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  1. Good evening, i would like to tell my opinion about the server.and the first thing that should change in the server as soon as possible is....archers, they are overpowered, their stun and their critical skills must have lower success rate, also their stun skills time is a bit too long, 3 or 4 seconds is enough.and in general, the success rate shouldn't be so high in all classes skills. 2 i agree that r95 gear must be free, but the rest should remain as they are. 3 all epic bosses better be free for all, so both teams have a chance, epic jewels/r99 weapons/r99 armors drop rates should be very low for one player to take them, other drops like ewr or ear, r99 armor/weapon keys, materials would be nice to have a 100% or a higher rate drop for every player that takes part in the boss, so everyone leaves with at least one reward.last and more important change is the donations, there must be no adena donation in the server, the donates must be about ewr or ear, giant's energy, energy of destruction, dark/bloody stones and other miscellaneous. Donates about armor skins is something that will make the server more intresting. A good idea is to decrease a little the drop rate of the miscellaneous that can be bought with money, so people will make donations to make some adena in the game with a fair way.