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    So, some people (me included) wanted to bring back the multi-support party system. Please keep in mind the main idea, not just the numbers that can be adjusted. Here are my suggestions to bring this gameplay back without breaking the balance. Healer party : Allow all supports to use all heals (CP/HP/MP) and celestial on all other supports. The reason is mainly to bring back SE+BP+OL, EE+OL, etc. being able to heal each other. This gameplay is what we want back. Healer for my faction : Allow all supports to use all heals (CP/HP/MP) and celestial on out-of-party players (including supports). The reason is mainly that the incorrect thing is disturbing and it removes the faction feeling, i should be able to heal my faction, not just my party. Asking for rez ? : Allow all support with a Resurrection skill to use it on out-of-party members. Same reason as above. 5 man party : It becomes obvious to me that the maximum party members should come back to 5 with this setup. It should come with the following nerfs : Reduce all heal power (CP/HP/MP) by 66% when used on other supports (including out-of-party supports). Reduce all heal power (CP/HP/MP) by 33% when used on other out-of-party players. Give the same mana regen from Mana toggle to BP/EE/SE (I think SE has still a very high MP regen from it, dunno about EE). Supports with a Resurrection skill (Augment excluded ?) still cannot use it on other supports (in or out of party). That way, we can still play the game we like without recharge on BP/OL being OP, without heal on Support being OP and without changing the gameplay (no change on re-use for example). I don't think we should change the heal power on other party members (other than supports I mean) when you have more than 1 healer, otherwise, it's not even worth it to have more than BP. I just think that the support shouldn't be invicible through heals and resurrect each other. Even BP+EE+OL doesn't seem OP with those nerfs, to be handle with care x), and maybe becareful with heals from Nightshade summon from Phantom Summoner class. Sorry for mediocre english, thanks for considering.
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    CS Mini Event development started, hope I can get something cool out of it for Interlude ( for higher chronicles for sure I could 😄 )
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    Hello all, The Interlude server is now open as beta test for all players. Feel free to register account, download patch and login to check all of the new reworks, your feedback is very important ! Note: dualboxing during the beta period is possible. For any question you can send me a PM or join discord: https://discord.gg/nqKHxBg
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    * Since Sailren Lair causes crit errors, boss event moved to DV. * Changed Broken Bookshelf and Box reward chances. * Added Devastated Castle CH siege every Tuesday at 20:00 * Added CH siege achievement. * Rewards are now split between Castle and CH. * During low online adena rate can now also increase up to +50%.
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    New Grand Bosses: More to come 😄 Fafurion, The Water Dragon: Lindvior, The Wind Dragon: Helios: Istina: Octavis: Earth Wyrm Trasken: The New Orfen: Balok: Note: with that update I pause GoD development for now. I'm going to make a few updates to the current H5 season, perhaps also a few updates to the IL one and then decide which one to open / continue development.