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    What is actually gamebreaking right now is not fighters damage, quite the opposite, it's actually their way to survive. This is the damage of a Sorcerer which has around 13k M.atk with 300 element weapon on a 2.6 M.def gladi with double zerks and full attribute armor. Ofc you are going to say that i got magic steroids because of rune of protection and ud cert skill, but that's the point. Can you please count with me? It took 62 spells to this guy to kill me with only 4 big crits? Ok now, can u try to guess how much does it take to kill a tyrant which has the same rank and gear as my gladi with ogre totem which gives 30%+ p/m.def? What I'm trying to say, the actual problem is our survivability, especially tyrant one, because if u actually listen to some serious mage that are not just cry overs they would say that gladi are kinda fine in term of survivability and tyrant is actually the big deal. Another reason why we are that strong in terms of "defense" is because by nerfing some classes [Reduced Empowering Echo M.Atk. bonus from 25% to 15%.] there are actually only Sorcerers running on server and it comes pretty easy to choose which resists or element u have to pick up. Also, since the server is pretty much "dead" we could also try to test right now what could actually help the server in terms of longevity by balancing some stuff like u did in the last "changelist". I would say, just remove the nerf on mages or if u want to keep it just half it, but in that case also boost spellsingers damage and remove empowering echo nerf or at least remove that Ogre/bear totem p/m def buff on events. I apologise in advance if my english is bad and for the post, i'm just trying to suggest something to get the server back.