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    and what exactly is gonna change on interlude? oh yes sps will take the spot of sts and the overall mage numbers will quadruple, the balance problems are the same on any chronicle. You want my honest opinion? Get a clean version of the game (any version try gracia cuz most players consider that the most balanced version) and make controlled nerfs without taking into consideration every nubcake that found out how to join the forum. Literally 50% of the server has no clue how to buff, from archers with pow to mages with magnus, wrong builds, wrong dyes, wrong augments, wrong skill enchantments all this cuz of the carebear staff that keeps making changes ( the wrong way) to classes who can easily be bypassed by a certain build, playstyle, or buffs all of this cuz they are trying to accommodate players which have no clue on what they are doing and most likely will leave in the first 2 weeks. You want examples?.. titan on interlude, tanks on interlude the list goes on and on, there isn't a player of l2 with a IQ higher than a donkeys, who will ask for a titan nerf on a server like this, especially on interlude, but here we are.
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    I actually think getting gear should be even harder. This game is all about grinding, doesn't matter what kind of server you play. In my opinion people should start with standard S grade and craft every other item, dynasty, vesper etc. Low parts should drop from mini bosses and s84 from epics. And not many. You can't but parts or recs in shop. This would make market more alive and people would have to decide what to craft. Right now it's dynasty OE + ele and you farm for top84. Fun indeed. Making it impossible to do that within 2 weeks would force people to get midgrades. No epic jewels drop for first month - every participant of winning side should get like 'Epic token' (untradeable), which lowers the price for epics jewels at store by let's say 2k. Example: you won 10 epics you coud buy AQ for 130k and 10 tokens from shop. Custop gear drop - no drop of grade above the top gear of the server. Make a formula, like if there is not at least 10 weapons/10 armor sets of the grade, it won't drop from epic. How to handle nolifers? Just like adena scrolls - custom self buff with 24h reuse. First hour off gameplay you earn 150% income, 2nd 125%, 3rd 100% and with buff worn out you get 75%. One account per player. This would make people come and play at least 3h daily. No adena penalty for killing lower gear, but reward for killing higher. Add 10% by voting. Top weapons and epics dropping first day (since all bosses alive) is the worse thing here. I really hope next season one side and possibly one clan will get first AQ+Baium+Thorn Bow first day. Looking forward to it!
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    Everything its circle You see it also ?:D PS. Emerlad never answer on wipe question but before christmas probably he will annouce new one or just after
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    it was mentioned before this server was opened that it will be a testing ground to see exactly how the server will progress and how to extend his life length, some changes were good... most were bad by taking drastic measures which weren't needed for all classes, hopefully they learned enough to open a new one with a much better gear progress method that will please more people and with a better balance point of view.
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    Forum software updated from some 2016 version to the newest 2019 version. That's quite an update so if something doesn't work properly please create a topic.