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On 2017-6-1 at 3:53 PM, detro said:

hah you are mad

anyway your dd cant even do the same is sad for them

one rerolled to tank and the other to mage

still lf you so you can prove your words, but.....  haters are going to hate, nothing else, go back to your hole

On 2017-6-1 at 4:16 PM, fgt said:



do you realize chain right now works through cele and purges?

lol, i do, and is not just chain, is snare, is push backs, and everything that doesnt complletely disables you pass throught cele and purges man, i know since first day, rememeber, im healer, but even if it doesnt should work like that (like maaaany other things) it was for everyone, is not like 1 bugged tank was taking some kind of advantage, we had to get used to play with this shit on to have fun, intead of qqing on shouts and on forum about everything we see wrong....

but never mind, it doesnt matters to anyone what i think or say, so.....

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