gameplay hours in that list. Irony at its finest. Keep trying to convince us that you made into that list with your nonfactor sph. Cuz yeah we didnt play that season to see what class you were on... For real now your sph was really funny to watch no offense.