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Fortress and CTF

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Fortresses are good maps but very short, since you make half pvp and fort is captured and then it ends in 5 mins :( I would like to suggest that the number of captures for spawning the raid increases, or making the time to capture the fort a bit longer, or putting the mirror downstairs in the middle of the room instead of up.

CTF too, good maps but too short, could maybe increase the number of flags taken to end map? because it's another that mostly lasts 5 min :( 

And regarding my previous suggestion about battlefield, it was destroyers!! They kill the flags very quick and maps shorten a lot :( 

I forgot to add, time interval on siege maps is wrong!! I dont know if its meant to be that way, but by the time castle teleports you on first round, the other faction is already inside throne room, i dont know how to explain but timings are bad, usually when walking to throne room the castle is captured.

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