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  2. Hi Zirconium, it's the CrimsonNobles clan that was in TheAbyss server? if yes i am KingBahamut
  3. y? me van a dar una solucion?
  4. I already did all this, I even reinstalled the game and it's still the same.
  5. Check in task manager how many l2 clients are running, or just restart pc.
  6. I try to enter the game and it tells me that I already have an account open, AND I don't have any other open.
  7. As simple as that. My entire clan (about 20 people) said they will just quit if this system starys active for more 24 hours and they were all very happy with the server. Who thought it would be a good idea??? It's better to play a 10x10 event than a 50x50 with 40 bots.
  8. Next update .mcrit voiced command will be changed to .modifiers It will show additional hidden stats, healing modifiers in between.
  9. No its not an option to accept just 1 bishop, don't even see the point of this. Does it actually happen or you speaking theoretically? because people do not have the option to go to other faction, they are forced on other faction if there's too many bishops already on their side, now if I simply reject them or move them to the other side and they do nothing, the result is the same, they do nothing.
  10. Who are these lots of people? what timeframe? who complained? Usually when there's an issue for everyone people type it in discord / fb / here, but aside from this post there's nothing - which is weird considering you mention Europe which is where our main playerbase reside.
  11. Points reset based on time played in events. So if there's 2 characters from Archmage list, 1h played for 2h and the 2nd played for 1h - then the first one will lose 100% of the stats and the 2nd one will lose 50%.
  12. Def stats will be fixed next update, they were adding instead of multiplying. Rest of the stats looks fine.
  13. So as i mentioned on discord but none is listening. The dragon Necklace does not give the 3%. p.def. You can also check the 3% M. def. i doubt if this is working. Also im doubting that the 3% Physical and Magical Power is working. PS: is there any proof by chance that Element resist is added? im starting to doubt everything here meanwhile..
  14. It is ok if it works like that but I've checked points from ppl that got Hero second day and their points don't restart after claiming or reloging having claimed
  15. Is it possible to accept just 1 bishop for every faction? I understand that Bishops go to the other faction in RB events for balance purposes, but the problem is that they have such an impact in these RB events and affect balance so much that they have the power to go play for the other faction, suicide and thus unbalancing the whole event, making almost a free win for their original faction
  16. By design so other ppl who did not get hero have better chance next day
  17. I have also taken dmg many times with Celestial on
  18. I can't remember my password so I tried out recover password so I put my e-mail but no e-mail has came. Any help?
  19. Lots of ppl experiencing lag yesterday and also today, from europe, southamerica and northamerica Impossible to play with 2 sec delay
  20. on a related topic and not to create a new thread this has been a big boost to vampire-related classes endurance, since they are now the only classes that can recover hp sh (only if its really ahead on pdef coz its low hp pool) / wc / ol (heal + toggle + drain) and specially necro since it has a bigger HP pool with transfer pain and can drain the summon it for a big chunk of hp regardless of the enemy targets mdef/dark resistance and im guessing here but now that we're entering late game stages that titan will be unbeatable, autoattack based GK could be a good build, and elves/darkelves got a nice boost aswell if we ever see anyone go for that nutso build
  21. Celestial skills are usable on dead people Moreover, if the dead is resurrected with the celestial buff on, it will have no effect whatsoever
  22. it looks like when a player joins event his points are restarted, but I wonder if this could trigger a bug where "Alice's" yesterday core is higher than bob's today score player and system ends up giving the hero to Alice
  23. nuker's battle heal is nerfed aswell, every heal skill is the only thing not nerfed are heal over time skills... so you can play with greater heal/group heal unnerfed imo healing 130 is way too low, but i wouldnt go much further than that, maybe double (250 hp heals) resurrection could do with a bit more hp like 40-50% maybe, for every paper char its a death sentence, you need to time the balance exactly when the party member accepts the res also would add a condition that whenever BP skills are nerfed, the adena nerf should be reduced aswell you might control top player adena snowball by adding a rank trigger to it? (if rank > 10 AND rank + 10 >= max_current_rank){adenaNerfOn} having said that, I think nerfing bp added a lot of balance to events and economic progress (and im saying this as a cardinal main)
  24. Boss (Gustav) could be pulled way outside of the devastated castle area, making the whole siege aspect and all port spots etc completely useless
  25. As soon as I claimed hero my points restarted to 0 but the other competitors kept their score. Hours later they were still adding up to their score and I had to start from 0. Is this supposed to work like that?
  26. This happens pretty much every event. I can understand there being some dynamic nerf up to 1/2 heal, maybe even 1/3 heal, but this is like 1/8 or something? A nuker with battle heal heals better than a bishop often, it's simply too much. Even worse, there isn't even any way to tell how much heal nerf is currently applied, so from one second to the next, you go from healing okay to 100 hp heals with 0 transparency for when this is happening. My 2 cents: This dynamic heal nerf should be capped at somewhere around 33~50% to not make the class completely useless. For further map/event balance there is already the system in place that prevents there to be too much unbalance in number of healers on each side anyway
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