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  2. Its one of the options that should be removed long time ago...from regular menager and donation as well.
  3. Ask the people who were swapping factions just to avoid each other as enemies, causing unbalance.
  4. * Small improvements to henchman system. * Fix silence interrupting physical skills. * Fix issue where sometimes players couldn't sell items to buy shops.
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  6. emerdal unban me bro its that a reason .. i didnt thief or curse .. Ty


  7. im seing videos, in the home page of the site, where we were pvping with B grades and this bring good memories of l2ovc. It was mistake for me that server were starting with A grade gear...You must do again to start with C or B and to make needed the previous gear in order to buy the next gear (the suggestion i made in previous reply) the whole fun in l2ovc and the big motive was the idea that we would play hours and farm in order to buy the bigger gear and have a gap with the others and destroy them in maps...When u start with A and u just play tons of hours to buy S and the diffrence is almost zero...it takes the motive away and the good feeling when u pvp and you dont see the diffrence in ur gameplay between you (who spent hours playing and made ur gear , with a newcomer who just logged in took 2 ressists and went to map). I know emerald was trying to make server as much newbie's friendly he could,but in my opinion veterans and good parties and strong players are keeping a server alive,because they give motive and a palm to the server and if the newbies will see a healthy server and a still competitive server after 2 weeks,be sure that they will play no matter what. cheers 🙂
  8. hi bro .. check my acc plz WATERPIST0L i cant login ... and i make unlock character from site 3 times and nothing ... ty 

  9. stop this, is hilarious, all ppl full party bots
  10. what statistics?statistics exist on the stone right side from were chaos spawn but you avoid to talk about them you say they not count,what admin?admin already knows that cant nerf archer MORE,your bullshit numbers is the statistics?you said i dont even play the server well i play from the start and i tryed ALL classes,literally...and you are the one who dont know what is talking about because you never played an archer to see what actually is everyone else saying,and I DARE YOU make an archer and just try to make 10 kills in a map,i fucking dare you,then come back and tell us if its "OP" or not..jesus.
  11. Changes done with last update.
  12. Done with last update, check Henchman Manager NPC in town.
  13. * Changed God Motivation buff to have 3 levels, where players with rank <= 25 gets level 3, <= 45 gets level 2 and rest gets level 1. * Increased CS duration a bit. * Removed some useless A-grade weapons from shop. * Added Cursed Dagger Rsk. Haste to GM shop. * Introducing Henchman system - check ingame Henchman Manager NPC for details. * Small skills refactor, fixing level 80 signet skills. * Small update to geoengine.
  14. whatever, you can believe whatever you want i speak with statistics from game and tests from my own , admin can check his own , gl to you mate
  15. i can answer to all of the stupid things you said but as i mentioned i dont even want to take part on this discussion because is like talking to a wall with people like yourself,i readed your angry post 5 times trying to find one thing that is actually true but then i realized who you are,you are the Destiny ape,i bet my ass your in-game name is Destiny and you are full of shit,you even said one time you left with 2 buffs only with your dagger from cancels and that kind of stuff..server will be much healthier when you quit,everyday crying and lying on chat,if not actual ban you deserve at least chat ban and for the record you are so clueless that you play full gear sps with magnus when in the same time you say its 90% archer on chaos....im speechless and you are hopeless,kys.
  16. i guess you dont play on this server because 70% of server (especially on chaos) the past 2 weeks are archers ( i guess ppl like to use one key player ). anyway i know you are just another java player but i have to tell you this mate : we play a pvp server right ? right . we all want to have fun with what class we want right? right . so if all have archers(if you join you will understand) and archer hit so hard then you cant play any other class(or if you play no fun at all die in 3 hits from archer ,and im not talking only mages all die easily from archer, gladi takes 2.4-4k with heavy armor too). And of course if you play off files bla bla bla +16 bow dual might normal dmg is 7k yeah but you know EMERALD balance server soyou can play all classes on his server thats the reason he nurf gladi ,archer ,mage etc give boost to summoner but still archer is OP ,(and we dont forget that all expert books are for archers, when its percentable % --->gives more the more you have ,if you are good on maths of course but it seems you are not) TIP: FIRST YOU JOIN server--->test things-->then talk ,not making archer with bow +16 hit 4.5k to all and say archer is nurfed because i hit 1 dmg or shield defence 2 times after i killed him 3 times in row and couldnt touch your cp., in all maps archer are on top of kills that means 1)a lot of archers 2)a lot of damage tnx a lot for your understanding archer are OP
  17. 2-3 max sets out of 11 Dynasty sets Class are worth making, others are complete garbage and except P.Def dont bring any beneficial bonuses compared to A-S, i believe making the armor Enchant Rate a bit higher was more than enough to balance the S grade end-game thing. Draconic Bow P.atk compared to Dynasty is a huge gap if u compare AM Mace with Dynasty Mace and Staff, so we really look up to this dynasty thing getting out of Interlude ^^ It didn't help at all and also limited the class verstality end-game even more.
  18. i dont even want to take part in this conversation about archers because i actually feel sad about them,archer is so nerfed that breaking my heart and the guys who say archer is op and needs more nerf they have never played a server less then x15000 with customs,it actually blows my mind,oof!anyway my suggestions is to change cancel not to being 100% success,its fcking crazy..its like stun being 100% imagine that..and something (to me) not minor is the thing that if for example you play sagi you cant do a ghost sentinel sub because they are both archer classes,or if you are an sps main you cant sub to sorcerer thats weird to me and feelsbad in a pvp server not being able to play w/e i feel in the moment and have to make new character without the ranks or my active/passive augments rather.
  19. Crooked geodata at the event. Char the entire event stands in the wall.
  20. I don't like dynasty. It changes balance too much.
  21. Hey,it's been almost 2 seasons for me that i didnt play ,but it was so sad for me since you made the game starts with A grade gear...We lose all the fun in the first hours/days that we all pvp with low gear (B grade) and were playing/farming for our A grade first and then to build our plans in order to improve our gameplay. Also i didnt like the balance when we were pvping with A grade everyone,also the pvp's were lasting longer,fact that me personally i didnt like it. Also in my opinion if u start with A grade gear,you lose some of the "life" of the game,cause the no lifers or the CP's will catch the endgear soon and the motive will be lost. I remember being problem in the previous seasons the fact that,when we started with lower gear ,C grade for example. B grade gear and A grade were expensive and at some point of game B grade and A grade gear were becoming cheaper, so many ppl cried with the fact that they spend so many adenas/mats etc to buy B or A and after some days it was so cheap,so they were emoquiting. But this suggestion that this guy made,feels good to me. To start with B grade gear and to give importance to A grade gear too,so u cant skip that gear, if you wanna buy S grade. Cause u will need the DC set to craft major or the MJ set to craft dragonic or TLM set to craft impereal. So A grade gear will be always a good stuff to keep for trade and make some money,even if u are newbie or veteran. So, i would love to see the upcoming season (whenever this would take place) to start with B grade gear again... Cheers 🙂
  22. well i believe this is happening cause the guy doesnt have any other money.. so u cant sell it. maybe im wrong ..
  23. on a mage with +10 set jewels + magnus you have 2.5k m def with ber , on archer with ber+cov of course you have 2.1k m def something like this , land rate on surrender btw is not more than 50% but i just said you must be low lvl so you die 3 hit from mage , but im saying again we talk about end game , early game mage always win , but on pvp server there is no early game everyone start on 76 xD tip: how about when party has a bishop ? i mean 1 mage cant TOUCH bp with 300 dmg 🙂 only with curse but its hard , archer hit 3-4k dmg on dynasty ++ we dont say about dynasty +0 (4--4.5k dmg) fun bp we are talking about top BP right now with +6 +7 set 🙂 you have to think everything mate not only mage vs archer but everyone vs everyone and here we are you only see archer in server (at least on winning side CHAOS with +16 bow and rule the server for no reason xD)
  24. you are 100% wrong and we are not talking about random ppl lvl 30 , here we talk on end game server , that means you have +7 -10 jewels and armor and one bow to +10 plus , yes on that way archer are like 3 times more OP than mage , one ressist mage cant kill archer (dont say you dotn have place for ressist etc s hit you have 1-2 spaces so if you have them no mage can touch you on these kind of ressist you pick up) so please first go on high lvl with the highest gear then you can say your ideas here . ( as i write im top gear here and still get 3-4 k dmg per arrow from top archer and give them around 2-3.5k critical with surredner vortex ) ( of course i have shield and shield buffs) TIP : this server created JUST for pvp so consider that anyone want to pvp with any class he want , as one guy say on top yes end game only archer , but this is why EMERALD balance so there are not only archer (everyone here start mage then reroll to archer noone do the opposite ) . so if we say that we remove archer from game completely ( im not saying to do that ) there will be a lot of other classes who will join like summoners like destros like tank (Damager tanker not defence ) because they hit hard on Robe armors and mages cant kite you.so archer is kind destoying ppl to create another char just archer
  25. I disagree, archers are OK! Mages are OP! 90% surrender landrate. 4k crits against 2k mdef. Cast speed much higher than attack speed.
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