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    How about add a clan reward to every new season from now on? You can give clan lvl 5 without clan skills (just lvl 5 to escape the adenas that it requires for lvl up and to start with clan crest) in that way i think we will see many clans,and this reward could be give only until 2 hours of the grand opening? or something like that. The requirements could be a clan with active 9/9 ppl. This will motive the ppl or the small groups even to create a clan,and even weak clans can side with another one and create a competitive side. Also people who plays solo can find a clan and receive clan skills,because if only the CP's or the groups would make a clan,they wouldnt invite randoms to feel the limited clan slots that exists. Before you tell me that they could abuse it and random invite ppl in order to receive a clan lvl 5 free,since there is the clan penalty and since just a lvl 5 clan without crp,is not so big deal. I think it would give some motive to ppl to discuss more in discord chat in order to find members and to create a clan. Because no solo player would think of making a clan that before even u start buying CRP u need like 100k adena to make it lvl 5... Lf some opinions 🙂 cheers