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Capture the Flag still not fun...NEW MAP

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Thanks Emerald for the few changes that you made considering Maps overall. But CTF is not like it should be in my opinion. The places are not correct, I mean if you do it in a town, don't hide the Flags. Just choose a straight line and people have the choice to go sneaky by other streets or to go rambo. Atm it's still whatever like before, only PvP. If it's not a CLEAR PATH with a BIG FLAG in the horizon, we don't care. We are not playing here to be the best of the best of the best at searching the flag. "Hey look, took the flag, nobody saw me... so fun !" We want the damn Apocalypse, Fireballs coming from everywhere at a single place for a single purpose : "Bring me back that damned flag you bloody hell fools !" "Kill that Basterd who took our Holy Banner !"

I know... you don't like to hear about RvB, but you're Ok to hear about some features from other servers so... please consider making a map as below.
I mean, back on RvB, people LOOOOOOOOOVE to vote for CTF, just because the map was simple and to get the flag was a minimum of a challenge.

It's an old map from RvB, but just to show you what is a FUN Ctf map in my opinion.


orc village.png

The blue zone is to represent the battle zone let's say. You can have spawns outside so it can enable attacking from sides if you are overwhelmed.
Won't be a sneaky way to get the flag. Before you say it's impossible for close combat character, you have the 6 pillars on the way to progress more safely. I remember daggers/duelist still playing that map. Tanks and Spoilers too ofc but this was for the Flag.
Make that we can't go out to West for Order and East for Chaos. Limiting North and South is not needed I think.

Another rule there was on RvB : as long as the enemy has your flag, you cannot score with the enemy's flag. After 5 min the flag automatically returns back home (if not killed, last one to take it wins).
I don't think this rule is good for here, but just saying as an information. It was fun though, making a dagger mission to assassinate JFlagK, but with spawn guards that are needed, seems impossible again to have this rule.

I hope you consider adding a map like that, seems simple to make and can worth the try.

Thanks for reading. Peace.

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Your specific example is already used for an Escort map, and I preffer to avoid making 2 maps in the same location (in case one day I will have the need to enable 2 maps running in the same time).

Feel free to suggest places that you haven't seen them already in use and i'll make sure to take a look into it.

Otherwise you can suggest how the current CTF maps can be improved, personally I tried to make them as simple as possible already.

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