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    we will able to use 1 bp and 1 ol or SE in same party or there will be limit 1 supp per pt?
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    When will the server be available for testing again? I only got to play ~30 minutes or less in the weekend.
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    damn nigga, i've to summon my dagga skillz again! ANHEL TOP DAGGER
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    because u have TWO BUFFS which are giving your blows or any skills almost 100% EXTRA DAMAGE, ergo it's not dagger or archer the problem, it's the 80% bullshit steroid which should be removed, not even nerfed. by nerfing with a flat % a class u are just killing it because "NORMALLY" they will do less damage but with those 2 80% buffs are still gonna do 7k to people. what's gonna happen, emerald is gonna nerf every day 5% archer/dagger damage instead of removing the chance of those 2 to crit almost 8k?
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    everything deals damage. honestly as it is now i'd say its pretty balanced
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    Emerald, I suggest you categorize talismans, bracelets etc, in a separate category of the shop. Currently it is sitting in armor/jewls and most people don't know where to find these and ive had to answer multiple questions in game to help new players buy it.
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    Hello everyone. Finally this server knocks off some decent game version out(hope interlude will RIP soon), so we'll come to check it feels. Would be glad to hear from any relatives. Everyone have fun, cheers! PS: We speak english! For anyone interested in cooperation: discord Makedonsky#8497 Всех приветствую. Зайдём проверить что тут наделали. Очень рад что на этом проекте наконец запустили адекватную версию игры! Всех знакомых и не очень желающих поиграть вместе – милости прошу в дискорд Makedonsky#8497
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    From debuffs yes, from healing players out of party no.
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    So if you want some relevant retail-like info, the only source you can get without actually buying pirated compiled server files(since classic sources were never leaked), is Olf experiment section on 4game forums(official l2 EU localizer). Like https://4gameforum.com/forums/1794/page-6 Here are some links(you can figure out everything without knowing russian thanks to google translate): song of purification test CON/MEN not helping vs debuffs on classicTrait/non-trait debuff resist(lion heart, guts, zealot) Derangement trait(mental) vs 0 m atk and mental shield horror and mental shield So, i hope your debuff formula works like following on this server, if you really want it to be retail: Every debuff base land rate is 100. Quick spear is 120(this is the only such exception i know of). CON/MEN don't affect debuff chance. m atk/m def, don't affect debuff chance for magic debuffs. Resists/boosts are just multipliers to debuff chance. Some debuffs have trait types, some don't. Armor crush/quick spear are trait stun, fear is mental(derangement). Chain strike is pull(since there's no resist, it counts as no trait type) There's general debuff resist which works vs everything. It's provided by zealot, angelic icon, chant of spirit, song of purification mirrored epic jewelry decrease resulting chance, since 0.8 * 1.2 < 1 So, taking chain strike, quick spear and horror as examples, and having baium ring lvl 3(20% stun attack/resist)+ ring of core lvl 3(20% mental attack/resist) + mental shield(50%) + resist shock(40%) + chant of spirit(20% general debuff resist) buffs on both caster and target, we'll have: Chain strike: 100(base) * 0.8(chant of spirit) = 80% Quick Spear: 120(base) * 1.2(attacker's baium) * 0.6(resist shock) * 0.8(chant of spirit) * 0.8(target's ring of baium) = 55.296 % Horror: 100(base) * 1.2(attacker's core) * 0.5(mental shield) * 0.8(chant of spirit) * 0.8(target's ring of core) = 38.4 %
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    Its finally here! Save the date: the first l2ovc classic (Antharas) season will start 10th July 17:00 GMT +3 ! Bring all your friends and foes to enjoy a whole new gaming experience in the best l2 GvE server, see you soon! 🙂
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    Beta test ended, see you at the opening!
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    IMO, Antharas is not a good version of classic. No elements. No S grade. As I already saw Nerfs - There is no point to nerf any class or skill in Classic, just go back to h5 then or get better files for a more current version of classic.
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    True. I also could not notice difference. Admin said that only works on over over enchanted top gear. +100 This is exactly as it happens. Every season make summon to only get disappointment at 79 level.
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    Summoners were not intended to fight against dynasty grade. Dynasty is 20% more pdef than Dark Crystal. Even when season started from B grade, even if summoner started with everyone, it was extremely hard to level up to 79 to get magnus and to get 3 expert books. Now server starts from A grade and it will be even harder. No fun early game, no fun end game. Summoner needs customization to compensate dynasty introduction.
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    Summoner is basically a joke here. Expert buff takes slot, so it's total meh. U can't enchant the top tier summon, so it's meh. Not to mention that pet has 20 buff slots.. oh actually 19 (expert book). And there is nothing else you can do about it to make it better. oh wait, you have 40% boost for TOP GEAR. but wait, this boost doesn't work. I had +6 AM +5 Major arcana set robe and AQ +6 and still my boost was 0%.. joke not boost... meanwhile I wasted 800k for that gear and got nothing, even worse, I lost cast speed and adena. LUL Summoner here is joke, and u can't change that. ############# Day of a life of a summoner ############# Create character, go farmzone for 1 hour when double exp is on. Get 79 and quit. Your progress is over. now you can just play for memes. ############# The END #############
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    give us h5, dont waste your time with dead,boring,trash and unbalanced chronicle
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    Interlude for lowbies h5 for men
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    You are example of my previous posts, absolutely trying to get advantage for your own playstyle. I am sure you know what I am talking about. This is not correct to give manipulated statements.
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    „Good players” xD. Every1 own with 24/7 heal bot on your back. Those players are not even good example of owning. Say maybe about MS clan players that they are pr0 lmao.
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    Good players still own as melee. Pony, kalafina, Djinn, Kep, Zen for exaple. But yea, geodata arent best.
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    get a diamond jwl lvl 4 and enchant ur gear
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    You use classic antharas client?