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  1. Check in task manager how many l2 clients are running, or just restart pc.
  2. Next update .mcrit voiced command will be changed to .modifiers It will show additional hidden stats, healing modifiers in between.
  3. No its not an option to accept just 1 bishop, don't even see the point of this. Does it actually happen or you speaking theoretically? because people do not have the option to go to other faction, they are forced on other faction if there's too many bishops already on their side, now if I simply reject them or move them to the other side and they do nothing, the result is the same, they do nothing.
  4. Who are these lots of people? what timeframe? who complained? Usually when there's an issue for everyone people type it in discord / fb / here, but aside from this post there's nothing - which is weird considering you mention Europe which is where our main playerbase reside.
  5. Points reset based on time played in events. So if there's 2 characters from Archmage list, 1h played for 2h and the 2nd played for 1h - then the first one will lose 100% of the stats and the 2nd one will lose 50%.
  6. Def stats will be fixed next update, they were adding instead of multiplying. Rest of the stats looks fine.
  7. Hi all, XP/SP/Adena/Drop rate scrolls had 120 mana instead of 360. In order to do a quick fix, we reduced price by x3 to match the new duration and gave everyone who bought it before the change x2 extra scrolls. Enjoy ! Update: since last restart both duration and price are now back to normal.
  8. Then its some issue with your system, since that patch was used for years with no issues. Only auto updater is relatively new.
  9. Try downloading the patch directly https://mega.nz/file/hZcExb7Q#uCbErtQCHiGNyvBMLI666W4Jix9omcYnMhduD_Jn5_I put it in your interlude folder, let me know if works in order to check that its not an issue with the updater.
  10. you placed it in an empty folder?
  11. Hi i have error. When i checked all files and press start i got error as below:

    unrecoverable error - bombing out

    History: UWindowsViewport::OpenWindow <- UGameEngine::Init <- InitEngine


    COuld you please help me ?

  12. Tomorrow is the big day, are you ready ?! Create accounts here: https://l2ovc.com/register Download patch here: https://l2ovc.com/downloads You can already run the updater to get the full client + patch downloaded And of course, last chance to refer your friends and win rewards: https://l2ovc.com/referral
  13. Changelist #5 * Stats will now cost 1 Stat Token instead of 2k Adena, these items can be bought from shop or dropped from events - players will be able to trade them with each other. * Abilities will now cost 1 Ability Token instead of 2k Adena, these items can be bought from shop or dropped from events - players will be able to trade them with each other.
  14. Beta phase ended, thanks everyone who participated !