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  1. Ask the people who were swapping factions just to avoid each other as enemies, causing unbalance.
  2. * Small improvements to henchman system. * Fix silence interrupting physical skills. * Fix issue where sometimes players couldn't sell items to buy shops.
  3. emerdal unban me bro its that a reason .. i didnt thief or curse .. Ty


  4. hi bro .. check my acc plz WATERPIST0L i cant login ... and i make unlock character from site 3 times and nothing ... ty 

  5. Changes done with last update.
  6. Done with last update, check Henchman Manager NPC in town.
  7. * Changed God Motivation buff to have 3 levels, where players with rank <= 25 gets level 3, <= 45 gets level 2 and rest gets level 1. * Increased CS duration a bit. * Removed some useless A-grade weapons from shop. * Added Cursed Dagger Rsk. Haste to GM shop. * Introducing Henchman system - check ingame Henchman Manager NPC for details. * Small skills refactor, fixing level 80 signet skills. * Small update to geoengine.
  8. Emerald

    Buy store

    Was sure I uploaded a fix already, have a fix ready will update it soon in the following days, I got a feature I want to finish first.
  9. Hello everyone, Today i've decided to ban mail.ru email provider from being able to register on this forum since it seems to be used only by spammers or people who got banned trying to open 200 accounts using this provider just to get banned again. New users are to use more reliable mail providers if they want to participate in forum discussions such as gmail or hotmail.
  10. So Dynasty has been with us for 2 seasons now and according to my observations it did not really improve much. There were 2 reasons why dynasty was added in the first place: 1st) So mages won't consider DC set as top and reach "endgame" rather quick - not much was improved in that regard since now archers consider draconic better than dynasty. 2nd) Gap was assumed to be smaller between A and Dynasty than B and S - which is also wrong. Therefore I consider that for next season, and since we're already into custom items stuff, to remove dynasty (will be kept just for dressme) and instead make MA set give cast speed bonus instead of the m.atk. bonus. This way I can keep A-grade as starting gear, get rid of dynasty for smaller gear gap between newcomers and veterans, make mages go for S-grade too (and this way we also avoid everyone going only archers at end game), make S-grade have the prices of dynasty so the amount of things players have to do ingame doesn't actually change. In addition, A-grade bows attack speed will be changed from Very Slow to Slow, this way archers will be able to compete at early days too without having to wait all the way for endgame gear. In order to make sure all players are aware of the changes the Merchant NPC dialog will display these changes ingame too. In addition, progressive gameplay (both price reduction and adena increase overtime) doesn't seem to work out quite right, first of all due to it affecting the market in a too drastic way and secondly is because it requires all systems to be synced otherwise these that aren't becomes useless (for example box of luck giving 550 adena, or daily shops offering EWS for 18 medals for example no matter if shop price has already been reduced from 6k to 3k and there are plenty more examples). Therefore these systems will be removed, instead we'll give more focus on gear dependent system (better adena boost for newbies only - with an overtime increment for them only) and maybe add shadow item tickets after a while of server online which newbies will be able to use to buy enchanted non-tradable shadow items. Thoughts and feedback are welcome 🙂
  11. * Countdown between tournamnet matches will now be 90 seconds instead of 180. * Fixed "I have nothing to say to you" window showing when speaking to Bombs in Bomb Fight event. * SEs can now resurrect and be resurrected by other supports. * Increased healing nerfs when having multiple supports in party by 5%. * Winning side in boss event can now get up to +30% rewards depending on how many times lost before winning. * Added offset support to balance system: for every loss a team gets 0.1% offset for next event, up to 1.5% max, that basically means if a team was losing for 10 times for example and balance should've been 50:50, it would be 51:49 instead (losing side gets an extra 1%). * In portal siege info added that sieges can start with an offset of +-15 minutes, since it depends on when previous events is going to end. * Made spawn zones in CS event bigger. * Reduced speed in CS event a bit. * Teleports in CS events will now take players to random place on the map, instead of to enemy base. * Reduced daggers damage nerf by 10% (30% nerf now instead of 40%).
  12. Lets start from why event objectives can never be made more rewarding: in fact we already were there - the moment event objectives are more rewarding than kills everyone started going on tanky classes and just try to be on objective for as much as possible, completely avoiding PvP or just annoying others with stuns etc. Bottom line: you can't have both, its either PvP or objectives, and right now its PvP since nobody wants 100 undying tankers running around doing nothing but annoy people. Currently objectives are there in order to ensure players don't scatter too much around the map, and i'm sure everyone can notice the difference between events with objectives and regular TvT maps when it comes to people running off the map. Secondly, lets stop with these "abuse" talks, there is never, literally 0% chance a whole faction co-operates on something, even if in some dreamy world 99% faction co-operates not to take objective its enough that 1% to go kill flags for instance to get the buff removed, and that always happening. So giving the buff even to people who avoid objective and only does kills does helps in some way to take objectives at the end, since it makes room for other people in the team to go for the objective. Finally, lets remind everyone that Box of Luck is not the only reward you get from doing objectives, you also get adena and chance for enchants, BOGs and LS for as long as you're on the objective, which are pretty good rewards - i've almost never saw people running off domination zone just to chase kills for that matter. With all that being said, skill will be changed to have 3 levels while level 2 will be current stats, level 3 will be stronger and level 1 will be weaker, and will be given as follows: * level 3 will be given to players below rank 25. * level 2 will be given to players below rank 50. * level 1 will be given to players above rank 50. Since such a change requires client-side change it would be kept in archive till implemented.
  13. Class balance exists since a couple of seasons already. Losing reward changes has been applied a few updates ago. On next update the following 2 updates will take place: * Winning side in boss eventד can now get up to +30% rewards depending on how many times lost before winning. * Added offset support to balance system: for every loss a team gets - 0.1% offset will be added to next event, up to 1.5% max, that basically means if a team was losing for 10 times for example and balance should've been 50:50, it would be 51:49 instead (losing side gets an extra 1%).