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    Version 6 Development started, more in depth details and news soon! Basic features: * Starting level 118 with free 4th class. * Max level 120. * Starting gear R110 with attributes, which is also the max gear, players will only have to go for upgrades and epics. * All dyes are free. * Players will start with all other type of gear for free (talismans, artifacts, brooches and so on) and will only have to upgrade them.
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    Questo video è della season vecchia.
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    Beauty Shop: If you want to customize your character further with appearances that aren't even available at character creation you can purchase a beauty shop ticket from Merchant and use it at Beauty Shop! Many new face shapes, hairstyles and colors available for all races. P.S. City is ready! time to start testing 😍
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    Noblesse: Haven't really changed from previous game versions, you still have 2 ways to gain noblesse which is either by collecting 500 MSS from events or getting the 3 quest items required by the Noble Manager NPC inside the Farm Zone. Farm Zone: As you can see above Dr. Chaos realized his golem minions were too weak, so he signed a new contract with the Giants! 😮 Ranks & Quests: The only thing changed about ranks and quests are the rewards. You will now get books needed to learn subclass, dualclass and pomander skills (once learned they will be available on both main and sub). In addition, certain ranks will give you ability points, which you can use to spend on a special passive skill tree of your choice.
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    New Clan System: You can level up a clan using CRP, which can be obtained in 2 ways: * Buying for Adena via Merchant. * Buying for Fame via Merchant, Fame can be obtained from PvP once the clan owns a certain residence. All players who are looking for a clan can check the Clan Entry window for clans which are currently recruiting and apply to join them, or register themselves as players who are looking for a clan and get potential invite requests from clan leaders. Starting from level 5 clans will start getting development points, which can be used to expand a clan specialties tree of choice, each clan specialty unlocked will grant the clan members skills corresponding to the tree chosen, so pick your path carefully ! 🙂
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    this is better for ending 😉
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    Nice video BOG 😄 I have dejavu from that ending
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    The bots i've made are only for testing and are not usable for live. I might introduce a new bot system called "henchman" (idea is taken from Guild Wars from these who know it), basically bots which players can control, invite to party, gear up etc etc. This way even solo players could be in a party with a healer and other classes of choice (tanker, DDs, whatever) and have the ability to farm more properly.
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    we get mantras from raid, getting it in pvp reward sucks and its low amount
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    U forgot to say u share ur char with 3 people so u farm this gear 24/7 :D
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    hey randoms enjoy the server. im not playing.. and the name is BLACKMAMBA!!
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    lol... i am stupid. delete thread
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    Pre opening changes: * Counter Critical / Chant of Protection will give 20% critical damage resist each instead of 30% each. * Counter Critical trigger effect will give x1.5 melee critical damage bonus instead of x2. * Protection of Rune trigger effect will give 850 M.Def. bonus instead of 1,000
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    Chev is right but...by the time you ll get endgame gear/enchant armor+weapon+skills server will be long time dead. Telling out of experience too.