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    oommmgi plizzz open new season i dont have nothing else to do with my life pls! new season! pls!!!! tip: my 1month vacation at work starts in july
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    Move the auto player right away! There are no humans, I can't play games.
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    It's been 1 month, announce a new season plizzzzz, we want to play!!!!!
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    -1 U make a message shop against the fucktards that open shops with messages like; ‘bb ovc, see you next , season finish , leave , server dead , etc.’ and u get banned for supporting ovc . Well atta’ buoys who the fk comes back ever . ))). You dont ban people that support your server , especially a Crimson Noble , especially the leader of Crimson Noble ))). Inhabited .
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    Hey all, We would like to announce that from now on, using l2ovc interface is the only way you can log in to the server, using any other interface will get you kicked out from the game, this is done in order to fight interfaces that have automatic functionalities such as auto assist, auto target, auto skill casting etc. In order to give you a chance to test all recent changes (which can be found on our changelist) we will be running a beta phase for 24 hours starting tomorrow at about 16:00 GMT +3 Feel free to log in and get yourself familiar with the changes.
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    adena/xp/sp/mantra rates are now 200x
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    +1 to a new fresh season .