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  1. Check in task manager how many l2 clients are running, or just restart pc.
  2. Next update .mcrit voiced command will be changed to .modifiers It will show additional hidden stats, healing modifiers in between.
  3. No its not an option to accept just 1 bishop, don't even see the point of this. Does it actually happen or you speaking theoretically? because people do not have the option to go to other faction, they are forced on other faction if there's too many bishops already on their side, now if I simply reject them or move them to the other side and they do nothing, the result is the same, they do nothing.
  4. Who are these lots of people? what timeframe? who complained? Usually when there's an issue for everyone people type it in discord / fb / here, but aside from this post there's nothing - which is weird considering you mention Europe which is where our main playerbase reside.
  5. Points reset based on time played in events. So if there's 2 characters from Archmage list, 1h played for 2h and the 2nd played for 1h - then the first one will lose 100% of the stats and the 2nd one will lose 50%.
  6. Def stats will be fixed next update, they were adding instead of multiplying. Rest of the stats looks fine.
  7. Hi all, XP/SP/Adena/Drop rate scrolls had 120 mana instead of 360. In order to do a quick fix, we reduced price by x3 to match the new duration and gave everyone who bought it before the change x2 extra scrolls. Enjoy ! Update: since last restart both duration and price are now back to normal.
  8. Then its some issue with your system, since that patch was used for years with no issues. Only auto updater is relatively new.
  9. Try downloading the patch directly https://mega.nz/file/hZcExb7Q#uCbErtQCHiGNyvBMLI666W4Jix9omcYnMhduD_Jn5_I put it in your interlude folder, let me know if works in order to check that its not an issue with the updater.
  10. you placed it in an empty folder?
  11. Tomorrow is the big day, are you ready ?! Create accounts here: https://l2ovc.com/register Download patch here: https://l2ovc.com/downloads You can already run the updater to get the full client + patch downloaded And of course, last chance to refer your friends and win rewards: https://l2ovc.com/referral
  12. Changelist #5 * Stats will now cost 1 Stat Token instead of 2k Adena, these items can be bought from shop or dropped from events - players will be able to trade them with each other. * Abilities will now cost 1 Ability Token instead of 2k Adena, these items can be bought from shop or dropped from events - players will be able to trade them with each other.
  13. Beta phase ended, thanks everyone who participated !
  14. Beta is now live ! The following features will be active during the beta: * 30x xp/sp/adena/mantra rates. * Bots will be available in maps to help you farm faster. * Dualboxing will be available.
  15. Hey all, Account registration and auto updater downloads are available. You can now register accounts here: https://l2ovc.com/register And download our auto updater here: https://l2ovc.com/downloads Beta will start in less than an hour, the account you registered with to the beta will remain for the live server. There may still be changes until the server opens, so you should re-run the updater before server goes live. Don't forget to refer your friends ! https://l2ovc.com/referral
  16. Beta phase will start today at 17:00 GMT +3 and run until 27th August 19:00 GMT +3. You can already run the updater to get the IL client with all the latest updates as well as register your accounts.
  17. Changelist #4 * Added newbie benefits buff - this will indicate what bonuses players get when fighting enemies with higher gear (death boost buff, better drops and increased attack/defense stats).
  18. Changelist #3 * Reduced starting level from 78 to 76, increased XP rate by 15%. * Made Pavel Ruins (TvT) smaller. * Made Stone Age (Domination) smaller. * Added Stone Age (TvT) map. * Made Blazing Swamp (Domination) smaller. * Added Ruins of Despair (Domination) map. * Made Ruins of Despair (TvT) smaller.
  19. Hi all ! After a long break from Interlude we wish to announce that a new Interlude season will start 08 September 19:00 GMT +3 ! New features and changes will be written here: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16713-interlude-preparations-changelist/ There will be a beta phase between 25-27th August, exact times will be announced later. So spread the word, and see you in game soon !
  20. L2 OvC was born at June 2013, considering its been 10 years I thought it would be cool to look back at the awesome journey this server went through. We've ran 36 IL, 10 H5, 3 Classic and 1 GoD seasons with countless amount of changes. Thousands of players came and went throughout the years. During our prime we managed to reach 591 unique online concurrent players. The longest lasting season was Interlude - 111 days long (between 10/05/2014 to 29/08/2014), I remember we had a counter on our site showing how many days server is online but it didn't know to handle hundreds, when it reached 100 it actually resetted to 0 😄 The second longest season was 89 days long (between 25/11/2016 to 22/02/2017). There were many more long lasting seasons of course until late 2018 where things started to change, the game did grew old and L2 OvC became repetitive for many players which is completely understandable, players started to come to OvC mainly to relax for a short while without plans to play for such a long periods, something we the admins had to accept and make adjustments for. Needless to say, we will continue to introduce new changes and features, including new game versions and maybe even different gameplay, being here for 10 years doesn't mean we're out of ideas (yet 😉) so feel free to stick around, join server whenever you can and of course, have fun !
  21. Changelist #2 * Some of the changes below are made to help the economy by adding more trades between players. * Starting gear is now C-grade again. * No more upgrades from C -> B -> A -> S, people who buy new gear will be able to sell their old ones to other players. * Added back C/B/A/S grade enchant scrolls, scrolls will be dropped instead of AA so if you get a scroll you don't need you can sell it to other players. * In order to ensure people don't skip gear (e.g. jump directly from C to A, this is why we had gear upgrades in the first place), added A/S grade tokens required to buy A/S grade items as drops, players who wear B-grade will be able to drop A-grade tokens, while people who wear A/S-grade will be able to drop A/S-grade tokens - these tokens are tradable and can also be bought in shop in case people want to skip gear anyway (this is the kind of penalty people will pay for skipping). * Shadow tickets will no longer be given for free to all players after some time anymore, instead, they will have a small chance to drop, the tickets will also be tradable in case a player doesn't need them, the duration of the shadow items reduced from 48h to 2h.
  22. Changelist #1 * Healers balance improvement: if a side has more healers than the other then that side receives healing penalty (e.g. order has 4 healers while chaos has 2 then order side will have 50% healing penalty). * Removed weapons with duplicated skins from the dressme system. * Fixed players didn't get mission achievement rewards. * Fixed Guardian's Defense Master ability skill not working. * Territory bonuses will now show on player's skill bar. * Improved Attendance System UI - it will now use Community Board and will auto popup between events if player has a pending reward.
  23. Replaced our custom stat system with the built in one. You can get up to 5 stat points - 1 from each rebirth (total 3) and 2 more from ranks. You can reset the stats by paying 5k Adena
  24. The server has been upgraded to Essence: Frost Lord ! You can run "Check Files" on our auto updater in order to get the latest version. Come and experience 3 new classes and a whole new race 🙂