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  1. Emerald


    Changelist #2 * Fixed Ancestor Martankus status in Tablet of Information. * Fixed Fast Run staying after dismount. * Fixed Chant of Protection giving crit rate resist. * Fixed Sword Expert can be used even if not having sword equipped. * Fixed clan skills shouldn't have social class requirements anymore. * Fixed Body Impale and Border of Purification having too long cast times. * Increased AQ HP abit. * Reduced Zaken HP. * Increased players required for siege maps. * Reduced amount of guards in siege maps so they won't block paths. * Removed teleportation timer in Castle VS Castle map, now players will be teleported instantly. * Reduced daggers double crit damage by 10%. * Reduced archers crit damage and skill damage by 5%.
  2. Emerald


    Changelist #1 * Antharas will not spawn in last 5 sec of maps. * Misses are considered hits in events like Zombies VS Humans. * Increased party limit from 4 to 5. * Fixed OL debuff durations. * Reduced map bosses HPs. * Fixed flag NPCs could be pulled.
  3. Emerald

    body impale

    Will be fixed next update.
  4. Will be fixed next update.
  5. Will be fixed next update.
  6. Emerald


    Fixed Chant of Protection shouldn't reduce rate, only damage. Fixed. Fixed Sword Expert, if you have other skills with such issue that you know shouldn't work that way give their names. Everything will be applied next update.
  7. Hello all, This server has started as Classic Antharas (2.3), there are many classic versions out there and we've decided we are going to slowly climb up the versions without making a server wipe - so feel free to stick with us and enjoy it as much as possible 🙂 That being said, the next classic version we'll release will be Classic: Seven Signs (2.6) on 31th of July. The main feature of the new classic version is a completely new elements system, which allows players to freely change their elements. When gaining ranks your elemental spirits will increase, allowing you to spend points on various stats (attack/defense and crit rate/power): This system will replace the custom expert skills system. New class skills: * Shillien Elder got Shilen's Cursed Field and Mass Recharge. * Temple Knight got Shield Bash. * Warsmith got Encase Armor. * Arcana Lord got Summon Feline Queen. * Cardinal got Sublime Self-Sacrifice. * Elemental Master got Summon Seraphim the Unicorn. * Eva Templar and Phoenix Knight got Shield Charge. * Spectral Master got Summon Nightshade. * Titans got Full Knockdown. More information will be given out later, including new items and bosses.
  8. From which mirror did you download the client
  9. Sounds like really strange behaviour, the server doesn't care how many are connected from the same IP, it just delivers packets to whoever requests it. The networking system the current server uses is the same as the last H5 season. I could try to play around with the settings so if you're available you can drop me a PM (hopefully that will be when i'm available too 😛 )
  10. According to statistics gamingtop100 has not given us a big exposure so it is being replaced with another topsite mmotop.eu The vote banners in the site / vote reward ingame has already been updated. If you have suggestions regarding good topsites you can send them in a PM.
  11. Cloak enchantment is not added - the cloaks themselves gives just pdef/mdef.
  12. The website has been upgraded to use SSL and so all requests now go through https. This also fixes the twitch videos on the homepage. https://l2ovc.com/
  13. level 5 gives more stats, it just isn't shown in the merchant.