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Hello everyone,

This is a special announcement to all people out there who thinks that whatever they post in the suggestion section (and I emphasize the word - SUGGESTION) is something that must be accepted otherwise they go completely nuts about it.

There isn't a single topic which doesn't have a post that says "he never listens", "he's rude", swearings or similar stuff recently, so I want you to understand one thing:

I'm not working by your way, I won't implement stuff just because you've asked for it, no matter how perfect you think your idea might be or how well it was used on some other server back in some ancient year, its not my fault you don't bother to read around and see that i've already said a couple of times that there are already plans regarding a certain subject and its pointless to present your idea before other things that were suggested before you are being tried out.

So if you are not ready to be denied when you make a suggestion (and I always give a reason to why I deny a certain suggestion, unlike some people say) you better not post it in the first place, and if I accepted your suggestion only to a certain degree then there's a reason for it too and you should check it out ingame and remake a better suggestion if you think its still not good enough.

I will NOT tolerate anymore of these comments, people will get banned on the spot for doing so, they are not helping, and it obviously creates a domino effect where other people see you do it, then they allow themselves to do it aswell, making the suggestion section a complete garbish to read.

l2ovc exists since 2013, its not a secret that major changes are being made constantly and I have to deal with players input on a daily basis, even stuff you don't see on the suggestion section - I got a very strict and tidy todo list which I go by, and until I don't try a certain idea, I won't move on to the next one.

Understand that each change I make I consider it carefully for the favor of everyone, it might be wrong sometimes but that's how it is, its not like i'm sitting my ass all day not trying to do anything to improve the server, I already got plans, and sometimes your suggestions comes in the wrong timing (while I already work on something else that might also affect your suggestion) - which is the case for 90% of the recent suggestions that were created recently.

I'm fully aware of what's going on and what needs to be done, so just have patience and stop acting like a baby when something doesn't go the way you wanted it to go, if you want stuff to go your way 100% then perheps you should start your own server and stop trying to force your ideas on others.


That's all folks.

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