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  1. Hey all, A new Interlude season will take place 17/06 19:00 GMT +3 ! You can now register your accounts and download the patch for the new season: Register: https://l2ovc.com/register Download patch: https://l2ovc.com/downloads And of course refer your friends and enemies to the server, the more the better ! Use our referral program to win Adena for your referrals once server starts: https://l2ovc.com/referral
  2. Beta phase ended, see you at the opening everyone !
  3. Emerald


    adena/xp/sp/mantra rates are now 200x
  4. Open beta is up and running for 24h Use it to get yourself familiar with the new changes. It is also recommended for everyone who plans to play to check out that the client patch works all good for you.
  5. Hey all, We would like to announce that from now on, using l2ovc interface is the only way you can log in to the server, using any other interface will get you kicked out from the game, this is done in order to fight interfaces that have automatic functionalities such as auto assist, auto target, auto skill casting etc. In order to give you a chance to test all recent changes (which can be found on our changelist) we will be running a beta phase for 24 hours starting tomorrow at about 16:00 GMT +3 Feel free to log in and get yourself familiar with the changes.
  6. Changelist #6 * Added Valakas Retributer and Fafurion weapons as cosmetics to dressme system. * Added .mcrit voiced command to see player's mcrit rate. Added: * Nerfed some augments (refresh, crit rate etc) - some augments were already nerfed while others weren't. * Players will no longer be able to connect to l2ovc using other interfaces, uisng L2OvC patch is now mandatory.
  7. P. Crit. rate isn't hidden. Added .mcrit command to see mcrit rate.
  8. Valakas Staff and Fafurion weapons will be added next update.
  9. I won't make any change to make these classes you mentioned stronger, simply because whenever I tried to boost them people cried their guts out to have them nerfed again, most of the community is already so used to this "archer vs mages" meta. Not to mention that these classes are already pretty good when played correctly and in the right maps (such as titans in forts), if ill ever make changes then perhaps it'll be making nerfs/boosts depending on the map played, but that's not in planning atm.
  10. Changelist #5 * Client patch will now have anti-lag included by default, which will increase FPS and reduce chance for crit errors, if you have problems with it or don't like it you can apply the original files back from the original folder inside the patch. * Fixed critical errors that occurred to some players when trying to change resolution or minimize the game. Note: downloading new client patch is mandatory to connect to the server.
  11. Changelist #4 * Fixed henchman couldn't wear shadow IC shield. * Added fence in Core that will block way to boss during PvP phase. * Lair of the Snowman: spawns will now be closer to boss depending on progress (similar to Blood Castle). * Epic jewels will now be unlocked the same time as S-grade. * Starting level is now 78, exp rate is now 20% slower. * Level requirement for noble, missions, attendance and daily quests is now 79.
  12. Archers are actually strong long before epics gets released. The nerf to epics was needed in order to make them more suitable for pvp server. Mage effects are nerfed too. If by some miracle it makes archers (and daggers) weaker, the archer/dagger nerfs can always be reduced/removed. So far every time an update is introduced you guys complain before you get to even try it and then you see its all good, it won't be any different here, nothing more to discuss.
  13. The stats/abilities are on shop just like everything else, I don't understand what is there to miss. If someone buys stuff before he checks everything the shop has to offer, then he won't read about it no matter where i'll place it.
  14. Changelist #3 * Tattoo of Power shouldn't be enchantable. * Nerfed all boss jewel stats, see updated stats at Merchant NPC. * Orfen boss zone no longer debuffs.
  15. Stats and abilities aren't the issue because Expert Skills were nerfed to the ground when these were introduced. More like the introduction of new boss jewels causes imbalance, because these new jewels introduce better offensive stats than what people used to take before they were introduced, in general all boss jewel stats will be nerfed to the ground so the bonuses would actually make sense for a PvP server. Tattoo of Power being enchantable is actually a bug that should be fixed.