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    Imagine caring about gigabrokenunbalanced Interlude olympiads
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    people like you dont have to reply on topics who doesnt have a clue of knowledge about it
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    Also here is an idea how about you decrease the enchant rate succes for "ranged" weapons, this way mellee's wont get smashed on all the maps. Yeah and prolly A grade should be better, imagine when some people will reach S grade and there will be new players that start playing and they will be in b grade.
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    why are you so hyped?? You should keep safe the borders in our lovely greece 😄 Yeah he should announce it..!
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    good idea, indeed the cave influenced the gameplay but now like this erryone is equal. now... i cant see the vote with the date of reopening interluda, where is it ????? we want to vote !🙃
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    Also i want to say that i was able to make oly games with henchman .Dont think this was intended as well .Henchmans shouldnt be able to play oly and noblesse or not there there should be a rank requirement to be able play oly .
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    Hello from me as well. My ingame name is Classic & i play Elven Elder with subs Archer/Sps/Bishop. I would like to express my point of view about the server after 1 week of game play. 1st of all we arrived 8 people to play together as a company because we use to play some years ago (i had the same name back then) and was a hell of a fun!!Should be more than 8 years before maybe even more,cant really remember.Anyway we jumped in for our 1st pvp.As a healer i party my fellow parteners by doing 2partys of 4 people to start our adventure!At my 1st 20 seconds in battle i can clearly hear the most experienced player from us saing... ''guys people here use programms or something.Its more than obvious with the way they moove,they heal''.I interupt him (his name is Bill) and i said to him,comon Bill we just started dont overreakt.Seconds later literally less than 10 a fellow partner from my party this time dies in from of my eyes and i literally had zero chanse to heal him cause his hp insta evaporated!!I asked him (his name Alex) Alexxxx did you even got buffs and use set of armor/jewels or you jumped in the pvp like that?He sent me after a wille a print screen of his gear (all was fine) and a damage of 12,5k from 1 shoot from an archer.The next day/hours 5/8 friends quit the server. What i want to say is...thats the experience of newbies players.What we experienced?The Henchman that we didnt know that exists obviously and its probably one of the main reason that people dislike the server and leave & 2ndly an archer (doesnt matter the class matters the insident) that used death sting and 1 shooted a newbie. So we finished our 1st secion of events and we appeared back in town to search the game a bit more. We did those free subclass all of us.Archers all of us...+0 items all of us...saggitarius all of us...and guess what.We used snipe and spammed 2,3 basic skills like death sting/flame hawk/double/leathal etc etc.I can assure you that i did 5-8k dmg to players with rank above 50 at 1 hit!My parteners did the same.We also did some tanks & bishops henchmans at next round and was a festival of 8 playes having 24 chars in game just hitting around insane dmg,getting back insane dmg and waitting the healers to heal & rez. The qustion here is.Is that fun?Obviously not cause we knew that we fought 70% of the time bots helarers or tanks and if we get 1 shoot or give it would be matter of luck or reaction anyway. Balance between new & old (10 days old) players are literally not existance!! My conclusion: The server in my opinion have one of the most amazing paths and mooving i ever experienced in Interlude (or similar) clients,i stuck all those hours maybe 1 or 2 times,i felt no lag at all.The events & mini events are AMAZING with different things to play from bosses,rullete,chests,domination,flag,zombies,mutant etc etc and its rly rly nice.It feels that there is people who work on those things and the gameplay its rly cool & intresting. From the other side the balance is no where close to balance!Archers hits like trucks event with +0 items,summoners are more tanky than actuall tanks,daggers are kinda doomed if you are not really skilled player or lucky enough to 1 shoot someone and insta run,titans/wc/domi/kavatari/pollers/ee/pp/dwarfs/bishop/tanks are literally non existable from real players,tanks bots pulls people non stop with chains & mass chains,bots henchmans healers heal & DAMAGE (LOL) targets here & there and inside this fiesta we are looking for a real target to kill or his/her personal bishop 1st!!Thats not fun,thats not nice,thats not even pvp!! At the end what happend?Its almost 10:00 the morning and i just won a map by my self at score 1100:0 or so cause there wasnt a single player to play with in the map.Seems like henchman option brought the opposite results from what designed for!Instead of rising up a bit the population of the server finally hencmans eliminate every active player. Suggestions: 1)Remove henchman or let it be for new players ONLY until lets say rank 20 to have a healer or something with them nothing more (1 to assist them not 4 for god shake...) 2)Gap gear should included somehow in pvp.Meaning if a player outgears heavily someone else then the dmg should be capped.The reason?With 12k dmg from 1 shoot the server will never get any new players cause they will insta quit. 3)Balance the classes asap!You know better that me what 1shoots & what its unplayable!! 4)Rebalance the system that splits people in events.There are several times that can be 50vs20 cause of this ello system.After all those years you should know that ello is nothing cause zerg always wins!!!! *)I almost forgot the quest npc and the challenges etc etc system is bloody genius!!Very nice future. Sorry for the huge post,have a good day everyone from Classic.