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    L2 OvC was born at June 2013, considering its been 10 years I thought it would be cool to look back at the awesome journey this server went through. We've ran 36 IL, 10 H5, 3 Classic and 1 GoD seasons with countless amount of changes. Thousands of players came and went throughout the years. During our prime we managed to reach 591 unique online concurrent players. The longest lasting season was Interlude - 111 days long (between 10/05/2014 to 29/08/2014), I remember we had a counter on our site showing how many days server is online but it didn't know to handle hundreds, when it reached 100 it actually resetted to 0 😄 The second longest season was 89 days long (between 25/11/2016 to 22/02/2017). There were many more long lasting seasons of course until late 2018 where things started to change, the game did grew old and L2 OvC became repetitive for many players which is completely understandable, players started to come to OvC mainly to relax for a short while without plans to play for such a long periods, something we the admins had to accept and make adjustments for. Needless to say, we will continue to introduce new changes and features, including new game versions and maybe even different gameplay, being here for 10 years doesn't mean we're out of ideas (yet 😉) so feel free to stick around, join server whenever you can and of course, have fun !
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    I have suggestions about enchanting weapons, armor, or jewels. Just a simple example ( admins can choose for a balanced game what +++ will need to be ) First, we need to add another type of scroll for second-stage enchants. 1st Stage normal enchant till +8 2nd Stage to enchant +9 you will need a different type of scroll (a lot expensive than normal or you can get them by vote server) Successful enchanting will make your gear to the next +10,+11+... Failure can take down enchant by 1 or stay in current ++ successful enchant % needs to be low %5or10% At the beginning of the server enchant rate (I don't know exactly how much it is ) is 50% when maybe some % of the population starts enchanting his gear on 2nd stage you can increase 1st stage enchant rate to 80% because ppl who play less can catch up with others who play a lot, but the same time still behind them(they just entering stage 2 enchants) I know the current enchant system makes most of the active players leave the server because is hard to recovery after you fail your weapon for +10 and start again from 0 If you have better suggestions about my suggestion please share your opinion and let's make this server one good server to play for 2-3 weeks, I think most of the have duties responsibilities and family most of us can't spend years playing, we just need something for 2-3 weeks a max month to enjoy. P.S. Don't forget to donate 5$or10$ this will keep our project running.
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    Hi there! Im so sorry Yamada 😟.. i wish da best recovery, god bless u and ur family. Merry Xmas and happy new year. Cya soon.. 👋
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    Guess Who's Back - YouTube
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    Changelist #1 * Healers balance improvement: if a side has more healers than the other then that side receives healing penalty (e.g. order has 4 healers while chaos has 2 then order side will have 50% healing penalty). * Removed weapons with duplicated skins from the dressme system. * Fixed players didn't get mission achievement rewards. * Fixed Guardian's Defense Master ability skill not working. * Territory bonuses will now show on player's skill bar. * Improved Attendance System UI - it will now use Community Board and will auto popup between events if player has a pending reward.
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    Changelist #4 * Added newbie benefits buff - this will indicate what bonuses players get when fighting enemies with higher gear (death boost buff, better drops and increased attack/defense stats).
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    I didn't like this season classic, very high damage, fast pvp... I particularly prefer the interlude mode. I'm hoping to resume in the interlude version in a few months, just like years ago, where it takes weeks to make items and level up
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    Right now there's like 5 people on the event, and it's 3pm on a saturday, one day after the servers opening. There's literaly no better time than this for the server to be full of life, but it seems to be declining already. I think there's a couple things that could be happening, and maybe some of them can be addresed or consider for future seasons: The gap between the time that takes to lvl up and the time to gear up if abysmal. You can go up to max lvl in a single day with only a bit of effort, but buying all of the S grade equipment takes probably weeks. Starting lvl 82 was catastrophic. The time of lvling is too short, there's no sensation of growing. I remember when I used to play Red vs Blue, it took a while to reach max level, and you could feel your character was actually stronger each level you gained. Everyone has all of the skills since the beginning, so you don't even feel like you advance at all, you're always the same. You won't ever get to feel the expectation and then the satisfactions of getting a really important skill that will level up your game and make you badass. I'm sure there's more, like a ton of summoners running around hitting harder than an actual nuker with a summon that also hits harder than an actual nuker. But that's a balance between classes problem. I hadn't played in this server for like 3 or 4 seasons, so I was really expecting this with much excitement, but oh boy... I really wanted to play some more and get to be a powerfull player like I was in the past
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    Classic season will begin Friday, 7 July at 19:00 GMT +3. The classic server features topic have been updated with all recent changes: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16143-en-server-features/ This is the last chance to participate in the beta and test out the server features / get familiar with the client - download our auto updater here and try it out: https://l2ovc.com/downloads Beta will continue running until 26 June. See you at the opening !
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    True, i miss starting with B grades, playing with Daimon Staff, i hate this new upgrade visual by rank shit.
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    This season have good population, please delay henchman one more week. All players support it Thank you @Emerald @Ruby
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    2 more days for the opening ! Did you register and refer your friends yet?
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    Hi all, We are glad to announce that a new Interlude season will start 03 February 19:00 GMT +2 ! You can find a list of all changes here: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16602-interlude-changelist/ The server features topic is also updated to reflect the latest changes: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/500-en-server-features/ Account registration and patch download are already available: Register here: https://l2ovc.com/register Download patch here: https://l2ovc.com/downloads See you soon !
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    Test results on Thursday! I tested positive for covid-19. I have a high fever and can't stop coughing, and my lungs hurt and I can't sleep! Everyone please take care of your health!
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    Merry Christmas. HO HO Ho Year ago i had covid -19 in same time. Santa bring me no taste or smell for 2 months till March. I have feel taste of vitamin C everything else was with/o flaver. ps. Max 2 weeks flu i had.
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    first of all don't panic! use medicine for fever, plenty of rest and fluids. symptoms usually last 4-5 days. wishes for a speedy recover :)
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    Changelist #2 * Added Clan Entry system which players can use to easily find clans or grow their own clans. * Clan Entry system will automatically display on login to relevant people, but can also be displayed at any time from Grand Master NPC. * Clans can either choose to accept people to their clans automatically, or request an application form which they can review before accepting players to the clan. * Clans can also have Academy invites open in Clan Entry, remember once players graduate from academy the clan gets CRP and the player gets hair accessory, both sides win. This is the first step in doing some makeover to clans, more activities will be added soon, so make sure you have an active clan going !
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    Hello everyone, A new Interlude season will take place at 28th October 19:00 GMT +3 The new season brings new changes, in between: * New Bomb Squad mini event,. * New Overwatch mini event. * Updated rewards from Counter Strike mini event. * LS changes, in between players can now take active+passive augments again. * Added limit to the amount of ranks that can be obtained daily. Read the full list at: https://l2ovc.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16581-interlude-changelist/ The current server will continue to run for a few more days if you wish to login and see the changes. See you at the opening !
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    Faça um clan e vamos voltar!
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    We are back my Bro !
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    Order VS Chaos is an events-driven PvP faction server, make your way to the top by participating in events and defeating other players in the endless fight between Order and Chaos. Maps: 25 minutes duration PvP events with various objectives, boss spawn 5 minutes before map ends, counts towards territory control. Currently implemented map types: Battlefield, Capture the Flag, Domination, Escort the Payload, Fortress, King of the Hill, Siege, Team VS Team. Hybrid maps: Castle VS Castle, Moba Arena, Gods Arena. Instances: 5 minutes duration PvE events, each faction gets its own realm and the first to complete it wins. Currently implemented instances: Blood Castle, Castle Invasion, City Under Attack, Clear the Chamber, Cursed Village, Dimensional Rift, Four Sepulchers, God's Tower, Ice Queen Cabin, Lair of the Snowman, Magician's Tower, Rescue the Princess, Search the Beast, Undead Camp, Water Factory, Wisdom Test. Mini Events: short duration events where each event has its own unique goals. Currently implemented mini events: Battle Royale, Battlefield, Bomb Fight, Bomb Squad, Buffless TvT, Counter Strike, Death Match, Guardians, Humans VS Mutants, Humans VS Zombies, Hunting Grounds, Korean TvT, Last Man Standing, Lucky Chests, Multi TvT, Overwatch, Raid in the Middle, Russian Roulette, Simon Says, VIP TvT. Boss Events: raid in the middle style, you must take out all enemies before challenging the raid, reward depends on your activity during the event. Currently implemented boss events: Antharas, Baium, Baylor, Core, Fafurion, Freya, Frintezza, Lindvior, Orfen, Queen Ant, Sailren, Valakas, Zaken. Daily Events: mimic of retail-like events which will run 24/7 and switch every midnight. Currently implemented daily events: Change of Heart, Heavy Medals, Letter Collector, Master of Enchanting, Playing with Fire, Power of Love, Squish the Squash, Trick or Transmutation, Zaken's Curse. Missions: consists of solo/duo/squad PvE mini games which players can participate once a day. Currently implemented missions: False God, Frozen Tundra, King's Landing, Mines of Moria, Statue of Peace, The White Walkers. Siege events: free for all PvP event, all clans auto registered, special rewards for residence owners. Currently implemented siege events: Aaru Fort, Antharas Fort, Aden Castle, Devastated Castle, Fortress of the Dead, Giran Castle. Farm Zone: new players can enjoy a farm zone for quickly leveling up and farming a decent amount of adena and items. Be aware: you can enter the farm zone once a day for 1 hour, the farm zone is a free for all PvP zone, every death inside the zone will cause a 5 minutes penalty. Features * Tournaments - play 3vs3 / 4vs4 with your friends and win amazing rewards. * Achievements - random goals starts at random times, be the first to complete them to claim the rewards. * Stats - customize your character by investing in STR/DEX/INT/WIT/CON/MEN and getting special bonuses, note, these do not affect the original character base stats. * Ability tree - expand the warrior/knight/wizard trees as you see fit to get the best benefits for your character. * Classic elements - level up your elemental spirit to deal additional elemental damage, note, original damage is not affected by this system. * Attendance - just log in daily to claim additional rewards. * Rebirth - get additional character benefits by performing rebirths, which will bring you back to the starting level in exchange. * Dressme - customize your character looks by wearing any kind of weapon/armor you like. * Henchman - available when online gets lower, these are computer controlled characters that will join your party and accompany you to battle. * Daily quests - random daily quests will be selected every midnight, complete them for additional rewards. * Starting level 78 with 3rd class, max level 80. * Starting gear S-grade, full GM shop. * Accessories/Agathions give small stat bonuses to encourage players to wear more cosmetics. * First subclass free, any subclass afterwards cost 5000 Adena. * Toggles for CP/HP/MP instead of potions. * Only blessed enchant scrolls, retail enchant / life stone rates, safe +3, max +16. * AIO buffer, 4 hours buff duration, 20+4 buff slots. * Buffs kept after death / resummon. * Symbol and event buffs do not take buff slots. * Cancelled buffs return after 5 seconds. * Unique rank system with rewards. * Global/Personal vote reward systems. * Streamer reward system. * Get rewarded with XP/SP/Adena/Items by doing PvPs according to damage/debuffs/heals. * Gear dependent rewards - higher/lower rewards depending on gear/level/rank/class and more. * Team balance based on Elo/Count/Gear and additional factors. * Anti farm / AFK systems, anti buff griefing system. * Bonus buff for people who die too much without making kills. * Bonus buff for losing team during an event. * Double XP/SP event at random times during the day. * Killing spree/streak system with sounds. * Events voting system - vote your favorite map/mini event to be played next. * One town for both factions, players can duel in town. * Offline shops with dedicated store zone. * Trade chat is faction only chat, shout/hero chats will show player's faction. * Visit Quest Manager in town to start your noble quest. * Visit Tablet of Information to see a list of useful commands, info and statistics. * Services NPC (Name/Gender change, Faction change etc). * Training Dummy NPCs to test your class from different perspectives. * Daily heroes based on activity and performance in events. * Free warehouse and freight. * 10 seconds spawn protection. * Increased weight/inventory/private store slots. * No death penalties and no exp loss. * Max 1 client per PC can login. * Pincode security upon character login. * Mini games - Poker, Lottery and Casino. * Wedding with gotolove and extra skills. Parties * 5 Members maximum inside events. * Class limits so a party cannot become too strong. * Brown title color for party members. Clans * Reduced clan penalties. * 9 members maximum in main clan. * 2 extra member for every royal guard the clan has. * 2 extra member for every royal knight the clan has. * 5 extra members for academy with CRP and circlet rewards. * Alliance only for the crest. * Levels 1 and 2 requires SP and Adena. * Levels 3, 4 and 5 requires SP and quest items (buyable from GM shop). * Levels 6, 7 and 8 requires reputation points. * Prices for leveling up, royal guards/knights and clan skills are 4 times lower than retail. * Only same faction can be invited to clan. * Clan war can be declared against clans of opposite faction. * Clan skills can be learned individually by each player. * Clan entry system to help clan leaders recruit new members. * Special clan shop for clans. * Clan arena where players of a certain clan can enter in order to fight a boss. Spoilers Spoilers were given the ability to act as thieves. Use Spoil on other players and when they die, you will have the chance to get the following: * Kill point - only if used single target spoil and didn't spoil the same target in the past 5 minutes. * 1.1kk XP and 16k SP. * 1-2 material boxes + random 1 more for every 5 enchant levels (if enchanted). * 15-40 (or 10-30 if used AoE spoil) Adena + random 1 more for every enchant level (if enchanted), affected by expert scavenge / gear difference, max 80. The chances are as follows: * Single target spoils chance 50% + random 0-3% for every enchant level (if enchanted), the maximum chance is 90%. * AoE target spoils chance 25% + random 0-2% for every enchant level (if enchanted), the maximum chance is 90%. Balance * FOI duration reduced to 8 seconds and cannot be used in boss events. * Mass resurrection cannot be used in events. * Resurrection reuse delay doubled. * Prayer is a self buff. * Removed full lethal. * All Fear/Stun duration reduced to 2 seconds. * All Mute/Paralyze/Root duration reduced to 4 seconds. * All Debuff/Sleep/Weakness/Betray duration reduced to 10 seconds. * Cat/Pony buffs are self/owner only and increased to 4 hours. * If a player gets resurrected by others in events, only HP will be restored to 70%. * Increased Shyeed Bow attack speed. * Changed Major Arcana set to give 15% cast speed, 2% m.atk. and +2 WIT instead of 17% m.atk and +1 INT. * Aggression/Aura of Hate reuse delay increased from 3 seconds to 15 seconds. * Dash reuse delay increased from 8 seconds to 12 seconds. * Mirage chance reduced from 80% to 30%. * Snipe duration reduced to 30 seconds and range bonus nerfed from 300 to 100. * Arrest range increased from 150 to 400. * Heroic Valor is target self. * Heroic Miracle duration reduced to 8 seconds. * Hero Rod/Scepter heal chance reduced from 3% to 1%. * Energy Stones cannot be used to increase force. * Necromancer summons doesn't require a corpse to be summoned. * Necromancer summons can only be buffed with speed buffs. * Summons will get damage bonus according to owner's gear. * Support classes cannot cast non-healing spells on other friendly support classes. * Increased human tanker damage by 20% when not wearing a bow. * Increased elf/dark elf tanker damage by 50% when not wearing a bow. * Duelist single target damage decreases by up to 5% and AoE damage increases by up to 20% depending on server progression. * Tyrants single target damage decreases by up to 4% and AoE damage increases by up to 15% depending on server progression. * Reduced human/dark elf archer critical damage by up to 15% depending on server progress. * Reduced elf archer critical damage by up to 10% depending on server progress. * Reduced daggers double crit damage by up to 25% depending on server progress. * AoE damage from duelists/tyrants is divided by sqrt amount of targets (starting from 4 targets, max 8 without cele, 12 with cele). * AoE damage from non-duelists/tyrants under cele is divided by sqrt amount of targets (starting from 4 targets, max 8 without cele, 12 with cele). * Tankers defense reduces and damage increases depending on population in events. * Healing power changes depending on population in events. * When healing players out of party healing power reduces by 25% (50% if target is also a healer or in party with a healer). * The more healers a party has the less healing power will be. * Reduced magic critical rate by 60%. * Reduced magic critical damage by 25%. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 50% of player/summon max CP+HP in a single hit. * Destroyers cannot take down more than 15% of flag/king HP in a single hit. * Custom augment system with nerfed stats.
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    As a regular player that stopped playing for more or less 2 years, my experience was that the pace of the server was too frenetic. I felt a little bit overwhelmed with the new content. Not because it is difficult to understand, but because of the very nature of the server: one event taking place to the next one with no time to digest the info. It occurred to me that first timers in the server would probably lose interest and fall behind faster and therefore quit. Maybe the community is losing here some good competitive players that would join more often a new season in OvC. And I think this has a direct impact on season longevity, since it is only the old regular players that make the seasons las longer. Therefore, I thought that maybe occational Beta openings before some seasons can help the newbies to get to know the server better, taste a little bit of endgame much faster and thus build more hype for the season to come. My suggestion on that matter would be for either everything regarding endgame to be instantly available or to multiply rates so endgame can be reached in 1 or 2 days max. I think in that way OvC may win the interest of new players that would join the stable community for at least a couple of years. In the end, it is just another idea to bring new players without modifying anything about the content of the server and my only hope is for this post to be helpful in any way. Cheers
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    Hello! To be honnest, i test with and without the jewels.. Screen talk about... ( Baium Level 1 And Dragon Ring Level 1 )
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    1) you must consider the lifetime of the server in a month basis like this: 1st week - C grade, 2nd week - B grade, 3rd week - A grade, 4rth week - S grade. becouse now it is too fast. rank restriction can be removed. 2) many players when server comes to S-grade fail to enchant to +16 and they leave, so you can think the failure not to return to +0 but instead to a penalty like -3 or if its above +10 to return to +10 or anything else... 3) Must be 2 siege competitions every week. One for clans (as there is) and one for factions. The members of the wining fuction during the week have xp/sp adena/drop increase rate. no change faction must be availiable and no restriction in the participation player numbers. So you can announce the faction winner at the end according to this siege results! my best wishes!