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    I suggest to make Multi TVT Team choice fully random since actually the top partys just join in the same group and dominate the event.
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    On facts : 85 % of server is Mage SH , creating a super boring enviroment Tank with 4k mdef receives 6k , 5k dmg , die in 2 hits from SH (on the other side i Fight one SPS he was Hero -- 500 average dmg ,,,) so why ppl should Play other Mages ? or other classes ? I will not add photos , anyway the topic will be closed . Just saying this , cause we entered 9 ppl on this server to enjoy - 8 left , is like u play Starcraft - Spellhowlers Zerg 1 friend joined yesterday - quited in 2 hours = Trickster with pranah received 16k dmg not from Necro , Sorc or SPS that would be imposible . surprize from SH . top 10 in every event =11 are SPH . i Aplaude who plays melle on this server . probably more ppl leave or don t join the server then the 5 - 10 No lifers who spam forum of do not Nerf SH . Think about it . only facts here no complaint . enjoy .
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    About casting speed limit Playing a bit with sph and with sps i figure out that Enlightenment/pvp (bonus castingspeed) is much better for sph than it is for nercos/Sorcer/Sps on this server. Simple because my sps has already 19xx casting speed. Casting Enlightenment only brings it to 1999 Casting speed. 1999 is the limit. While playing on sph. i get 1999 casting speed from 15xx useing Enlightenment. Which is unfair. On retail this was not a problem because u don't run around all the time with all buffs on your Char. Considering that sph are already the best mage in this chronical. I find it „unwise/unbalanced“. Also the pvp bonus(counter castingspeed) on mage weapons realy have a low effect for some mages but for Sph its good. Mages are not overpowerd only sph is a bit. Suggestion: Put the limit higher. We also had no limit in interlude About crit. rate limit. Also it seems to me that archer/melees crite rate is rather low. Because of „Eye of paagrio“ 30% crit reduction. If u remove the limit here aswell archer will get around 500-550?~ and would crit a bit more. And a higher weapons would actually be better. And Moonlight Sentinel would be less gimp compared to Ghost Sentinel. Suggestion 1: Remove the crite rate limit Suggestion 2: Lower Eye of paagrio by 5% down to 25% About sph 25% more m.attack dont mean that this class deal 25% more dmg! Lowering the overall dmg from sph by 10% was over the top. That was about as those 25% m.attack. Its not the class thats overpowerd but one skill empowering Echo 25% more m.attack. If u rly want to balance u can just lower this skill to 12,5 to 20% m.attack bonus . Thats a fair change/balance. Suggestion: Lower emp echo to 12,5% - 20% coming from 25%. I would love to see more of other mages! and Moonlight Sentinels. I am wondering if those suggestions even work with your gameclient. Overall this season is far more balanced as it was in interlude. If u check the k/d ratio of people. In interlude there were tons of people with 8/1, 7/1, 6/1 and 5/1 kills/deaths ratio. In this season the best people are around 3/1 to 2/1 k/d ratio. (n0rfuK dont count only 300 kills). Its a enjoyable season. Alita playing a sph but i also play it in interlude!
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    Emerald be like: No ban is un-accounted for
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