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  1. Hey everyone, The interlude test server is now online for people who wish to test recent changes. Mainly movement / formulas changes, as listed here: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16144-interlude-preparations-changelist/ Just download patch / register account from site and log in. More changes to come soon.
  2. Done. Next update will also include the introduction of shadow items for newbies who join at a later stage.
  3. Changelist #3 * Fix some missions defeat rewards. * Changed Shyeed Bow attack speed to be between Slow and Very Slow, client description stays Very Slow. * Added back C/B-grade shops. * B-grade will now be the starting gear. * A-grade will now cost 50k Adena. * Reduced the adena price of S-grade from 150k to 100k. * Changed back AQ ring to be B-grade (instead of custom A-grade). * Added Agathions for appearance only, no stats at all (in testing atm).
  4. Moved to archive i'll take a deeper look before next classic season.
  5. Hello everyone, Its time to choose the best setup for the upcoming Interlude season! Would you like to keep the current setup of A-grade starting gear or go back to old setup with B-grade starting gear? When you vote please keep in mind 3 new changes: * Dynasty has been removed. * Shyeed Bow has increased attack speed (middle point between Slow and Very Slow). * Major Arcana set has been changed to have 15% Cast Speed bonus instead of M.Atk.
  6. Because it consumes max 3 charges, check with 0 vs 3 charges and you'll see the difference. Provide sources, not sure what you base your words on if you claim you never played classic before.
  7. Hello everyone, The current classic season comes to an end today, I wish to thank everyone who was playing. Many improvements were made throughout the season and many more are still to come. See you next time!
  8. Changelist #2 Added new King's Landing mission, goal: overthrow the mad king. Objectives: * Ensure Robert and Eddard survive. * Kill Tywin Lannister forces outside the castle. * Destroy the royal fleet. * Breach the castle walls using siege weapons. * Kill Balerion the Dread. * Eliminate all Targaryen forces inside the castle. * Breach into the Red Keep. * Watch as Jaime Lannister backstabs king Aerys. * Kill Jaime, allowing Robert to sit on the Iron Throne.
  9. Changelist #1 * Full sync with classic changes. * Changed CS event to have multiple bomb carriers in terrorists team. * Fixed character heading upon interaction. * Fixed shield formula following l2off: in between there's x3 chance to block a bow/critical attack. * Added missing required charge condition on Force Blaster. * Fixed base CP/HP/MP regeneration values for each class like l2off. * Fixed blow skills land rates following l2off. * Reworked blow damage formula following l2off, in between P.Atk. now affects blow damage. * Reworked hit-miss formula following l2off, in between minimum chance to miss is 30%, base hit chance is 90%. * Made Shyeed Bow a Slow bow instead of Very Slow. * MA robe set now gives 15% cast speed and 2% m.atk bonuses instead of 17% m.atk bonus. * Reduced archers crit damage by 3%. * Removed dynasty items (kept only for dressme). * Added back pathfinding when chasing enemies. * Added back spoilers as thieves feature, with a small change: they will be considered as tankers. * Fixed siege guards were considered friendlies for clanless people. Spoilers were given the ability to act as thieves. Use Spoil on other players and when they die, you will have the chance to get the following: * Kill point - only if used single target spoil and didn't spoil the same target in the past 5 minutes. * 1.1kk XP and 16k SP. * 1-2 material boxes + random 1 more for every 5 enchant levels (if enchanted). * 15-40 (or 10-30 if used AoE spoil) Adena + random 1 more for every enchant level (if enchanted), affected by expert scavenge / gear difference, max 80. The chances are as follows: * Single target spoils chance 50% + random 0-3% for every enchant level (if enchanted), the maximum chance is 90%. * AoE target spoils chance 25% + random 0-2% for every enchant level (if enchanted), the maximum chance is 90%.
  10. Increased the minimum players for Raid in the Middle.
  11. Changelist #9 * Updated to Classic: The Kamael (for these who missed): https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16140-server-updated-to-classic-the-kamael/ * Fixed matk calculation. * Fixed weapon dressme. * Fixed some issues with henchman after last update. * Increased minimum players requirements for boss events to run as FFA.
  12. Order VS Chaos is an events-driven PvP faction server, make your way to the top by participating in events and defeating other players in the endless fight between Order and Chaos. Maps: 25 minutes duration PvP events with various objectives, boss spawn 5 minutes before map ends, counts towards territory control. Currently implemented map types: Battlefield, Capture the Flag, Domination, Escort the Payload, Fortress, King of the Hill, Siege, Team VS Team. Hybrid maps: Castle VS Castle, Gods Arena, Moba Arena. Instances: 5 minutes duration PvE events, each faction gets its own realm and the first to complete it wins. Currently implemented instances: Blood Castle, Castle Invasion, City Under Attack, Clear the Chamber, Cursed Village, Dimensional Rift, Four Sepulchers, God's Tower, Ice Queen Cabin, Lair of the Snowman, Magician's Tower, Rescue the Princess, Search the Beast, Undead Camp, Water Factory, Wisdom Test. Mini Events: short duration events where each event has its own unique goals. Currently implemented mini events: Battle Royale, Battlefield, Bomb Fight, Buffless TvT, Counter Strike, Death Match, Guardians, Humans VS Mutants, Humans VS Zombies, Hunting Grounds, Korean TvT, Last Man Standing, Lucky Chests, Multi TvT, Raid in the Middle, Russian Roulette, Simon Says, VIP TvT. Boss Events: raid in the middle style, you must take out all enemies before challenging the raid, reward depends on your activity during the event. Currently implemented boss events: Antharas, Baium, Core, Frintezza, Ignis, Nebula, Orfen, Petram, Procella, Queen Ant, Zaken Daily Events: mimic of retail-like events which will run 24/7 and switch every midnight. Currently implemented daily events: Change of Heart, Heavy Medals, Letter Collector, Master of Enchanting, Playing with Fire, Power of Love, Squish the Squash, Trick or Transmutation, Zaken's Curse. Missions: consists of solo/duo/squad PvE mini games, only players level 84+ can participate once a day. Currently implemented missions: False God, Frozen Tundra, Mines of Moria, Statue of Peace, The White Walkers. Siege Events: free for all PvP events, all clans auto registered, special rewards for the owners. Currently implemented sieges: Aden Castle, Devastated Castle. Farm Zone: new players can enjoy a farm zone for quickly leveling up and farming a decent amount of adena and items. Be aware: you can enter the farm zone once a day for 1 hour, the farm zone is a free for all PvP zone, every death inside the zone will cause a 5 minutes penalty. Features * Tournaments system. * Dressme system. * Achievements system. * Daily quests. * Starting level 82 with 3rd class, max level 86. * Starting gear A-grade, full GM shop. * First subclass free, any subclass afterwards cost 5000 Adena. * Toggles for CP/HP/MP instead of potions. * Only blessed enchant scrolls, retail enchant / life stone rates, safe +3, max +16. * AIO buffer, 4 hours buff duration, retail amount of buff slots. * Buffs kept after death / resummon. * Symbol and event buffs do not take buff slots. * Cancelled buffs return after 5 seconds. * Unique rank system with rewards. * Global/Personal vote reward systems. * Streamer reward system. * Get rewarded with XP/SP/Adena/Items by doing PvPs according to damage/debuffs/heals. * Gear dependent rewards - higher/lower rewards depending on gear/enchants/attributes/rank/class and more. * Team balance based on Elo/Count/Gear. * Anti farm / AFK systems, anti buff griefing system. * Bonus buff for people who die too much without making kills. * Bonus buff for losing team during an event. * Double XP/SP event at random times during the day. * Killing spree/streak system with sounds. * Events voting system - vote your favorite map/mini event to be played next. * One town for both factions, players can duel in town. * Offline shops with dedicated store zone. * Trade chat is faction only chat. * Visit Quest Manager in town to start your noble quest. * Visit Tablet of Information to see a list of useful commands, info and statistics. * Services NPC (Name/Gender change, Faction change etc). * Training Dummy NPCs to test your class from different perspectives. * Free warehouse and mail. * 10 seconds spawn protection. * Increased weight/inventory/private store slots. * No death penalties and no exp loss. * Max 1 client per PC can login. * Pincode security upon character login. * Mini games - Poker and Casino. Olympiad * Heroes every Monday. * Starting points 18. * 10 matches required for hero. * Only 1vs1 class/faction irrelevant fights at Friday-Sunday 20:00-22:00. Parties * 5 Members maximum inside events. * Class limits so a party cannot become too strong. * Brown title color for party members. Clans * Retail clan penalties. * 15 members maximum. * Alliance only for the crest. * Levels 1 and 2 requires SP and Adena. * Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buyable from GM shop). * Prices for leveling up and clan skills are 4 times lower than retail. * Only same faction can be invited to clan. * Clan war can be declared against clans of opposite faction. Balance No effect in olympiad: * Mass resurrection cannot be used in events. * When healing players out of party healing power reduces by 25% (50% of target is also a healer). * Support classes cannot cast non-healing spells on other friendly support classes. * The more healers a party has the less healing power will be. * All Fear/Stun/Target Lock skills duration reduced to 2 seconds. * All Mute/Paralyze/Root duration reduced to 3 seconds. * All Debuff/Sleep/Weakness/Betray duration reduced to 9 seconds. * All Debuff effect chances reduced by 15% (skill land rates remains retail like, its each skill effect that has a nerf). * Chain Heal amount of targets reduced from 9 to 4. * If a player gets resurrected by others in events, only HP will be restored to 70%. * Energy Stones cannot be used to increase force. * Heroic Miracle duration reduced to 8 seconds. * Sacrifice can only be casted on others. * Healing power changes depending on population in events. * Reduced elf summon magic damage by 55% and aoe skill damage will be divided by sqrt amount of targets (starting from 3 targets, max 10 without cele, 20 with cele). * Reduced daggers double crit damage by 30%. * Reduced archers skill damage by 10%. * Reduced mages damage by 10%. * Reduced mages critical damage by 15%. * Increased duelists damage by 15%. * Reduced summoners summon physical crit damage by 30%. * Reduced summoners summon defense by 20%. * Reduced necro summon defense by 30%. * Reduced tankers defense by 10%. * Increased tankers damage by 5%. * Increased titans damage by 100%. * Players cannot resummon while in combat and already having a summon active. * Sublime Self-Sacrifice has been made a party skill. * Increased Tidal Wave reuse delay from 8s to 16s. * Critical heal power nerfed by 33%. * Elemental Spirits damage bonus nerfed by 33%. * Nerfed pull chance by 30% and mass pull chance by 33%. * Heroic Valor is now a self buff. With effect in olympiad: * Made Shyeed Bow a Slow bow instead of Very Slow (client will still show Very Slow). * FOI duration reduced to 7 seconds and cannot be used in boss events. * Increased Aggression reuse delay from 6s to 15s. * Removed trigger effects from talisman of border and counter critical. * Mirage chance reduced from 80% to 50%.
  13. Was it different before the update to The Kamael ?
  14. Give actual numbers. How much HP did you manage to take and with how many people, which raids... What's the problem with mail ?