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  2. Changelist #6 * Added new Clan Arena activity for clans level 8. * Clan leaders can form a party of up to 9 players to face a raid boss in clan arena once every 36h. * For every arena won a harder arena with higher level raid boss gets unlocked. * Defeating the boss rewards the party with Adena, Mantras and full drops.
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  4. Dear Players! We are happy to announce a new season , coming on December 16th ! We have implemented a new Clan Entry system that will help players to join the clans they desire and clan leaders to manage their clan roster more efficiency ! More activities has been added such as sieges for clans, 3vs3 arenas and more... We hope this new feature to the game along side other features we recently added will make your game experience more FUN! Read more information : https://l2ovc.com
  5. Changelist #5 * A/S-grade gear will now be unlocked 1 day later. * Added clan shop, clans level 8 can now buy items for CRP.
  6. person is 0 I'm in a situation where I can't do anything. Join automated players now!
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  8. The next 30 minutes is not automatically selected, it lets the opposite faction to pick a map. If you want during low online you can log in a character of the opposite faction to vote from it.
  9. Changelist #4 * Changed it so shadow weapons cannot be augmented. * Tournaments will now also run at Sundays (in addition to Tuesdays and Saturdays). * Added some achievements: King's Landing mission, top player in Counter Strike/Hunting Grounds/Overwatch. * Added Giran Castle siege at Sundays 18:00 * Added Antharas Fort siege at Thursdays 20:00 * A clan can own CH+Castle+Fort but cannot own 2 forts or 2 castles etc, allowing more clans to have a residence. * Moved Aaru Fort siege to Tuesday instead of Wednesday. * Added Fortress of the Dead CH siege at Wednesday 21:00
  10. XPTO


    Im hoping it comes sooner, and more days till they unlock S-grade, so that ppl will still be running on A grade before christmas.
  11. I think a new season near Christmas would be a good decision!
  12. Will there be a possibility of a new season this year? 🎅
  13. インしても0人で何もできんぞ!どうしたらいいのこの状況?俺の居場所はここしかないんだわ!何とかしろオラ!
  14. Current PVP events allow you to select an area for 30 minutes within an hour, and the remaining 30 minutes are automatically selected. Change this so you can select one at a time. If you connect during the free time of Japan time, the number of connected people is 0 to 2. Only Domi, Escort, and CTF can earn Rank Up and Adena! There are only these 3 options. Exp can only get mob areas for 1 hour. Waiting for a good reply from the president!! I not good english sorry! and I translate and write.!
  15. Place auto players or mobs in the area! Time zone, 0 connections and no fights!
  16. yamada

    boss hunt event

    Please Unlimited change time for best of x and any boss event (a little rage)
  17. I agree with the first item. Whenever you unlock Grade S items, the server ends immediately... It already enchants, having a lower limit of +16... when one reaches +16, most are discouraged!
  18. 1) you must consider the lifetime of the server in a month basis like this: 1st week - C grade, 2nd week - B grade, 3rd week - A grade, 4rth week - S grade. becouse now it is too fast. rank restriction can be removed. 2) many players when server comes to S-grade fail to enchant to +16 and they leave, so you can think the failure not to return to +0 but instead to a penalty like -3 or if its above +10 to return to +10 or anything else... 3) Must be 2 siege competitions every week. One for clans (as there is) and one for factions. The members of the wining fuction during the week have xp/sp adena/drop increase rate. no change faction must be availiable and no restriction in the participation player numbers. So you can announce the faction winner at the end according to this siege results! my best wishes!
  19. Get ready for autoplayers!
  20. なんで仕事いかなかんのだ?銭はでるのか?お?ふざけんじゃねーぞコラ!
  21. Event started, enjoy !
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