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    I am one of the people who criticize the server but now there is no way. This archer... LOL dyes, 2 berserks, POW???!???? WTF. Probably his defense is like a mage in DC set... One thing is for sure - what is in his inventory can only be reached on this server with such "style" and what is worse is that there are people who are more tragic than him... It's really funny to watch "l2 players" like him to complain in this forum over the years. I tried to avoid commenting after not playing here but there was no way I could resist. Sorry, but to such players and god can not help...
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    Can u give more details if this was a visual bug or not, if this affects other toggles or not Cause today I was watching a stream guy with 4 vicious stance, 3 focus skill mastery. TY
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    Forum software updated from some 2016 version to the newest 2019 version. That's quite an update so if something doesn't work properly please create a topic.
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    open interlude again. Problem solved
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    First, instead of complaining about something and mentioning emerald in a topic for nothing, just make a post with you character information (where attributes are) + buffs / debuffs etc (as much information as you can) and make a topic about it. He can't and is tired of listening to QQ'er all day posting only "omg omg omg x did that Y did that". He is more receptive to ... screens/proofs etc. This is the way he's working. no sh1t sherlock .... I knew before you said that you have ~200 holy attribute defense.... PK can have 300 from weapon + 20 from holy weapon + 20 from Dance of Light + 10 from Divine Blade Toggle = that's around 350 Holy attack vs 236 holy defense. so yes this is a big difference and it's only what I can think of right now ...
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    I'm sorry to disappoint you Mojo, but Dark attribute defense is usually high because of the amount of classes having dark base skill attacks: DA/SK/PS/NECRO/SLH/Trickster etc ...also the amount of resists buffs that you can have on you will not help your class too much....You doing that much damage to a tank is actually surprising since they got the +25% damage receive nerf. You all (or most of you) forget that the attribute defenses play a major role in the damage you receive. If you have 200 holy attribute defense don't be surprised to get that damage from a critical while a PK has AI. Its a matter of time until the balance will be there ... I already told Emerald that the offensive tanks(DA/Pala/SK) should not have any damage increase since they do just fine without them. They have skills to help them. The only one that needed the boost was Eva's Templar. Also balancing H5 is way harder than interlude... and will take some time... too bad that not so many people will be here for it. Server has potential but Emerald should start playing his server to actually see how things go ... because the OvC community player base don't have the knowledge of higher chronicles and that says a lot when you are trying to balance something based only on players reports.
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    let's say 2 max depends on online at the beginning and the speed at which players reach "end game". Then there are only those who have absolutely nothing to do and those who cry for something. I see that now people complain from one tank that reaches "end game" but they do not realize that there is really no one to kill him and he knows this fact. In pvp 3 vs 4 is impossible for an archer with 2 berserks and pow to kill PK who has top S84 and 2 icons even if he is afk but in 20-30 vs 20-30 is different. The people who play here do not know the chronicle well and complain about everything. One female soulhound can make crazy every tank and he doesn't even have to kill him - jump around, stay away and press only Soul Of Pain Previous season in which there were many more tanks I played exactly SLH, and I had a lot of fun with how these tanks suffer mainly at the oly. The tanks of this chronicle can be quite annoying but the presence of female soulhounds is even more annoying to them. All you need is one SLH in second account with mage weapon ( I like the nickname WTSTarget )
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    Of course he was hitting a tank with deflect arrow and expecting to hit him for 4 digit units as archer...
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    Man. Glad you are back. Everyone else stopped playing and started looking for You. We were so worried, You didn't log for few days and it was just a holiday! But now that you are back, hopefully everyone will notice and log in again. See you in game! Gonna try my best to spot you among all those returning players!
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    Well I checked with someone who played retail and yeah, Sharpen Edge is supposed to give stats to summons even if it seems strange, all Pets and Summons are supposed to be Sword type. but apart from your source, for now, I can only find this conversation coming from the archives of Official forums. http://l2archive.d3v.me.uk/t-211978.html
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    I'll look for sources if you need but it is normal. I have a doubt since summons have the same critical rate as blunt weapon, but from my expérience, sharp edge is the only one to give stats to summons
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    5k from tank . LVL 7 +6 ARMOR VESPER . me with bow 16 valakas baium hit 300 critical ??????? and 1k avearge ????? GET THE FOCK OUT . GM BAN ME PLS . TKS
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    He is clueless , believe me , you have this tank walking arroun iting 4k 5k and DMG dealers like trickster , archer , soul hound , doombringer hiting 1k 's GM u do not have huge popuation anymore on the server - remove all nerfs from all classess , is fuking booooring to hit 1k as archer with top gear BOW +16 aq baium valakas . WAKE UP . ban me if u want . dager and tanks hiting 6ks . archer hiting 1k s . get fuck out of my computer , deleted uninstal l2