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  2. Beauty Shop: If you want to customize your character further with appearances that aren't even available at character creation you can purchase a beauty shop ticket from Merchant and use it at Beauty Shop! Many new face shapes, hairstyles and colors available for all races. P.S. City is ready! time to start testing 😍
  3. Noblesse: Haven't really changed from previous game versions, you still have 2 ways to gain noblesse which is either by collecting 500 MSS from events or getting the 3 quest items required by the Noble Manager NPC inside the Farm Zone. Farm Zone: As you can see above Dr. Chaos realized his golem minions were too weak, so he signed a new contract with the Giants! 😮 Ranks & Quests: The only thing changed about ranks and quests are the rewards. You will now get books needed to learn subclass, dualclass and pomander skills (once learned they will be available on both main and sub). In addition, certain ranks will give you ability points, which you can use to spend on a special passive skill tree of your choice.
  4. New Clan System: You can level up a clan using CRP, which can be obtained in 2 ways: * Buying for Adena via Merchant. * Buying for Fame via Merchant, Fame can be obtained from PvP once the clan owns a certain residence. All players who are looking for a clan can check the Clan Entry window for clans which are currently recruiting and apply to join them, or register themselves as players who are looking for a clan and get potential invite requests from clan leaders. Starting from level 5 clans will start getting development points, which can be used to expand a clan specialties tree of choice, each clan specialty unlocked will grant the clan members skills corresponding to the tree chosen, so pick your path carefully ! 🙂
  5. Subclass (now called dualclass): * Dualclass is free. * Deleting a dualclass and picking another is also free. * Note: you can have only 1 dualclass. * Now players can switch between main and dualclass from their character status window, which means players can switch between classes even while inside events, if balance allows it.
  6. Merchant & Donations: * Since almost everything is free and people will only have to go for upgrades and epics, there's no need for extra currencies such as mantras and donation coins, everything will be for Adena, which should also simplify things a bit - there will not be gifts shop / price reduction feature either (progressive gameplay will still exist and increase Adena drops from players overtime). Weapons and armors have only 1 upgrade from Enchanted (the free version) to Limited - note the only material needed to upgrade gear are Gemstone-R, which replaces Material Boxes. All other materials are considered rare and will only be buyable or obtainable from Box of Luck, these materials will be needed to upgrade brooches, talismans, epics etc - the only exception are materials needed for epic weapons, these will not be buyable so only very lucky people would get them by opening Box of Luck. * Brooches level 1 will be free, and can be upgraded up to level 5 using Brooch Jewel Material. * Talismans level 1 will be free and can be upgraded using Giant's Energy Material. * Artifact Book level 1 will be free and can be upgraded to level 3 using Artifact Fragment Material. * Each boss item will be upgradable using a boss specific material, boss weapons will also require the material for buying the item. All other shops are pretty much ordinary and allows you to buy soul crystals, life stones, enchants, attributes, artifacts, accessories and so on. In that matter, there are a lot of of accessories, agathions and dressme items which you can buy for Adena in order to improve your appearance.
  7. Buffs: * Divine inspiration are auto learned, which means all players starts with 27 buff slots. * NPC buffer offering all buffs available in game, there aren't many (about 16), so you will have plenty of free buff slots for self buffs. * Since summoner classes can have multiple summons, buffer has the ability to buff each summon individually.
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  9. Wow you found Mojo's advertisment? 😄
  10. Version 6 Development started, more in depth details and news soon! Basic features: * Starting level 118 with free 4th class. * Max level 120. * Starting gear R110 with attributes, which is also the max gear, players will only have to go for upgrades and epics. * All dyes are free. * Players will start with all other type of gear for free (talismans, artifacts, brooches and so on) and will only have to upgrade them.
  11. The community cry for all, stop. Stop cry and stop nerf to all, and go interlude with new maps, fast !
  12. Exactly, you literally have these braindead idiots talking about limiting playtime and blocking account sharing lol. I thought I had seen it all, but I guess not.
  13. You are literally suggesting to punish people for playing on the server. You guys need to stop searching for the magic formula to equalise solo/new player to people that play more and are organised. It doesn't matter what nerfs or restrictions you impose upon players. People that are organised and play more will always be ahead of the rest. All these changes just make the server less fun without really changing anything.
  14. You sound like a socialist/communist.
  15. Server didnt had good lifespan for a quite long time and yea i think its biggest reason why player leave when 1 ppl get top gear in 1st day or 2 which is only posible with gear trade and account share. Many old players just play for a weekend and then give gear to clan mates/friends when they leave server. And then this players dominate, Its not normal that farm for top gear takes 2weeks and some ppl have it in 1st day and season last now 1week maybe 2 Most of players leave in first few days becuse of that
  16. I don't play much anymore but i don't really like the idea. Getting a message saying "you played too much, go take a break" is often received as condescending, and people could find the answer as : "i'll go to another server then" and won't come back when that pause is off. And it seems unrealistic for the "sharing account" part. I'm not a network expert, but i guess it could be easily avoidable. Sometimes more rules bring more people breaking the rules. I don't want to be the devil's advocate, but if one character has farmed more than the others, i don't really care. It is almost the same as helping clanmates for their gear, so clan members have better gear than the average people, or than the opposing side. If the season has a good lifespan (>.>), it doesn't matter, people will eventually get the same. I mean this is Lineage2, the strongest characters, most of the time, win and dominate. So you put all your efforts into being the strongest. It is not a game where the good guys win at the end. The server is already so "Solo player/Carebear" friendly... And we should take actions for one character being played 24/7 ? Do you really think it is his fault people are leaving so early ?
  17. Just block account sharing is enough. People come with this excuse that they dont have enough time to play, but in the end they just want to easily stack expert skills and own everyone in a unfair way.
  18. And make real money reward for top players this would create real competition And 1st such server. More ppl would donate to have better chances of being in top
  19. Limit time of play of like 20-30h per week would create more competition Statistic of top ppl now are just those who play alot like 6h+ every day and its not fair and healthy. So if new player joins 1 week later you dont block his play time so he can catch other ppl in pvp count. I think most of ppl would be happy with this system as they play only like 2h every day maybe more on weekend. And its also 1 of the reason why players leave after 1week becuse they cant keep up with players that play alot.
  20. Igor

    New season suggestion

    L2infinity had such system, alot off ppl that played there play here now and it worked well
  21. -block all trades betwen accounts, make shops last atleast 30min or so before able to sell this will prevent trades betwen accounts/friends -make auctioneer with same function preventing trades betwen accounts, you need to allow only gear trading or players are buying ss or some other crap to trade adena betwen accounts -delete prophecy buffs from buffer -add prophecy potions to donations -make healers/supports able to farm adena like before Deleting prophecy buffs from buffers will add more classes to choose from Adding prophecy potions will add something worth to donate and wont unbalance much, more players will play in party and not alone
  22. I agree with lovehate block all trades betwen accounts or some charecters get OP in 1st day and make healers able to farm adena like before they unbalance events only when population is low Maybe try 1season with deleting prophecy buffs, this would result in more playable classes like ee, wc, se Add prophecy potions to donations, this way donators atleast get something usefull Remember players will always cry no mather what you make Atm you really dont have something usefull to donate for, only adena scrolls
  23. For once I wouldn't mind, playing healer sux so hard in OvC Hi5 (imo OFC). Didn't find any fun in it. Just xp 83 and spam chain heal on whole faction. Was more fun to use battle heal with pp/se on Interlude. About prohecy +15, I dunno, doesn't change much, except it makes it useless for SE/EE/PP/OL to enchant them outside of olympiad. But well, since you don't want them at all... x). This version was so fast already it didn't look liked L2 Hi5 at all to me. Didn't feel like i was on OvC. felt like i was on another Sayian Supa Laser Saber Custom Ichigo server. All i saw was kamehamehas, goku teleports and pew pews. And I know we don't have much custom here, or close to none. But it's what it felt like.
  24. You can make one season h5 w/o healers, just test it. i really think will make pvp way more fun and less OP for ppl that come with CP. "random" players are 90% of population, and the reality is that they keep server alive. No healers at all, block heals from another chars. "aaa, i like to play only healers" well, try for 1 season play with other class or make summoner and heal your horse :D one more thing, prophecys+15 deacrease penalty, no reason for all the chars be slow af
  25. I consider those ideas just more confusing and useless, like that server where u got them, which also have buffs for "premium" only XD The only thing to not make people craft top gear in 1 day is to prevent them to stack resources or change the current state of the crafting system. Either u stop people to trade each other resources or u just put upgradable gear based on ranks, or some sort of rewarding system based on faction only since we are in a faction server
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