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Upcoming event changes

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- Introducing spawn areas instead of spawn points.

- Introducing territories with rewards.

- Registration will not be needed anymore for mini and boss events.

- Players will be able to join mini events even after they already started.

- Reducing the bonuses territory skills give and the leader will not be able to choose a territory skill anymore, instead, territory skills will automatically given to all clan members depending on which territories the faction owns. (so now you can stack more than 1 territory skill, but you can also have none if you own no territories).

Siege maps:

- No more mass gatekeeper, defenders will spawn in random locations inside the castle.

- No more to siege HQ, attackers will spawn closer to the castle.

- Players will get 1 score per 2 kills.

- When king dies 20 points will be shared among all attackers.

Fort maps:

- No more switching sides whenever the fortress is being captured.

- When the fortress is captured, faction's score will start increasing.

- Personal score increases while casting Seal of Ruler on the fort's NPC.

- Fort owners will get 1 score per 2 kills.

- A mark surrounding the fort's NPC aswell as its title will indicate who's the current fortress owner.

Escort maps:

- Unicorn will not be attackable anymore.

- Unicorn will move faster the more defenders near it.

- Unicorn will not move while enemy players ner it.

- Both attackers/defenders will get points while near the unicorn.

- The team with more distance done overall wins the event.

Battlefield maps:

- All flags will now start as neatural faction.

- When players kill a flag 10 points will be shared among all attackers.

CTF maps:

- From now on delivering a flag gives 5 points to the player.

- Returning or picking a flag also gives 5 points to the player, even if not sucessfully delivered.

Domination maps:

- Area on the floor will mark the domination zone.


That's about it, there are probably more than just that but I cannot remember it all :D

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abrite interlude de nuevo para la vacaciones va ver gente en verano interlude interlude que queremos interlude haha 

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