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  1. Participating Simply make a youtube video of you playing L2 OvC and post it here. How to make sure your video wins? Put as much action from as many different places/events as possible into your video. Make it short - somewhere around 5 minutes is the best. Try to represent as many features as you can on your video, being creative as much as you can. Anything you think can make your video better (effects, background music, etc). Video title should let the viewers know it is L2 Order VS Chaos, as well as adding a link to our website in the video description + some info about the server. Rewards Videos we will find good will be displayed on our homepage, with credits to the author. The best video's creator will win 100$ (paid with PayPal). P.S. We reserve the right to cancel the event in case none of the videos met the requirements, however its enough 1 good video to proclaim a winner, so if you've created a good video, have no fear - a winner will be announced. Event will start as soon as server goes online and will last for until it ends - however it is recommended to start collecting footage from the very early days of the server for best population shots.
  2. Beta has ended, thanks for all who participated. See you at the opening!
  3. It was affecting everything.
  4. Box of Luck is not set to give Red Primeval Crystals, it already gives 1kk SP scroll. The only feature I see still giving red primeval crystals are quests, and i'll change them to give the SP scroll. Note that the amount will not change, you will get 1 SP scroll instead of 5 crystals which will give the same SP amount at the end, it will only save you some clicks.
  5. Emerald

    Soul Hound

    And what's the damage back on you from these classes? Also how does it scale with attribute added on weapon?
  6. Emerald

    Quest manager

    I won't add such functionality just for beta, and during live such a button is not needed.
  7. Its none of these, its /useskillstand And yeah it was fixed on GC, not H5, will be fixed here too.
  8. Beta has started, during the beta phase you'll have: * Ability to open dual box. * Adena rate increased to x7. * About 70 bots keeping you company. Any bug found should be reported on fourm. Good luck!
  9. Emerald

    those mage nerfs

    I've checked the situation with mcrits on mages and for these who don't know in retail mcrit rate is limited to 20%. My nerfs were applied after the limit calculation, which basically caused all mcrits to be limited to 14%. I've decided to remove the mcrit nerf completely as with such retail cap there isn't much sense to have it at all. Enjoy the boost.
  10. Remember you can post your invite link anywhere: l2 groups, forums, other discord servers and so on ! In addition, you can also grab your l2ovc referral link from here and post both links in the same time to increase your rewards: https://l2ovc.com/referral
  11. Emerald

    those mage nerfs

    Then you should've made a topic with screenshots back then and not wait for new season to come to make a suggestion topic without any proofs. There were balance changes that were made during the season and i'm not gonna make any further changes without knowing they are indeed necessary.
  12. Added discord widget to the main site. If you have any discord related suggestions feel free to join in and discuss them 🙂
  13. Historical reasons, not relevant anymore, it won't have effect in oly.
  14. Hello folks, We finally have our own discord server, feel free to hop along and say hi, discuss server related subjects and of course keep yourself updated with latest server news and updates 😄 https://discord.gg/rGHw2MU In addition, if you wish to become a moderator on our discord server feel free to send me a request via PM, veteran players only 😎
  15. Account registration and patch downloads are already ready for the new server ! Remember you can already register your account and start referring players to L2 OvC, for every player referred you will be rewarded with 850 donation coins ! https://l2ovc.com/referral
  16. Its been more than half a year since the last H5 server launched, its time to bring it back with all the good changes that were made to it since then 😉 So save the dates: * H5 beta phase will run for 1 day starting at 25/09 approx 17:00 GMT +3. * H5 grand opening will be at 02/10 at 17:00 GMT +3 ! The server features list have been fully updated with the last changes: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/14447-en-server-features/ Here is a partially list of changes that were made to the H5 server since the last H5 season: * Added the new team balance systems. * Lots of class balance changes. * The new mantra system for grand bosses. * Addition of the dressme system. * Introduction of the new ranks & quests system. * Alternative way to get noblesse by collecting MSS. * Starting gear is now S80 instead of S. * Reduced low/mid S84 weapon/jewel prices. * Many map & territory related improvements. * Added back progressive gamepaly feature with certain improvements. See you soon! 💯
  17. I'm not going into modifying set stats, if that was something I wanted to do then there wouldn't be any reason to add dynasty in the first place - the whole point of adding dynasty in Interlude is so mages won't consider themselves top using DC set (since MA is truly crap) - and I try to keep these dynasty stats matching H5 stats as much as possible. With that being said, an upgrade system could makes sense for weapons and jewels, not for armors where each one gives a different set of stats - some could indeed prefer drac over dynasty and that's perfectly fine, that's also why low S-grade armor prices are not so far away from dynasty, compared to weapons/jewels. Finally, you comparing low S-grade sets to the basic dynasty set stats is totally wrong, which makes me wonder if you even know that dynasty sets are already upgradable, because if you don't, then bringing this whole "make gear upgradable" discussion is dead wrong - expecting me to make a new upgrade system when you aren't even aware of the current one before making such suggestion.
  18. Emerald


    What you mean by "You can't even sell it"? If you don't find players to sell it to, sell it to shop.
  19. If you got all boss jewels you can still collect enough mantras to buy more jewels and sell it to other players for Adena - since we're speaking of "late server stage" that would be a good thing to have to support newbies.
  20. Emerald

    new enchant system

    Simply luck, weapons chances are static 66% as retail and I do not intend to change it.