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  1. Changelist #6 * Added new Clan Arena activity for clans level 8. * Clan leaders can form a party of up to 9 players to face a raid boss in clan arena once every 36h. * For every arena won a harder arena with higher level raid boss gets unlocked. * Defeating the boss rewards the party with Adena, Mantras and full drops.
  2. Changelist #5 * A/S-grade gear will now be unlocked 1 day later. * Added clan shop, clans level 8 can now buy items for CRP.
  3. The next 30 minutes is not automatically selected, it lets the opposite faction to pick a map. If you want during low online you can log in a character of the opposite faction to vote from it.
  4. Changelist #4 * Changed it so shadow weapons cannot be augmented. * Tournaments will now also run at Sundays (in addition to Tuesdays and Saturdays). * Added some achievements: King's Landing mission, top player in Counter Strike/Hunting Grounds/Overwatch. * Added Giran Castle siege at Sundays 18:00 * Added Antharas Fort siege at Thursdays 20:00 * A clan can own CH+Castle+Fort but cannot own 2 forts or 2 castles etc, allowing more clans to have a residence. * Moved Aaru Fort siege to Tuesday instead of Wednesday. * Added Fortress of the Dead CH siege at Wednesday 21:00
  5. Event started, enjoy !
  6. Changelist #3 * Grand bosses can now drop B-grade gear after A-grade shadow items unlocks, and A-grade gear after S-grade shadow items unlocks. * Added Clan Manager NPC, all Clan related actions from Grand Master moved here. * Added explanation on which activities rewards CRP at Clan Manager NPC. * Added more ways to gain CRP: reaching top 3 in tournaments, killing enemies in events with a party of at least 3 clan members, winning mission with a party of clan members and killing farm zone boss.
  7. Changelist #2 * Added Clan Entry system which players can use to easily find clans or grow their own clans. * Clan Entry system will automatically display on login to relevant people, but can also be displayed at any time from Grand Master NPC. * Clans can either choose to accept people to their clans automatically, or request an application form which they can review before accepting players to the clan. * Clans can also have Academy invites open in Clan Entry, remember once players graduate from academy the clan gets CRP and the player gets hair accessory, both sides win. This is the first step in doing some makeover to clans, more activities will be added soon, so make sure you have an active clan going !
  8. There are many factors to hit/miss rather than just accuracy. Its affected by game time (day/night - in night chance to miss is bigger), Z difference (if you hit a target above you chance to miss is bigger) and position (attacking target on back is best, on front is good, on sides is worst). Check it better according to that info.
  9. Hello everyone, After the recent DDoS attacks we have decided to reward all players by having an event. Starting this Friday at 19:00 GMT +2 until Saturday at approx 20:00 GMT +2 the following rates will be increased: * x1.75 XP rate * x2 SP rate * x1.5 Adena rate * x1.25 Mantra rate Don't miss out these amazing boosts, i'm expecting to see everyone online ! On that note I would like to mention that we do our best to provide our players with the best experience, be it with stability or features. Know that when dealing with stability issues such as DDoS attacks we are very limited in the amount of information we can give out to our players, because any info we give will also be used by the DDoSer against us eventually - but we can assure you we are working on setting things straight. These attacks are a desperate attempt from our rivals to make players quit and go back to their servers, since they clearly can't fight us when it comes to features so they choose other ways. And let me tell you this, there are so many new features and events we plan to introduce, there is what to look out for !
  10. Changelist #1 * Changed the way rank limit works, it won't be 10 ranks per day per player, it will be a global limit that would increase each day - e.g. day 1 - max rank 10, day 2 - max rank 20 and so on. * Fixed the issue where players couldn't take quest rewards when reaching rank limit even when the quest doesn't actually increase the rank. * Fixed chests in Trick or Transmutation event didn't spawn. * Change escort event so unicorn won't completely stop if there are both allies and enemies nearby, instead it will have reduced speed depending on amount of enemies.
  11. You can now register accounts and download patch for the new season! Don't forget to refer your friends via our referral program! https://l2ovc.com/referral
  12. nedd help 

    1. HonD4


      hello my name is paulo i have been playing the ovc for some time but i accidentally put my main char as a henchman and now i can't do anything else with him neither trade nor commerce please help me remove the henchman for me the nick is HonD4. or if there is no way to remove the henchman help me to pass my items to another char because I can't use the chest to pass the items either! PLEASE

  13. Hello everyone, A new Interlude season will take place at 28th October 19:00 GMT +3 The new season brings new changes, in between: * New Bomb Squad mini event,. * New Overwatch mini event. * Updated rewards from Counter Strike mini event. * LS changes, in between players can now take active+passive augments again. * Added limit to the amount of ranks that can be obtained daily. Read the full list at: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16581-interlude-changelist/ The current server will continue to run for a few more days if you wish to login and see the changes. See you at the opening !
  14. Changelist #6 Players can no longer claim more than 10 ranks in a single day. Note that the above doesn't mean that player's progression gets halted when getting to the 10 ranks limit, players kills, assists, score etc will still be counted. For example if a player makes 15 ranks in 1 day, he will be able to claim 10 ranks in day 1 and then the 5 extra ranks in day 2 immediately after midnight. The limit will be lifted 5 days after server starts, so newcomers will be able to catch up with veterans without any limits.