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    Develop more mini events like battlefield, guardians, deathmatch, etc, and increase time to 10 minutes. Imo russian roullete, simon says, CS, battle royale, hunting grounds and some others are great events but does not fulfill the purpose of a L2 pvp server. They are funny and chill but atm a waste of adena scroll time. More importantly, Server lifespan is dropping hard season after season. In the past we had seasons of 1mo+ with decent player base, never seen that anymore in the past years. I honestly have no idea why is it happening but it does need some change, a real change. Fix summoners damage / atk spd bug (JW and other random summoner can talk better about it). Fix geodata pathing. Find new solutions to be playing something besides events 24/7. Elaborate detailed guides of custom features. Hire some1 or something for player support regularly in game. This season we had a clan with naz1 flag and literally nothing happened. The server have a code of rules, is anyone checking from time to time if everything is OK? Try to understand why and when people quit. Best wishes