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    So Dynasty has been with us for 2 seasons now and according to my observations it did not really improve much. There were 2 reasons why dynasty was added in the first place: 1st) So mages won't consider DC set as top and reach "endgame" rather quick - not much was improved in that regard since now archers consider draconic better than dynasty. 2nd) Gap was assumed to be smaller between A and Dynasty than B and S - which is also wrong. Therefore I consider that for next season, and since we're already into custom items stuff, to remove dynasty (will be kept just for dressme) and instead make MA set give cast speed bonus instead of the m.atk. bonus. This way I can keep A-grade as starting gear, get rid of dynasty for smaller gear gap between newcomers and veterans, make mages go for S-grade too (and this way we also avoid everyone going only archers at end game), make S-grade have the prices of dynasty so the amount of things players have to do ingame doesn't actually change. In addition, A-grade bows attack speed will be changed from Very Slow to Slow, this way archers will be able to compete at early days too without having to wait all the way for endgame gear. In order to make sure all players are aware of the changes the Merchant NPC dialog will display these changes ingame too. In addition, progressive gameplay (both price reduction and adena increase overtime) doesn't seem to work out quite right, first of all due to it affecting the market in a too drastic way and secondly is because it requires all systems to be synced otherwise these that aren't becomes useless (for example box of luck giving 550 adena, or daily shops offering EWS for 18 medals for example no matter if shop price has already been reduced from 6k to 3k and there are plenty more examples). Therefore these systems will be removed, instead we'll give more focus on gear dependent system (better adena boost for newbies only - with an overtime increment for them only) and maybe add shadow item tickets after a while of server online which newbies will be able to use to buy enchanted non-tradable shadow items. Thoughts and feedback are welcome 🙂
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    On Interlude you dont have Windstorm, you have another useful buff against archers called Bless Shield + Advanced Blocks, if you give up your Dynasty Staff gameplay you might find your free Windstorm that works also against daggers 🙂
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    resist work additionally in interlude and dont multiply. thats only with mdef/pdef related stuff. ur statement is invalid (and offensive) you actually look who is giving you 10 more adena and focus him? no. you attack who is in range and among them who is the biggest threat. at least thats what i do. additionally this could easily be taken care of by making the "shadow armor" count as a +0 armor in the adena calculation i just want to keep in mind, that there was some kind of newbie buff some years ago and veteran players startet to feel punished for playing because a rank1 could fight you, while you already invested several hours in upgrading your gear. dont really know how to solve this - maybe making the shadow gear available after 1 week or sth, so grinding ppl will still have an advantage. - giving MA spell speed instead if matk is fine for me, could help with the archer-qq - giving shyeed bow slow atk speed - ok imo, since archers suck early game ---- overall i liked this season. gj 😉 - the mantra system. its just kind of sad, that in the end, a world boss win didnt mean nothing, cause you couldnt do anything with your mantras anyway. maybe add another use...? the buff to get more matras if you've lost several in a row was a good addition. i like that idea of additional adenas needed by Stubback. i'd keep the different colours tho - made you do some invidual decision making - as a glad-player i'd say the dmg-reduction by hitting more ppl was good. i felt less imba 😛 i think thats more balanced now - ALTHOUGH its kind of strange to reward playing clumped up. i suggest: 1) add the same dmg nerf to mage aoes (thats bullying vs. melees otherwise) and 2) maybe decrease the max-dmg reduction, since it was really strange to hit 150 dmg aoes to an a-grade mage (you dont have cov and use zerk, i know that :P) with s duals. healthy start into the new year to you all 😉
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    So my biggest issue with OvC is the lack of progression, everything is so fast that the meaning of farming for level/skills/gear means absolutely nothing or it's very minor. The rank system and daily system is really good and works but it needs something else to sustain them so I will propose something that has been a constant feature in nowdays servers and it's called "stages" But how stages can be applied to ovc which is a faction server? simple... by using the rank system, so let's say: Stage sytem Stage 1 -B grade unlocked -Tatto locked -AQ/Zaken/Orfen/Core unlocked -B grade enchants available When X amount of players reach X level of rank, the server will move to stage 2 Stage 2 -A grade unlocked -Tatto unlocked -AQ/Zaken/Orfen/Core/Baium/Antharas unlocked -A grade enchants available When X amount of players reach X level of rank, the server will move to stage 3 (final) Stage 3 -S grade unlocked -Tatto unlocked -All epics unlocked -S grade enchants available Now to support this new "stage" system we would need to do a few changes, first and most important one: Enchants and Augments are (and should be) considered end game items and not something you get casually from shop, these items should be only obtainable by completing daily missions/quests/events (pigs,cards,medals etc) and by completing your rank level. Obviously this is a harsh change and probably a lot of people will not like the fact that they can't get end game augs and their +10 S weps in the first 3 days so to avoid mass quitting from those players these items should be "buffed". Enchants will be limited to +10 for weapons and +6 for armors. Stage 1 -Enchants base enchant 66% Stage 2 -Enchants base enchant 72% Stage 3 -Enchants base enchant 80% Life stones augments We have 2 options here: -Increase the % really high -Remove all unnecessary augs (mostly the chance ones) Now daily missions will be actually be something that players will look forward to do since the rewards will be great and not only a low amount of adena. Daily quest and event shops should be updated with new prices for enchants/ls to compensate the lack of them from shop (they would still be much harder to get rather than just being in shop) With those changes, enchanting and augs will be actually fun to do/farm and people will stop quitting from bad luck. After every stage, newbies will get some gear: - When server advances to stage 2, new players will get B grade sets +6 and B weapons +6, these items will last for 24 hours(in game time) to give newbies a boost. - When server advances to stage 3, new players will get A grade sets +6 and A weapons +6, these items will last for 24(in game time) hours to give newbies a boost. Upgrade system This is another idea I have based on the rank system so basically this system will let you upgrade your items from B to A and S with the incentive that they will cost less than buying from shop/players. The upgrade will depend on which rank achievement you choose at the beginning, each player would be able to pick 3 rank achievements when they have advanced to rank 25(for example) Let's say you will play a dps class like archer/mage/gladi so then you could choose Kills/Assists/Top So from there you will be able to link these 3 achievements to the upgrade system: -When you have X amount of kills you will be able to upgrade your weapon, for example when you reach 1000 kills + Adena you will be able to upgrade your peril +5 to carnage +5. -When you have X amount of assists you will be able to upgrade your armor, for example when you reach 500 assists + Adena you will be able to upgrade your Doom +4 to MJ +4. -When you have X amount of tops you will be able to upgrade your jewelry, for example when you reach 10 tops + Adena you will be able to upgrade your Black Ore ring +6 to Majestic earring +6. Obviously these are just examples but you get the point, once you advance to rank X you choose 3 rank achievements that you will link to weapon/armor/jewelry and start upgrading. let me know what you think, I think it will be fun if the stages system could be integrated and see how it works in ovc.
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    Hey,it's been almost 2 seasons for me that i didnt play ,but it was so sad for me since you made the game starts with A grade gear...We lose all the fun in the first hours/days that we all pvp with low gear (B grade) and were playing/farming for our A grade first and then to build our plans in order to improve our gameplay. Also i didnt like the balance when we were pvping with A grade everyone,also the pvp's were lasting longer,fact that me personally i didnt like it. Also in my opinion if u start with A grade gear,you lose some of the "life" of the game,cause the no lifers or the CP's will catch the endgear soon and the motive will be lost. I remember being problem in the previous seasons the fact that,when we started with lower gear ,C grade for example. B grade gear and A grade were expensive and at some point of game B grade and A grade gear were becoming cheaper, so many ppl cried with the fact that they spend so many adenas/mats etc to buy B or A and after some days it was so cheap,so they were emoquiting. But this suggestion that this guy made,feels good to me. To start with B grade gear and to give importance to A grade gear too,so u cant skip that gear, if you wanna buy S grade. Cause u will need the DC set to craft major or the MJ set to craft dragonic or TLM set to craft impereal. So A grade gear will be always a good stuff to keep for trade and make some money,even if u are newbie or veteran. So, i would love to see the upcoming season (whenever this would take place) to start with B grade gear again... Cheers 🙂
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    I really want OvC to succeed this year and give us the 2-3 months of day 1 population PvP we always dreamed of Theres so much rich content from early 2018 - late 2019 in many topics by all kind of players adressing the exact same issues we are having now, so it is time to take a big read for all those interested, see what have been implemented and worked or didn’t worked, see what could have been implemented and didn’t. IMO I don’t care if we have 3 months of no season just for development with 10 betas. I just want to get this stuff fixed once and for all this year. It’s the final deadline. BB
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    I kinda agree with what is being said about dagger considering other experiences I had in 2020. Bluff rate is really really low ( to turn) and almost 0 as stun. Blinding blow same, very rare turns I was really expecting the geodata issues fixings to make it better somehow, I really noticed that some work had been done (for better or worse) but now instead of running endlessly to catch enemy u get stuck in a corner for 1-2 secs what somehow made a worse experience overall Archer issue is pretty much a risk and return thingy (besides that IL has always been dominated by archers - but lets forget this for a sec). Archer is the class that have the biggest range in game, so it can’t really have the biggest damage comparing same level of gear. So limit to infinity and everyone rerolls to archer, Pvp get boring, server dead. One thing that really got me when I started playing here 5 or 6 years ago was the big class diversity server had, we could see summoners and spoilers and almost all support classes in a pvp faction server which was amazing. I have to admit that in these past years much have been improved and as active member of this forum I can really say that everything purposed / approved/ implemented in game was a result of much discussion from players that really like this server and the community aiming always for more and more succes, but also much of the essence that made L2 OvC a big hit and reference in modern L2 gve days have slowly been lost from season to season. It’s really great to see new people joining this boat, but really it’s not that simple. It’s not just cause of archers, or cause heroes in 1st week, or cause of geodata, or this or that. Almost everything have been reworked and worked again, we get more and more players at start over time but the fate is the same, and sadly in the past years with some rare exceptions, everytime shorter. Lets take 2021 to really try to change that once and for all - just gotta figure out how. About the recent change in economic system it was really time for goodbye to progressive gameplay and inflation, there’s really no need for 2 systems as long gear depended rewards do their job correctly. Shadow items for newbies should be really a good thing. For me still the same, we need to have harder and slower progression, lower chances or lower drop rates of enchants, LS and now mantras. About faction balance it’s already common sense that there must be a better organization of clans, or else, having a 3rd faction or even more. We used to do some organization in the background with leaders but really it’s not something u can count on every season. Many old clans as for example of Hombres itself start orgazing very late prior to server opening, since we are always the same people etc etc. There was times I joined with 5 old members and ended up having 2 clans. So u can’t really rely on clans to balance the server themselfs. There has to be some kind of system or more randomness to the faction selection process. I really liked the idea that someone posted these days about item progression, but I would also suggest a lvl progression and rank so for example at week 1 max lvl would be 75 with 25 rank (random numbers) along with some change to gracia final or hellbound when everyone is full geared. Happy new year to all, hope good seasons for all of us in 2021 BB
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    Hello everyone, Today i've decided to ban mail.ru email provider from being able to register on this forum since it seems to be used only by spammers or people who got banned trying to open 200 accounts using this provider just to get banned again. New users are to use more reliable mail providers if they want to participate in forum discussions such as gmail or hotmail.
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    so you suggest an expert skill Resist bow with the 66% enchant rate server. so an overenchanted DC set (cuz we do not have Dynasty anymore) is the best solution.. and trust me, i made +11 drag set ez. I suggest to make the server a bit harder to grind by the followings: Make Mantras 1 colour. AQ price: 300k mantras with +200k adena. Baium price 500k Mantras +300k Adena and so on.. This way you will not spend all your money on enchants since you have to keep some for Epic jewels and slowers the progression.
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    i cant see the problem about dynasty tbh,i really liked it and i believe servers life increased by it,now what "killed" the server sooner was the dramatic decrease on the shop prices,i mean was dropping really really fast and like 2-3 times per day,in 3 days from full cost the shop items drop to were it is now..about the class balances archer is in good place,is nerfed he misses alot and the damage is decent (if you consider all have full jewels duel might and +++ bow) 3-3.5k is not even close to consider brutal,archer is nerfed to a playable for everyone point,mage is good also,i dont know about gladis but i dont see emerald talk about daggers,for them is the worst thing to remove dynastys because the dyna set gives him almost 5 evasion,more atk.spd even from drac set,more p.def and dark resist,leaving the dyna aside i have to say its too hard to play dagger on the server not just because at least half of the maps is open space and the spawns resurrecting full pack of players and not 1by1 lets say but because the bluff just doesnt work (i mean it have some low chances to work,like probably 1/25 personally i dont even use it,sometimes i click it on my 3rd bar) but the blinding blow have 0% chance to turn enemys back which is really bad,for sure this 2 skills is something to get your eyes on and now a suggestion i made like one or two times again in the past is give the elfs and d.elfs Fake Death lvl 2 (not icluding humans because of the mirage) fake death lvl 2 would mean removes everyones target state (from you),yes you all know were i got this ideas from but let me tell you this changes for sure going to make the dagger playable and fun from the start and not only when is 10 ppl on the map. Again i liked every change you did on this season except of course the drop on shop prices and maybe the mantra that make rb jewels free for all almost and it just not feel satisfing to be full gear so soon and not have to grind for your antharas or zaken lets say,also many classes dying way sooner as ppl get full rb set on their hands due to the resistance they give,ppl not even crafting jewels anymore because they go for full rb and just dont care,that was my recap of the server,i dont have any problems about your suggests and changes about the upcoming season im sure its going to be a bomb once again but i am really sceptical about the dagger class,thats all.
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    You should also consider option [like BOG put on discord] with reducing max enchant to let say +13 or reduce greatly success rate of enchant/drop ews or so...nobody like star wars servers...imho top weap for example 7/8/9 should be very rare. Rest changes you proposed +1.
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    If u make Shyeed slow weapons, u will just have archers from day 1 till the end imo. Instead of dynasty, what about introducing masterworks as end game farming? +1 for any incentive to help new comers, also, as I mentioned on discord, I think having a +6 enchant cap on both armor/weapons would balance the nonsense damage and also reduce the gap between new comers and people who are playing from day 1. Just wanted to drop this here: after u cap the quest manager (level 70 on everything) there is almost no point in playing that character anymore, after some ranks, the quest manager is basically the main source of enchants and other useful drop, can you increase the cap or make that feature still working somehow even when a char is capped? thanks for listening
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    my thoughts about this and suggestions 😁 adenu increasing & decreasing prices helps both, old & new nubz and destroying the market+lifespan of servidor suggestions : 1) dont increase adenu overtime but decrease prices on half after 1 week ONLY for weapons,armors,jewels, / mats,parts,recs,SA cry,tattoo & increase even more the penalty gear to replace the adena increasing overtime * this way is helping ONLY the new nubz and not speed up the end game gears. Cutting in half enchants and LS leading to star-wars servidor,end game itens wich makes everyone emo quit especially new nubz cause they cant do any dmg to farm and when they see those flashlights on streams obviously they think twice b4 starting. For example I can feel the difference on small maps where I used 2 play elfie archer, used to hit and run cause of deficiency of range but now I have no time 2 run cause i get smashed b4 i hide (too much dmg from Star-Wars Jedies) 2) add +6 weapons,armors,jewels untradable (maybe not for only 3 days but forever) for new nubz after 1 week to replace the current newbie system this way they have a chance to farm and motivate them to start (we all know nubz in l2 don't usually start on an old servidor but if they have a good support they will) * I created a SPS to test how a new nub can farm and its very hard, played safely in a mini VIP-TVT and i was doing around 200-300 max dmg on normal hits and 600-700 on m.crits on smelly mages like Alita, about archers i don't even talk...couldnt even hit them more than 1-2 times b4 i got blasted cause they got more range but with sets +6 i would make them emo quit already 😇 3) remove the requirements to get mantras on epics cause even old players can't do enought dmg sometimes to get the reward imagine new nubz (many QQs everytime in game after every epic, now you can reply here) * the current reward is awesome tho if you lose more epics you get more reward (but again if you don't do the requirements you get nada) 4) increase HP for AQ,Zaken or make them spawn after the fight like Sailren,Baiun,Tezza etc. to avoid PVE masters 5) rework the corners where we get stucked , i feel like i play a fat orc errytime This is what i had in mind for now, created a topic so moar nubz can REPLY and say if they agree or not and and stop QQing in game cause nobody will hear them there, all they do is QQ in game emo quit or come to twitch chat and QQ there too. I speak from facts and in the name of those who had complaints but never started a topic or talk on discord. As for the newcomers I don't expect them 2 reply cause they won't bother,they just check the servidor on strim,they ask how old is the servidor,they join or not, if they join and can't farm they just emo quit and look for another1,and i'm ded serious about adding sets +6 cause when they ask how old is the servidor i can tell them that they can start cause they have good halp. Those who started when i recommended them , after 1-2 days started to pm me or come back to twitch 2 ask me for adenu 2 help them.
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    max enchant weapon +10 hard to take ls and enchants / 1aug skill / remove snipe from archers and p attack power from chost sentinels remove rebirth wild magic / more harder to take dyna armor weapon or remove / boss 1 or 2 per week drop mantras for all random time spawn remove water mantras/ and make 1 passive +2dex+2con +2str +2int for new players after 1week for first 500pvps
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    even with set +10 they just outrange and interrupt every cast of yours if they crit 🙂
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    Can you add some sort of "resist bow" thing? Every1 is rolling archers... this is just... anything would help... basically anything with "windstorm" effect.
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    don't forget that, only on OvC, shield might also parry magic spells!!! WOW, AMAZING
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    in lol they ban you if you make comments of that magnitude