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  1. Account registration and patch download are now available ! Register here: https://l2ovc.com/register Download patch here: https://l2ovc.com/downloads And of course, refer your friends: https://l2ovc.com/referral
  2. Hi all, We are glad to announce that a new Interlude season will start 31 March 19:00 GMT +3 ! You can find a list of all changes from last season here: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16655-interlude-changelist/ The server features topic is also updated to reflect the latest changes: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/500-en-server-features/ For these waiting for an H5 season, it is currently in the works and will most likely be ready for a season after that, so stay tuned !
  3. Emerald

    Limit bot number

    The purpose of henchman is not to help new people (although it could), but to keep the server populated. You cannot limit usage by rank because imagine you invest in your henchman then you reach rank 20 and suddenly the henchman you invested in can no longer be used... You need to keep in mind that even when each player can take 4 henchman, these henchman are bound to event balance, so not all 4 would join the event if balance doesn't allow it.
  4. Emerald

    Class Variety (SK)

    You're relatively new to the server so keep in mind this server has been running for about 10 years, many suggestions were already attempted, some suggestions were even attempted multiple times, including level 2 dances/songs, making tanks viable and so on. At this point I can more or less say what can be good for the server from my observations, and with all due respect, making SK viable is not one of them.
  5. Emerald

    Valakas Necklace

    Tell that to this guy
  6. Emerald


    People quit overtime so comparing today vs 5 days ago isn't a really good comparison. Since I run the server for 10 years already I can assure you people don't quit because of henchman, its just a convenient excuse.
  7. Why do we need colors then at all? This suggestion is partially accepted, you can read through the changelist.
  8. Changelist #2 * Bosses can now drop level 4 items again at a very low rate. * Reduced the overall drop rate of items. * Added hair accessory drops to bosses. * Added Adena drops to bosses. * Mantras are now tradable and can also be bought at Merchant for Adena at a rate of 2:1 * From now on players must upgrade boss jewels as follows in order to get high end jewels: - Rings: Core -> AQ -> Baium/Dragon - Earrings: Baylor/Orfen -> Zaken -> Antharas -> Lindvior/Dragon - Necklaces: Frintezza -> Freya -> Valakas/Dragon * Due to the change above the prices were adjusted so the price to get the high end jewel at the end doesn't really change. * Fixed an issue where not all set items were required in order to get set passive skill. Added: * Resurrection reuse delay doubled.
  9. Emerald

    Valakas Necklace

    That's because mages have the biggest base mcrit nerf in the game, without such a nerf everyone would start as a mage. As game progresses mages becomes weaker in comparison to archers, so in order to prevent mages moving to archers they receive the biggest bonuses from endgame gear. You are actually the first one to complain about them having big mcrit rate after hundreds of people who said it was too low, which is why the nerf was reduced on the last changelist: You should start adding actual evidence to your suggestion, if you see mcrits are being 1/4 show it, and say from who so I can check the actual mcrit rate they have and from which gear, it could also very well be expert skills, abilities and so on.
  10. Emerald

    Maps limits

    Maps are way too big in order to have fences in comparison to boss areas, not to mention fences aren't that of a great fit for that purpose.
  11. Emerald

    Class Variety (SK)

    Every time I tried to introduce new classes into the game it ended up with people complaining and requesting to nerf them back to a point they are not really usable. That's how it is, on one hand people complain about "mages vs archers" servers on the other hand they are so used to it that any other class that gets added makes the server look "weird". I can already say we have plenty of gladis/tyrants/daggers and even warlords around so the variety is pretty good, tanks is a different story since they don't really have any DPS skill in IL. I have no intention of customizing class skills, otherwise nothing prevents me from also adding Hide to daggers and charge to all melee classes. You might be beaten easily by mages because of this: In order to play around with it i'm going to need actual numbers, screenshots of how much damage do you receive, by who and what are your own stats/buffs.
  12. Emerald


    Its henchman that actually keep people playing, henchman were introduced after population was already declining. Without them you wouldn't have enough people for epics, people who play outside of peak hours would be the first to quit due to lack of PvP. So people can complain about them as much as they like, they got no clue what they are talking about. About your suggestion to make henchman join a random party that basically cancels most features, since the whole idea is that players can invest into their henchman, rank/level them up, gear them, choose which classes/gear they would wear and so on. Nothing prevents you from taking henchman as well.

  14. Changelist #1 * Fixed l2top.ru vote reward. * Reduced M.Crit rate nerf from 75% to 60%. * Added info about the extra Adena rewards that can be earned in CS mini event to the popup window when the event begins. * Players can now enchant S-grade weapons depending on item level: level 1 - max +3, level 2 - max +6, level 3 - max +10, level 4 - max +16. * Players can now enchant S-grade armors/jewels depending on item level: level 1 - max +0, level 2 - max +3, level 3 - max +6, level 4 - max +16. * Players now need a level 2 weapon to put level 1 passive augment, level 3 for level 2 passive and level 4 for level 3 passive - active augment can still be placed on level 1 weapons with no limits. * Added Cursed Dagger Rsk Haste and Homunkulus Sword Conversion to GM shop. * Made Lidia not lethalable (Fortress of the Dead CH boss). * Removed level / rank requirements from attendance system, increased play time required to get rewarded to 1h.
  15. that's not a functionality of our interface. If you got a custom interface that does that, your issue.