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    1. I never claimed that I quit because I "lost" or "got mad" or whatever, I quit for personal reasons/work reasons etc, I'm sure since most of you are over 18 years of age you can understand that 2. I am the only one who represents MW up until next season, therefore whatever any1 else says, it shouldn't be treated as "MW said this/Rhaegar said this", that applies to clan members 3. Therefore, not ONCE have I cried about zerg or imbalance or anything like that 4. I really don't know how many times I have to clarify that even if I had 2 clans, it never meant anything because the majority /70% of every1 playing in "MW" were people who were relatively new or didn't play on a constant basis every season, that's why I never considered it a clan, it was a community of people playing together, it was never 100% organized like you would expect a big clan to be on lowrate/midrates 5. "We are zerging every season" = ?? I don't get how that is even a valid point, what does it even mean to zerg in all seriousness in this faction server? Why would it matter if Chaos had 20 people in 1 clan, but Order had 5 people in 4 clans? Surely it would be better for Orders even in the worst case scenario, since they can enjoy a more organized play in their 5-man CP's and have the joy of killing more randoms on Chaos? 6. The ONLY regret I have and I'm a man enough to admit it was announcing that "MW = Chaos" before the start of the season; I was doing this because me & Lesley would always declare sides before the start to avoid both of our clans being on the same side, which ofc would result in us "zerging" as you folks love to call it. People think I did it for an ego purpose, it really wasn't the case - for the past 3-4 seasons it was literally just me & Lesley's clans going at it consistently; If I had known this season was going to have so many more people, of course I would have never declared what side i would go and therefore maybe there would have been a more even spread of the 10+/- clans that joined this season, instead of them all going on Order because they might have seen the post - so yeah, just wanted to clear that up, it wasn't an ego thing... I was trying to help the server, if you can see that : )
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    Good morning, Like i posted in the forum i played some faction servers around and i think the best way is to make it simple, just think about the past of the server was better then present: 1. Jewels - Boss ( whats the use of raid boss event if you can buy them from the merchant shop ? ) make a decent rate for all raid bosses drop and players will enjoy raid boss. Start from level 60 in C grade Gear ( make C grade gear free ) players can earn xp/sp adena from pvp / farm zone. Future the stronger enemy is ( depending on his level / gear ) the better you can earn adena. 2. Misc - Ancient Books and Red Primeval Crystal ( Ancient books you can receive anyway from Rank up and Red Primeval Crystal you have change from lucky chest ) 3. Recipes - all ( You can get recipes from Recipe Chests ) 4. Parts - all ( You can get parts from Parts Box Chest ) 5. Materials - all ( You can get materials from Material Box Chest ) 7. Soul Crystals - all ( You have chance to get from Lucky Chest Box ) Remove the gift section ... In this way also the market square will be more popular Buying/Selling.