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  2. 7 hours later update more epics have respawned but none have showed up, just stays all alive. no one will get epics at this point.
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  4. theres a red spawn that puts you inside a room where you cannot leave, half of red team has to soe and go back to town everytime we respawn there.
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  6. It seems like adena scroll was raised to $10 euro which to me is pretty absurd for only 6 hours. I think its cause you combined the 2 scrolls (drop and adena) but most people donated FA for adena scroll and not drop scroll. $5 euro for 6 hours was already quite a bit and now $10 for 6 hours i think is too much. It has directly affected the market and FA demand. I personally did not feel incentived to donate like usual due to this absurd price and i know many of my friends i played with felt the same way. Please consider reducing the price because $10 for a scroll that lasts 6 hours on a private servers is quite crazy.
  7. baium still alive. almost 24 hours now since respawn. queen ant still alive which is about almost 12-16 hours since respawn.
  8. Pretty much this. People only see 8k and immediately cry for nerfs. Daggers are pretty much useless without those buffs and to be honest, are the only ones taking risks to take down healers. Without daggers i'm pretty sure it would be a boring stalemate.
  9. This is standard confirmation bias. You get hit once for 8k dmg and you assume that's what daggers do consistently. Noone really bats an eye though when daggers deal 2 rotations of skills and nothing lands. Understandably getting one-shotted is not fun but it's not anywhere as consistent as most people whining make it out to be. You literally have to land a skill first, and, if it lands, there's a chance for the double crit which also only reaches around 8k when attacking from the back. Anyone who tried playing the class for more than 5 minutes understands that. There are so many daggers around but barely any of them make it to top 10 consistenly. Kinda funny considering how "busted" everyone seems to think the class is. The double crit was justifiably nerfed but nerfing the flat crit damage which is usually around 1.5k to 3k really doesn't make any sense considering archers/nukers do more than that from a safe distance.
  10. I suggest that when epics respawn, the max events it can go without that epic showing up is 1-3 events. Currently, a raid can spawn and then stay alive for a long time. Epics are already expensive as is and requires luck and timing the epics correctly to get enough mantras. Baium has been alive for 12 hours and has yet to show up and it takes 300k fire mantras for the jewl. Only Antharas and baium drops fire mantras and each with 1 day respawn rate. Now that baium has been alive for 12 hours, and hasnt spawned, with a 300k cost of baium ring, no one will ever get epics at this point.
  11. because u have TWO BUFFS which are giving your blows or any skills almost 100% EXTRA DAMAGE, ergo it's not dagger or archer the problem, it's the 80% bullshit steroid which should be removed, not even nerfed. by nerfing with a flat % a class u are just killing it because "NORMALLY" they will do less damage but with those 2 80% buffs are still gonna do 7k to people. what's gonna happen, emerald is gonna nerf every day 5% archer/dagger damage instead of removing the chance of those 2 to crit almost 8k?
  12. Exactly, the main problem of why this server is unbalanced is really simple, Buffs+ amount of free items that boost character in shop. Classic is the most balanced chronicle NCsoft ever made, but here its different cuz noone expected Dances/Songs and super buffs like CoV/VoP to last 2h and have them all time on character.
  13. Come on man, dont be biased to your class. Archers hit hard with one skill which has a 10 sec CD and cast. However, archers get bursted quickly by mages and literally 1 shot by a dagger with shadow step backstab etc. There is ZERO counter play to daggers right now hence why there are so many of them running around. Daggers are literally one shotting everyone and everything. You could argue most other classes are fine as is right now. But daggers needed a nerf.
  14. or when mage with talisman of border proc gives u 3 4ks in a row i don't get why u are nerfing a class instead of nerfing a 80% crit damage steroids which is retarded for EVERY class
  15. So you believe its op class to hit 8k on close when on Ghost Sentinel you can achieve an 9k crit here on Counter Critical or Fatal Counter without going too much close?
  16. Daggers were seriously OP. I don't think a forum post was necessary. Anyone that played on the server currently can tell you they really needed a nerf. A 5% nerf really isnt much when theyre hitting everyone and their mom for 5-12k currently without epics.
  17. So one person said something about dagger damage and it got instantly nerfed? Without much investigation/more votes for it? Democracy seems dead here. But noone mentioned that its 2.0 classic without Super Runes like Othell 10+ that increases blow landrate and except Focus Death you miss 1/8 of a blow but if you land you hurt?
  18. Emerald


    Changelist #2 * Fixed Ancestor Martankus status in Tablet of Information. * Fixed Fast Run staying after dismount. * Fixed Chant of Protection giving crit rate resist. * Fixed Sword Expert can be used even if not having sword equipped. * Fixed clan skills shouldn't have social class requirements anymore. * Fixed Body Impale and Border of Purification having too long cast times. * Increased AQ HP abit. * Reduced Zaken HP. * Increased players required for siege maps. * Reduced amount of guards in siege maps so they won't block paths. * Removed teleportation timer in Castle VS Castle map, now players will be teleported instantly. * Reduced daggers double crit damage by 10%. * Reduced archers crit damage and skill damage by 5%.
  19. Emerald


    Changelist #1 * Antharas will not spawn in last 5 sec of maps. * Misses are considered hits in events like Zombies VS Humans. * Increased party limit from 4 to 5. * Fixed OL debuff durations. * Reduced map bosses HPs. * Fixed flag NPCs could be pulled.
  20. Emerald

    body impale

    Will be fixed next update.
  21. Will be fixed next update.
  22. Will be fixed next update.
  23. Emerald


    Fixed Chant of Protection shouldn't reduce rate, only damage. Fixed. Fixed Sword Expert, if you have other skills with such issue that you know shouldn't work that way give their names. Everything will be applied next update.
  24. Dafuq are you doing here? 😄 i was haning fun killing you in l2 Lionna.
  25. everything deals damage. honestly as it is now i'd say its pretty balanced
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  27. lovehate

    body impale

    also border of purification when in the tooltip clearly says 3 sec cast time
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