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crit error

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13 hours ago, QuadDamage said:

Epoxy, i readed most of ur posts, trust me (got nothing to do + was interesting to watch gifts - but w/e) like in ur suggestion topic u typed that u never insult ppl .... 

Man ur racist ... 

Now i will tell: i can be quite 1-2 mounths, but when it's enought = it's enought:

- U faggot, u never thinked that if person speak BAD in english that means that he know another one language? AAAAA? FCKING retard - for example me - my eng sucks hard - srsly - i type this post already 2 days couz google.translator lagging, but still, exept eng i know 5 more languages - and u? aaa?


PS: funny gifts (sorry if insult u - but i can give link where u told that u never ins ppl) ur upper gift tells opposite.

That's sarcasm my friend. That's how the internet works. No need to get offended.

I speak 3 languages(fluently) if that's enough for you.

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