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    This kind of ppl are not motivated by adena income ...they created that char just to enoy other players.
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    i did mention like 4 yrs ago that melee classes should have increased rewards because of how hard it is to actually do something on like 90% of the maps, but i got flamed by every1 and i doubt their mentality changed.
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    I played for the 1st time in my life with a mage and I can't believe! For 1 map I made more money from assists than any melee character can make in a day. what I can say after those 30 minutes is: - Reward system is completely ridiculous - There is something wrong with mages, I've played on a lot of servers on this chronicle but I've never seen anything like this speaking about magical crits more precisely. - More than 50% of my skills were magical crits, imagine if it wasn't nerfed...and have in mind I play with mage for first time... I don't know about this season but the next one the rewards system must be different otherwise, the server is for mages only( I do not mention sick people with tanks who play now, hope this will be fixed). Server seasons aren't too long for a melee character to catch up with mages. Positive things have been done this season but there is still room for improvement.
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    @Emerald What I will tell you cannot be delayed. You have to do something with them quickly as you can. I will explain why - for the last 30 minutes I had a tank on target well at least 25 minutes I can't say exactly what to do but I'll give some really drastic ideas. - don't give them rewards for using aggression skills. They must get 0 adena. The effect of this skill is far away from counting for any assistance. They should also not get the experience - go fight( with -9 str strange how) - increase the reuse time of Aura of Hate and Challenge for Fate - reduce the effect of the heal of Summon Life Cubic (at least make them mortal as all) I suggest this with the best intentions the server is full of tanks and I mentioned something on the topic that I do not want to mention again. These people are not online to have fun like the others - they are here to kill the server and annoy others. Please don't let them ...
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    Changelist #2 * Attempt to fix issue where boss events could stuck sometimes. * Changed daggers blow damage nerf from x1.6 to x1.8 (a boost). * Decreased the amount of PvP points non-damage bad skills worth (aggression etc). * Necro summons can now buff their pets. Added: * Fixed fence in Humans VS Zombies event. Added: * Increased Aggression reuse delay from 6s to 15s. * Removed dagger nerf completely. * Small fix to blow damage rewards.
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    i wont read all this comments,just NERF THIS AGGRO otherwise server will lose popularity definetely,ty
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    It has 40 sec reuse, in Interlude it has only 15 sec and it never did problems. The problem here is that the reward formula was really rewarding players more than it was on Interlude, which will be fixed already. Now I want to turn the class to be more damage oriented.
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    Especially for the one in the picture as well as most who are online now I'm sure they don't care they do this when they are around other classes from which they have no benefits. Under normal conditions, few mages will kill any tank with ease when Shield Deflect Magic falls( of course UDs can prolong the agony). Alone tyrant kills a tank like a fly... let them do reflect but they must be able to be killed otherwise the server turns into agro fiesta which brings nothing good and you all know it. And what does mages currently dominate mean? that everyone should play a mage or agro bot? I don't think you want it, there are so many classes in the game that make the game interesting, I don't think people will enjoy playing SPH vs aggro- bot- idiot server. PS: Years ago when I played on faction server for the first time it was on H5 server with TH. I could kill 1 vs 1 TK, slowly but surely. The tanks in the game are not immortal as they are here. As you can see, a tank freely walks between 30-40 people and does not die which can not happen surely. What's wrong I don't know but I know there is something wrong( can be shield defense rate for example)
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    4. REMOVE PHOENIX NERF! Allow Phoenix Knight charge icon using reflect like any official / private server!
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    This is what u get then u play this cancer
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    1. Don't change game mechanics and don't increase skill reuse 2. Remove adena reward from only AOE aggression based skills - remove reason and motivation to spam skills that frustrate other players 3. Check whether additional reward is given to players for healing themselves - this is difficult to test ingame, yet possible to check source code
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    Gonna abuse this bot class, till it gets some attention, right now, it's impossible to get kills with close ranged class, since u have to go all in and guess what then? U get immediately aggroed from one of those just created bots. I don't recommend anyone to play melee right now, it's just anti satisfying, not mentioning u farm far less then ranged ones.
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    Because it will not change anything. With people who have mental health issues you should deal hard they do not understand something else. Do you think that such gameplay can be seen somewhere else? No, because it is not tolerated by admins, nobody wants his server killed by idiots...
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    Why not make another approach to this topic . Leave skills how it is but reduce Adena gain from this skills so they have to change play stile on more aggressive in order to earn adena
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    Damn.. I'm a little nervous because there are enough people in my real life who are getting a lot more than they deserve and it annoys me that this is so easy allowed in the game. It has always been a wonder to me how different parasites manage to adapt wherever they appear
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    Read again my answer. Just kidding, you probably wouldnt find it so i made things easier for you.
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    I said my opinion years ago when this system with rewards for assist was started - it kills the pvp. It was pretty simple before ... Without mentioning names I'll tell you what system another server is using which is just plain clear and no one who plays this server disapproves of it, btw I remember the times when ovc used a similar system on. The money that each player withdraws depends on his gear, this money is taken from a maximum of 2 people - the killer and optionally the one who did the most damage. So simple and accurate. Those who want to have a healer at their party - share their drop with him, his availability allows them to make a lot more money than without it and pay for it, the same for all other supports. Simple, accurate, clear, fair. Years ago, Emerald changed that because the community on that server was crying that supports cannot make money(like it is not clear in advance) and started adding rewards for anything, just to please the retarded community. Now from what I see this system has turned into something terrible, all you have to have is aoe skill(s) to spam aimlessly and you get paid for it. One of the results is that a character with 0 kills wins the event which is based on the number of kills Is this funny only to me? Btw, because I know what people are playing here, some facts about L2: Tanks are not pvp machines, the same is valid for all types of supports and everyone should know this when he starts playing. I never understood why people complained that their characters were what they are, speaking about ovc comunity....
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    You need to know this when you start playing. The choice is entirely yours when you play TK it is clear in advance that your progress is slow. Unfortunately, this is not the case here and the tanks get something they didn't deserve. This is pvp server and the most rewarded should be those who kill and not those who have the greatest ability to be only alive. I have nothing against tanks but they should deserve their items by making kills what is the purpose of the server(or should be). You will say that it is difficult to kill with a tank probably and so it is but the choice is yours. I mentioned a fact before the server started( examples as you wish but not to mention server names where this happened and will happen) - the tanks cause the servers to die, this usually happens after quite some time. I will never understand people who play tanks in pvp servers( and in particular TK) it is clear in advance that the character is not intended to kill where is the pleasure of spamming 3 skills and walking around others like a fool I don't know, I won't understand it. Of course, there are many demented and sick people on earth with various problems but I do not think they should receive any special treatment and be tolerated to please their mental problems....
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    There's no such thing as land rate for most of the aggression skills, they simply land.
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    After one day let share some opinions 1. Balance is much better with some remarks : - Mage aoe damage should be nerfed a bit. I see people cry about SPH damage but it is the first day, it is normal mages to dominate as in every server. - As I said dagger nerf was OK on IL but here ... 1-1,5k backstab and won't be better. It is not IL and everyone has 2 buffs that low critical damage. Mages are not the same paper as in IL. For the other characters, I cannot give an adequate opinion. 2. Game features: - I expected to see pvp oriented server but I am very disappointed. I wonder why people who do nothing are rewarded much more than those who do or at least try. Here is the example - One TK who is almost immortal make more money than most of DD on the server. He won pvp event with 0 pvp ...Really it is not serious, the current reward system is broken, please think about some changes. I got a few times more money in one event just standing in some stupid area without doing anything than if I had gone to fight. This is absurd ... it is very annoying people who make no effort to be generously rewarded. New people die laughing when they see the top 10 on the map - people without a single kill are always in the top 10. It's ridiculous and absurd. - For me epiq jewels seem too expensive - I see a lot of people who feel disoriented(me too) - how to get cert skills, and in general, features seem to me too much and unclear. Probably only those who have played in the last few seasons know what to do. 3. Some geodata issues: - As dagger for me is important( not only for me) when I'm in the back of someone and pressed backstab not to go around him and walk in front of him - the character becomes meaningless. This happens on almost all maps. - Often aoe skills do damage through walls and doors -I noticed it in Rune castle.