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Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm trying to register but I can't!

Make sure you follow all the instructions written in the account registration page.

Also, when you try to register and fail there will be a error message poping up telling what went wrong, correct your errors and try again.

I can't login!

Try to see if there are any errors at the bottom of the window such as "incorrect password".

In case you get no errors at all and still can't login, wait about 10 minutes before trying again, it could be that you got temporary blocked for too many incorrect attempts.

If you still get "incorrect password" then you should change or recover your account's password as you might've forgot it or mistyped it when you registered.

I can't change / recover my account details

Follow the instruction in the page you're visiting, if you submit and get an error popup, follow the instructions on that popup, it will usually give you all the details you need to understand what's wrong.

In case you get "the combination entered is invalid" error, that means 1 or more of the fields you filled are incorrect and doesn't match with the account's stored information.

It is your responsibility to remember your account details when you register and most importantly your email address since this is your key to recovery in case something happens, I won't support cases where owners forgot their details.

I recovered my pincode but i'm still blocked

Recovering your pincode doesn't unblock your character, in order to unblock a character that got locked by too many failed pincode attempts, please visit this page:

I try to run the game and get "Application Error"

Some antivirus programs automatically deletes l2ovc.dll from system folder due to detecting a false-positive virus because of our additional protections.

If it happens, all you need to do is disable anti virus and then download our patch again, extract it and try to play.

If it works and you want to enable anti virus again, make sure you add your lineage 2 folder to anti virus exceptions before enabling it, otherwise the file will get deleted again.

l2.exe doesn't start

If you click l2.exe and nothing happens it means your windows profile might be corrupted and the solution is to reinstall, however if you don't want to reinstall then a shorter way exists:

Right-click on Computer -> click Manage -> expand local users and groups -> click on users -> right-click to add a new user -> choose name and password and uncheck "password must be changed on next login" -> go to groups -> add the new user you just created to Administrators group -> go to l2ovc system folder -> right-click on l2ovc.dll then click properties then security and add the user you created into file permissions -> shift + right-click on l2.exe, run as different user and fill in the new user details -> run the game and enjoy.

I'm getting exceeded box limit message while I have no characters online

If you have this message when trying to enter your character and you don't have a character already ingame all you have to do is close all windows and then reopen.

If you got this message after a certain client crashed, make sure its still not running in task manager.

I tried all of the above and still I cannot login

Then make a support request via PM including as much details as possible so you can be helped, never include your account's details in your request except for account name.

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